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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Birian a Brawrddegau Cymraeg Eglurhaol. At yr hyn yr ychwanegwyd, Rhestr o Enwau Priodol Lleoeedd, &c., gydaL'n Cyfys- tyron Cymraeg. Gun JonIssou, WEBSTER, a R:UPEES. .Pris 2s. 6ch. mown lliau; 300 a Dudalenau. 1DDAU EIRIADUR UCHOD WEDI EU Y OYDRWYMO, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    LP yn y :m-an, a dwyn ymlaen arolggiaeth Rlawer )s minw*y' effeithio.l'amrachosion y Genhiadeth, nag Dl fel yae pethuyn b6resenol.: Gun mai sn ol A ', cyyllun hlwn y dygfr ymIaen eA gweithred- i iada, cysylltiedig !'r iAthofa, paham na Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ed' ga* addiwrthyt nDiS gallaf lai na phenderfyD u,. y rhajd dy. iodya myned yn fNy. o lob bob dydil. Gun fdflad wei bad mar garedig a datguddia ' ti fy mhreswylfad, yr oeddwn yndisgwyl y buasiiiE 'genyt rywbeth i'w Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    "Aceldama, neu Faes v Gwaed," (yn dangos echrys- lonrwydd Rhyfel); 3, Detholiad o Hymnau yr Awdwr, ynghyda rhai Marwnadan. iddo. Gun y bwriedir yr argraffiad hwn i fod yn gyfrol goffadwriaethol, ac yn un o gyfres y. Cyhoeddiadau dan nawdd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mawrian sydd r eich meddiant! Gaddefwch ni yn drugarog, erdy- wedyd eich baod y tre hwn -wedi defuydia 'Arm- strong Gun 'i laddgwybedyn, sc wdiegwydmynyd mawr a dwmpath morgrugyn. Ymseambell us Y llithro heibio y standerd Methodistaidd er pob gofal, Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 18 [Orders.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Trinity House.]

    of 20 Nobles. And no Master above Blackwall to presume to fire any Gun before Sun-rising, or after Sun setting, upon penalty of 10s. for each Gun . The Sixth, concerning divers Boats, otherwise called Bum-boats, their carrying Fruit, Wine,

    Book 5, Chapter 15 [Companies.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Sope-makers. 72. Template-workers. 73. Wheelwrights. 74. Distillers. 75. Hatband-makers. 76. Patten-makers. 77. Glass-sellers. 78. Tobaccopipe-makers. 79. Coach and Coach-Harness-makers. 80. Gun -makers. 81. Gold and Silver Wire -drawers. 82. Long Bowstring-makers. 83. Card-makers. 84. Fan-makers. CHAP. XVI . Many Lands

    Book 5, Chapter 22 [Laws and Customs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Freedom.]

    Day with Bow bent, or Arrows under his Girdle, nor with Sword unscabber'd, under pain of Imprisonment; or with Hand- Gun , having therewith Powder and Match, except it be an usual May-game and Sight. 30. No Man shall, after

    Book 2, Chapter 12 Candlewicke Street Ward. Monuments.

    in the year 1560 . July the 5th . There came then Certain men into Crooked Lane, to buy a Gun or two. And shooting off a Piece, it burst in pieces: Went through the House, and spoiled above five

    Book 2, Chapter 3 Tower Street Ward. Barking Parish.

    Shipman Merchant, deceased 1681 . ] Over against the Wall of Barkin Churchyard a sad and lamentable Accident befel by Gun Powder, in this manner. One of the Houses in this Place was a Ship Chandler's, who, upon the 4th

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Leek Leekfrith LEEKFRITH 1992 St. Matthew's Church from the South-East, as completed in 1873

    henge clud ) in Old English . 73 Gun , a hill on the west side of the township, rises to 1,263 ft. (385 m.). The valley between the Roaches and Gun is drained by Meer brook, so called c

    Leek Heaton HEATON 1991

    runs over a hill called Gun . The hamlet of Heaton , an Old English name meaning a high settlement, 36 stands at 800 ft. (244 m.), and to the east the land on Gun rises to 1,000 ft. (305

    Leek Rudyard RUDYARD 1991

    Gun . The underlying rock is mostly Bunter Pebble, with sandstone of the Millstone Grit series in the north and west parts of the township. Boulder Clay overlies the Bunter Pebble, and the soil is coarse loam, except on

    Dedham Introduction Dedham c. 1790

    town stands on an area of river gravel which extends west, south, and east of the settlement, and land at Gun hill on the western parish boundary is formed of other gravels. The Black brook has exposed gravel, sand, and

    Westwick Introduction

    Ely . 15 By the 19th century it was a farm track called Cuckoo Lane, 16 in the 20th named Gun 's Lane to the south and Rampton Drift to the north of Lambs' Cross , where it intersects with

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    no name is given

    0 Notes (1): Gloucester Lodge, at Cannon, Charing Cross, G. L. Min. 25 March 1745. Meeting Places Gordon's Punch House [or Coffee House], New Exchange, Strand, London 1738 Duke of Gloucester, Pall Mall, London 1739 Gun, Charing Cross, London 1742

    Britannic Lodge

    April 1855, after being dormant about four years. Meeting Places Rainbow Coffee House, York Buildings, London 1730 Gun, Suffolk Street, London 1739 Gun, Charing Cross, London 1741 Bowling Green, Putney, London 1746 Castle, Putney, London 1758 White Lion, High Street,

    Prince Edward's Lodge, again.

    (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Surrey Tavern and Coffee House, St. George's Fields, London 1792 Gun, Lambeth Road, St. George's Fields, London 1792 Surrey Tavern, Blackfriars Road, London 1796 Globe Tavern, Fleet Street, London 1798

    Lodge of United Strength

    1803 Tuns, Morr Street, Soho Square, London 1805 Saddler's Arms, Swallow Street, London 1809 Artichoke, Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London 1821 Gun, Lambeth Road, Lambeth, London 1822 Red Lion, Parliament Street, London 1824 Shakespeare's Head, Covent Garden, London 1825 New Exchange

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry 8. A table of certaine persons abiured with their articles.

    K. Henry 8. A table of certaine persons abiured with their articles.Persons abiured,with their not the body of Christ, but bread, andPhilip Bra-is done for a signification. That confes-sier ofsion to a Priest needeth not. That ima-Bockstedges be


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