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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Friaries Observant friars of Newark

    each house had a chalice of 6 to 10 oz., and those he had with him. 71 Richard Andrewes, of Hailes , Gloucestershire , and Nicholas Temple were the recipients, in July 1543 , of much monastic property in the

    Parishes Bisham

    Sir Thomas Posthumus Hoby of Hackwood and of certain of his first cousins who were children of William Hoby of Hailes in Gloucestershire . These shields are arranged in the following order. In the northern light in the upper row

    North Leigh Church

    passed with the manor of North Leigh until c . 1278, when Edmund, earl of Cornwall , gave it to Hailes abbey (Glos.), founded by his father Richard. 35 The rectory was appropriated by the abbey in 1279 and a

    Avening Church Church of the Holy Cross

    continued to serve the cure during the short incumbency of Stephen Seager (alias Whalley ), 33 the former abbot of Hailes , who was studying at university. 34 Seager was succeeded by another non-resident rector, Giles Cox (d. 1558), who

    Parishes Hound with Netley

    date the second of the three great royal Cistercian houses of the thirteenth century [ Beaulieu 1204, Netley 1239, and Hailes 1246 ] , the last to be founded in England with the exception of Newnham in Devonshire , 1246,

  • * British History Online *

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    COWPER, Richard

    said that C and HAILES 359 (qv), both surgeons, had purged her husband with drinks, including mercury, so that he had died coughing. C said that Spicer had a hard tumour on his right ribs, wch HAILES undertook to cure

    HAILES, Robert

    Robert HAILES Robert HAILES Biography Name Robert HAILES (HALES, HAYLES) Gender Male Primary occupation medical surgeon (Surgeon. BSC 1599-1615) Period of medical practice 1599-1627 Address St Sepulchre's 1602 Other notes In trouble 1617. Poor 1615 (BSC helped). Known London address

    Index, V, 01 January 1673-31 December 1675

    cultivate best relations with, 186. 1674: trade with represented in unfavourable light, 222; Higgons to negotiate commercial treaty with, 250. Hailes revives question of consulage at, 223 4, 251, 253, 263; Higgons to deal with, 239; Alberti on, 242, 243.

    House of Lords Journal Volume 1, 27 March 1534, 27 March 1534-27 March 1534

    Sewers, Cons. Billa a Domo Communi transmissa, concernens debitam Executionem cujusdam Actus de Sewers, nuper editi, et tradita fuit Cristoforo Hailes , Regio Attornato, emendanda, emendatum redigit, que semel, denuo , et ter est lecta, et in pergameno scripta, ac

    Index, H, 01 January 1673-31 December 1675

    Sylvius to remain at, in Temple's absence, 494. passports for congress arrive from, 482; Ronquillo prepares to go to, 492. Hailes , Ailes , Hayles , George, English consul at Venice, 48. efforts about consulage, 4, 12, 26 7, 34,

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Queene Mary. Letters of M. Latimer, Preacher and Martyr.

    God, or that I am translated from death to life, because I see with my bodily eye the bloud of Hailes. It is very probable that al the bloud that was in the body of CHRIST, was vnited and knit

    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

    see how they come by flockes out of the west Countrey, to many images, but cheflye to the bloud of Hailes. This bloode of Hayles was proued before the King, & openly shewed at Poules Crosse by the Byshop of

    Book 6, page 1824 (1563)

    because he holdeth, no man ought to worship thimage of our lady of Walsingham nor the bloud of christ at Hailes, but rather god almightie, who would geue him what soeuer he woulde aske.Item, that he holdeth not vp his

    Q. Mary. The life of M. Latimer. Letters of M. Latimer, Martyr.

    chiefly to This bloud of Hailes was proued before the King, and openly shewed at Paules crosse by the Bishop of Rochester that then was, to be but the bloud of a Ducke.the bloud of Hailes. And they beleue verely

    Queene Mary. Godly letters of M. Latimer, Bishop and Martyr.

    they come by flockes out of the West countrey to many Images, but chiefely to the bloud of Hailes. This bloud of Hailes was proued before the king, and openly shewed at Paules Crosse by the Byshop of Rochester that

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 2 The City of WESTMINSTER

    Simon Moutfort, Earl of Leicester , he was slain Anno 1269 . His Body lies buried in the Monastery of Hailes . Math. Westmonast. Elizabeth, His own and his Wife's Figures are in gilt Brass, curiously done upon the Tomb.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    DALRYMPLE, Sir James, 2nd Bt. (1692-1751), of Hailes, Haddington.

    2nd Bt. (1692-1751), of Hailes, Haddington. Constituency Dates Haddington Burghs 5 Jan. 1722 1734 Ofifces Held Auditor gen. of the Exchequer [S] 1721-d. Biography Dalrymple, like his father, to whose seat and office he succeeded, followed the head of their

    HODGKINS (HODGSKYNS), Henry (by 1522-69/70), of Winchcombe and Hailes, Glos.

    was keeper of Admiral Seymour’s castle at Sudeley between 1547 and 1549. He made his home at Hailes after leasing the site of Hailes abbey from the Marquess of Northampton in 1550. A year later John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland,

    DALRYMPLE, Hon. Sir David, 1st Bt. (c.1665-1721), of Hailes, Haddington.

    1st Bt. (c.1665-1721), of Hailes, Haddington. Constituency Dates Scotland 1707 1708 Haddington Burghs 1708 3 Dec. 1721 Ofifces Held M.P. [S] Culross 1698-1707. Ofifces Held Solicitor-gen. [S] 1701-9; commr. for the union of Scotland and England 1706; ld. adv. 1709-11,

    BRYDGES, Giles (1548-94), of Sudeley, Glos.

    Bourton, Brimpsfield, Granham, Haresfield, Stoke Archer and Bodgworth. He also succeeded his father as chief steward of the manor of Hailes, steward of several Gloucestershire hundreds and keeper of Braydon forest in Wiltshire. After succeeding to the peerage after the

    PATE (PATES), Richard (1516-88), of Minsterworth, Glos. and London.

    Inn 1562, Lent reader 1563, associate 1571. Ofifces Held Under steward and keeper of lands formerly of Cirencester abbey 1544, Hailes abbey 1546; jt. (with Anthony Bourchier) under steward, lands formerly of Tewkesbury 1546; abbey and keeper, borough cts. commr.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Addengys fod' enw 4a fgiwaithY ein t cyd. wIafwtr-enwog''y Atdnabyddi-na ymhlith jgo'reu-oainy byrd eerddor~ol. . tGiforbyn- br.gwy, ai, fi yr Hailes Cen*. trails, prif' re nadaedd'Paribj,- rbi a orchudadiant hlaner eat o aeoi o dir ; ond yr ydym yu Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    A MEfi-IC.k. BflT7S~i OFFICI4AL -CCU'VNT OF TkE' ATTACKS ON FrT ERIN, Jlead-quaLters, Caimp before Fart Brie, Jug. 12, 18i4. GENERAL ORIJCR. Lienl.Genfral Drumglod ctiLgrilates the t arny on fli p b~fillial't RA~ocaeinel executd ilbt nigilu by Capit, vtibbF of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Hor. F. L amb. . . . 600D prlssd5 ....viset. Torrin~gtoni . 225 (Included ins the Netherlanids) D . . Hailes, Esq. .225 None svr..., . None ' B. Taylor, Esq. .. . 4900 t.R Liston, Esg. * 2005 Right Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    to be derived from his system arce r.folded. It is sold (at Is. 6d.) by Souter, St Pool's Church yard; Hailes, Piccadilly; Dulau, Sobo square; and other Booksellers. Application to be made to M. Le Vert, 34 St Martin's street, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Hurd, including Sketches of the 5lrabutltohian Controversies, and Notices of Francis and Henry Coventry. and T. Green,of Lords Chedworth and Hailes, of Drs Beirdmore, Eallifax, Johnson, Jortie, Lelasd. Lowth, J. Taylor, and Ticker, of Markland, Potter, anu- loup- iV. Notices Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    21 December 1767, 21 December 1767

    Duke of Athol, Charles Earl of El- " gin and Kincardin, James Wemyfs of Wemyfs> " Sir David Dalrymple of Hailes Baronet One " of the Senators of the College of Juftice, *' Sir Adam Fergufon of Kilkerran Baronet, " Subscribers-only content

    8 March 1802, 8 March 1802

    intituled, " An Act for di- clofure Bill- Sneat< elofur King' feat fi Bill r Court, the late Lord " Hailes, Ordinary, of the Date 21ft November 1792, " pronounced the ufual Interlocutor, finding the Raifer " of the Multiplepoinding Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    Atfei de Wychecombe. Afcfei de Barlingg. AHSi de Seleby. Abfci be Marie Ebo^. AblSi de Faversham. Afebi Glaston. Abfti de Hailes. Abfti de Stanley in Ardern. Afcbi de Ryvaft. Abbi de Rupe. AbiSi de Mira Valle. Abfti de Pippewelle. de Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    Abbi de Sco Albano. Abbi de Waltham. Abfei de Burgo Sci Petri. Abbi de Rameseie. 13 Abbi Glaston. Abbi de Hailes. Abbi de Kirkestede. Abbi de Croxton. Abbi de Hales. Thom 63 Bernard. Wiito le Latin! Henf de Bello Monte. Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 10 December 1829

    reddit9 de maSio de Lichelad p manus atbtis honorem de Sco Valerico cum ptin manlium de Bekeleye cu mem- de Hailes & successor suo^ annuatim pcipiendas cu toto "sVicio bris & aliis ptin suis castrum & manlium de Mere cum Subscribers-only content


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