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    Supplement, October 1562, 30 October 1562-30 October 1562

    [to Cecil. ] 1 Intelligence has come upon the inclosing of this letter that Guise surely intends to make an attempt within these five days, as Brisac has already marched thitherward with sixteen cannon and other ordnance. The Queen's friends

    Venice, November 1543, 01 November 1543-30 November 1543

    to the Venetian Bailo at Constantinople. Have heard from France that the French and Imperial cavalry encountered each other near Guise, a French town on the frontiers. Some were killed on both sides, but the French had the advantage, and

    Venice, December 1560, 01 December 1560-31 December 1560

    favour the House of Guise as much as she can ; because from them she has derived, the whole or the greater part of the repute enjoyed by her hitherto; but although the Luis de Guise is popular, and above

    Corrigenda et Addenda

    Sontly. Add at top of printed page 112, MS. p. 197. p. 277. Name 9 from top for Guire read Guise. p. 287. Name 17 from top for Edw. Whiting read Edmund Whiting. p. 304 a . Name 4 from

    Border Papers volume 1, May 1588, 01 May 1588-31 May 1588

    Newcastle. I shall take care the powder is not so consumed, as once I heard you say it was. If Guise and his master differ in earnest, our case shall be the better, but I trust none of that kind, Subscribers-only content

    Venice, May 1562, 01 May 1562-31 May 1562

    of Cond , with the Bishop of Orleans, and announced that Cond will not lay down arms until Mons. de Guise and the Constable depart from the Court. To this the Queen urges them to consent, but they have freely

    Simancas, February 1584, 01 February 1584-29 February 1584

    truth in this respect also. Madrid, 10th February 1584. 19 Feb. 370. The King Of Scotland to the Duke Of Guise. My cousin. I doubt not that our cousin and ambassador 2 to our good brother the Christian King will

    Venice, December 1562, 01 December 1562-31 December 1562

    a son of Mons. de Guise, one to be sent to England and the other to Germany, which these Lords do not intend to agree to. Owing to the arrival of reinforcements the Duke de Guise is eager to attack

    Simancas, September 1582, 01 September 1582-30 September 1582

    past without regard to expense. The duke of Guise will also have been sorry for it, as the King is his relative. As for Hercules ( i.e . the duke of Guise) he is certainly distressed and eager to undertake

    Volume A 82, November 1645, 01 November 1645-30 November 1645

    Sterling, 1,000 l .; Marquis of Hertford, 5,000 l .; Sir Richard Herbert, the King's Surveyor-General, 1,000 l .; Wm. Guise, of Covent Garden, 1,000 l . [1 page . ] Nov. 7. Sam. Poole, who has been in the Subscribers-only content

    Elizabeth, June 1578, 1-10, 01 June 1578-30 June 1578

    however little the king may make of MM. de Guise and the other malcontents, he is sure to be reconciled with them. It is held here that the Duke of Guise has been poisoned and that he took antidotes in

    Notes and errata

    412 n. Cooke, Laur. Dele words and executed. See above , No. 953. Este, Franc so d'. Read Francesco d'. Guise, Claude of. For Claude read Francis, and instead of third read eldest. Historians are generally confused about these two

    Notes and Errata, 01 August 1544-31 December 1544

    for such news, which would be more likely to reach the Queen about the 29th. 145, heading. For "Gueldres" read "Guise. ' 1.7. For "Chermayne" read "Chermaye." 166 (2), 1. 12. For "attained" read "attainted." 332. Printed in Schanz, ii.

    Simancas, June 1584, 01 June 1584-30 June 1584

    Catholic cause in France. Besides which, as you will since have heard from Juan Bautista de Tassis, the duke of Guise should never stir out of his house, unless well supplied with forces ; and the affair will soon be

    Index, L, 01 January 1547-31 December 1549

    Seymour of Sudeley). Lord Chancellor , See Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, and Rich, Richard. Lord. Lorraine , Cardinal of. See Guise. -, Mme. de, 208. Lucca , Republic of, 536. Luna , Don Alvaro de, 149. Lussac , M. de,

    Venice, December 1563, 01 December 1563-31 December 1563

    tillon, but the Queen announces her intention of leaving this city after the Christmas festivities. The differences between the Lords de Guise and Ch tillon continue to augment in every possible way. Paris, 18th December 1563. [ Italian . ]

    Elizabeth, March 1563, 16-20, 16 March 1563-20 March 1563

    away from the young boy, the Duke of Guise. Ch tillon shall continue Admiral; D'Anville shall be Admiral of the south; and the survivor shall have the whole. The Duke of Guise shall be Grand Chamberlain, his younger brother Grand

    Elizabeth, February 1563, 16-20, 16 February 1563-20 February 1563

    have peace, about which they go now without dissimulation; but that Guise will in no wise have any. There is a Council at Paris kept by the Cardinal of Guise, who has lately gone thither, also the Pope's Nuncio, the

    Simancas, May 1582, 16-31, 01 May 1582-31 May 1582

    told me that the duke of Guise, being of opinion that on no account should D'Aubigny come hither, as he said he intended to do, they had already advised him not to stir. He (Guise) was determined to take part

    Elizabeth, July 1584, 16-20, 16 July 1584-20 July 1584

    them of the blood. Of the Church. Cardinal of Guise . As Guise, not in show so cunning but given to vanities and disorders, but thought as crafty a head as Guise or Mayne. Cardinal Joyeuse . A sworn enemy


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