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  • * British History Online *

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    D'OTTHEN, Hippocrates

    Primary occupation medical physician (MD) (Physician to 4 Earls) Period of medical practice 1579-1611 Place of birth Enghien, Hainault (family from Holstein) Date of death 3 Nov 1611 Address bur St Clement Danes 1611. Middx 1609-10. Savoy 89 Other notes

    Elizabeth, July 1578, 21-25, 01 July 1578-31 July 1578

    they reject him, the fear is that he either will take part openly with the enemy, or impatronise himself of Hainault, and so have a gap opened to invade the rest of the country, either of which inconveniences were hard

    Index, U, 01 January 1578-31 December 1579

    Agreement of, mentioned, 273, 274. -, Union of, 287, 339 ( p . 259), furthered by the counter association of Hainault and Artois, 544, 555 Brabant desires to be included in, 657, 668. Uz s , Duke of. See Crussol.

    Index, Y, 01 January 1578-31 December 1579

    the Duke desires that he may continue accredited to him, 442 helps to pacify Mons, 497 Deputy from the Estates to Peace Conference at Cologne, 555 ( p . 417), 642 back in the Council of State, from Hainault, 635.

    Cecil Papers, February 1598, 01 February 1598-28 February 1598

    of Spain. 1 [1597 8, Feb. 27. ] Two Letters: 1. The Council of State of Hainault to the Archduke Albert. The Estates of Hainault having heard the proposition made to them by the Duke of Arschot, Governor, Captain-General and

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Chigwell Roman catholicism

    school is carried on in connexion with the convent. 34 The church of the Assumption was opened in Manford Way, Hainault , in November 1953 . 35 Brentwood R.C .) Diocesan Year Bk . 1953. See below, Schools. Cath. Dir

    Chigwell Agriculture

    centuries, sometimes by grant in manor courts and sometimes by silent encroachment. 18 In 1851 Hainault Forest was disafforested by Act of Parliament. 19 The Hainault Forest Allotment of Commons Act, 1858, 20 provided that 701 acres (mainly within the

    The ancient parish of Barking Agrarian history, markets and fairs

    200 a. 51 The destruction of Hainault Forest brought the whole of that area into cultivation, and until intensive building began at Ilford in the 1890's there was probably more farm land between Hainault and the Thames than ever before.

    Dagenham Economic history and local government

    the bailiwick of Becontree included Hainault . 191 By 1489 Hainault had become a separate bailiwick. 192 In the 16th century a further sub-division was made, into East (or Chapel) Hainault Walk and West Hainault Walk. 193 These are shown

    Chigwell Other occupations

    (at Chigwell Row ), a violin-bridge maker (at Chigwell ), and a brewer. 27 A map of 1858 shows ' Hainault Brewery' in the position of the present Forest Cottages, near the ' Maypole ' at Chigwell Row , 28

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SPARWE, Thomas (d.c.1438), of New Romney, Kent.

    SPARWE, Thomas (d.c.1438), of New Romney, Kent. Constituency Dates New Romney Oct. 1416 New Romney Dec. 1421 Ofifces Held Jurat, New Romney 25 Mar. 1414-15, 1416-17, 1418-20, 1421-5. Biography It seems likely that Sparwe originally came from Hythe, where

    SAVAGE, Edward (1560-c.1622), of Beaurepaire, Hants; later of the Savoy, Mdx.

    1586 Stockbridge 1601 Ofifces Held Constable of Halton castle, duchy of Lancaster 1577; dep. keeper of Hainault walk 1582; j.p.q. Hants from c.1601; freeman, Chester 1607. Biography Savage’s father was one of the principal gentlemen of Cheshire, seven times sheriff

    BEWLEY, William (d.1433/4), of Thistlethwaite, Cumb.

    the truce between England and Scotland 25 Oct. 1429. Biography The Bewleys are said to have come to England from Hainault in the retinue of Edward III’s queen, Philippa. Both Gilbert Bewley and his son, Richard, certainly enjoyed several marks

    LOWYS, James (d.c.1454), of New Romney, Kent.

    he was sent to Dover to arrange shipping for the proposed expedition of the warden, Humphrey, duke of Gloucester, to Hainault. Two years later he lent Romney £4 2s.8d. towards the expenses of the MPs at Leicester, a loan which

    MOIGNE, Sir William (c.1326-1404), of Great Raveley, Hunts.

    in or shortly before 1382, to one of the late Queen Philippa’s ladies-in-waiting, who, like her royal mistress, came from Hainault. Already three times widowed, she was able to add substantially to his estates, as well as bringing him the

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    in a Handbill postpd up in F`1tistow, as all~ CAUTION" to pre- vent persons from supporting the intended idclosure of Hainault or Waltham Forest, viz. . Thefau'l is grea in Matt or W toman, W pho steatS a Goosefrosln qoa Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    12 - West Flanders 6*0,000 8 - South Brabant * - 505,000 7 - North Brahant - 332,000 X - Hainault - - * 558,000 6 - Liege and Limburg 66,000 5 - Antwerp - - 330,000 6 - Guelderland Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    TO PRINTERS AND EDITORS OF NEWSPAPERS. N EWSPAPXR for SALE.-For Sale, a WEEKLY LIBERAL NEWSPAPER, in apopulouspart of the North of Englndwit a oodcirulaton nd n ecelentAdvertising connesiOn. A lucrativ e Printing Business mayabde mnaed-e ien ron j riin Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    A piece called Hainault Forest was produced on .the opening night. We did not see it, but the Chronicle had a remark on the style of its produc- tion which is obviously just and forcible 4 "Hainault Forest is described Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and concluding volume comprpses 'sketches of the lives of Margaret, Isabel, and Ka.. 1 tberine, of France; of Philfippe of Hainault of Anne Iof Bohemia; of Joan of Navirre and Maarhre& of Anjou; of Elizabeth Wydevilie and Anne Neville.. The Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    30 May 1818, 30 May 1818

    With a BUI, intituled, « An Act to make further 7 Bill. e was brought from the House of Com- Hainault Forest Bill. A Messa^ mons, by Mr. Brogden and others; WTith a Bill, intituled, " An Act for vesting Subscribers-only content

    1 June 1818, 1 June 1818

    Bill was read the First Ordered, That the said Bill be printed. Upon reading the Petition of William Bryan Cooke Hainault of Wheatley, in the County of York, Esquire, taking Forest Bill, Notice of a Bill depending in this House, Subscribers-only content

    2 June 1818, 2 June 1818

    Spottiswoode may enter into a Recognizance for the said Appel¬ lants, as desired. Upon reading the Petition of James Humphreys Hainault and William Hibbit Esquires, who are Owners of Forest Bill, Lands within the Boundaries of the Forest of Walt- Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons, Volume LVI, A.D. 1801 - Volume LXXV, A.D. 1820

    244. De Lancey's Estate; lxii. 820. Forests; Brecknock; lxx. 193; (and on Third reading also, lxx. 429.) Exmoor; lxx. 193. Hainault ; lxxiii. 324. Sherwood; lxxiii. 324. Windsor (two Bills) ; lxiv. 295, 370. A third Bill; lxviii. 556. Afourth Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons, Volume LVI, A.D. 1801 - Volume LXXV, A.D. 1820

    Again printed, 362. r. a. 457. <$. Hainault : Motion for Bill for vesting in His Majesty certain parts of the woods and lands called the King's Woods, in the walk of Hainault; Regent's consent and recommendation signified; Bill ordered; Subscribers-only content


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