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  • * British History Online *

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    Extracts from the Records, 1588, Jul-Sept

    siclyk dewty for the samyn as the said vmquhill Jhonn had of before. 25 September 1588. Capitane Geddes, Stewart. Forswamekill as capitane Thomas Geddes, being in the townis seruice, wes laitely persewet of his lyfe be [ blank ] Stewart

    House of Lords Journal Volume 5, 17 February 1643, 17 February 1643-17 February 1643

    4 a post meridiem. Post meridiem. PRAYERS. Earl of Manchester was appointed to be Speaker this Afternoon. Geddes, a Pass. Ordered, That John Geddes shall have a Pass, to go and return to and from Oxford . Leech, a Pass.

    Index, G, 01 January 1685-31 December 1688

    Gascoigne or Gascoyne , Stephen, 195, 248, 358, 367, 502, 537, 538. -,-, joint letters signed by, 64, 571, 667. Geddes , Bartholomew, joint letter signed by, 790. -, William, 803. Geese , William, 1,449IV. Gellie , Robert, 864. Genillac

    General Index, G, 01 January 1689-31 December 1692

    2764. Gassaway , Nicholas, 56, 986, 1206. Gaultier , Zachariah, 2064. Gavall , Mary, 1021. Gay , John, p. 472. Geddes , William, 24, 1402. George , Captain , R.N., 96, 261, 305, 355, 482, 664, 774, 885, 994. -,-,

    Index, G, 01 January 1696-31 December 1697

    Samuel, Lieutenant-Governor of Nevis, 110, 128. Garth , Major Thomas, 330, 581, 1161. -,-, his regiment, 1067, 1161, 1350, 1364. Geddes , Andrew, 298. -, William, pp. 154 155. Gibbes , John, documents signed by, 138, 188, 192, 277, 978.

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Thame Churches, schools and charities [ Thame church ]

    1907, and was accepted under the 1902 Act as providing secondary education for this part of the county. Until the Geddes economy measures of 1921 the County Education Committee subsidized the school by an annual grant of £125 and made

    Index A-J

    Hen ., and his w. Kath., Gayton Cres. , Gayton est. , Gayton Rd . , Geayes: John, Martin , Geddes , Alex., Gee , Osgood, Gelsthorp , John, General (later British) Petroleum Co. , George III , George V


    321 Gate , Anthony, 65, 71 Gauntlett , Samuel, 162 Gawthern , J. C., 321 Gay , Edward , 347 Geddes , Andrew, 137 Geldart , Emily, 353 - W. M., 351, 353 Gellibrand , Edward, 197 Geneva , 177,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    el ol. Brodor ydoedd ef o',gymydogath Llandudno, ond. yn 'gweitbio ace. y. bywr yxtna- amryw flynyddoedd, bellaeb,, ;. hail ydoedYMr. Geddes (Sais), a: LLudain.m Adnabyddid ef yn yr ardai hon fel y " dyn temv,"'obiagid hy~nodrwydd hwn.ydoedd | *el faintioli. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y,, hapua icby- b, surus. Fe'gyflwynwyd y rliodd yrns dros ac y effw y IU boarders gan Mr. J. P'. Geddes, sef un oa'k meistrad- Os oedd, a'r lhwn hefyd oedd wedi gweithio yu hynod o a' egniol er dwyn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MISS TAAYLOWiS NIGHT.-COBURRG THEATRE. 'Under thii Patron ige of 'lst Dowager Lady ti. I. M IS '1tAY'L'OR Tilost respectful1y announces her BE- NEFIT is fixed foe TUESDAY the 9th of Jnly, when will be pre- sented a variety Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Scotsman.-Much interest has been ex- cited by the fate of John Howison, lately convicted of the murder of the Widow Geddes, at Crarnond, not only from the atrocity of the crime, but from the conflicting opinions of the medical witnesses Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of his -existence. ' At Liverpool, Mary, wife of J. A. Borron, Esq.; and daughter of the late Arch- deacon Geddes, of Leith.-- -- - At Bishop's Caundle, Dorset, the Ron. Mary Digby, wife of the Rev. C. Digby, Canon-of Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    26 March 1739, 26 March 1739

    Oueftion was put, " Whether this Bill {hall " pafs I" It was Refolved in the Affirmative. Proof agaJnft Hines. Geddes E.of Rofe- Worcefter Church, Bill. PRAYERS. The Anfwer of Thomas Hines, to the Appeal of Robert Proof, was brought Subscribers-only content

    17 May 1739, 17 May 1739

    Com¬ mittee thereupon To-morrow; the Lords to be fum- moned, and the Judges to attend; and that the Caufe between Geddes and the Earl of Rofeberry and others, appointed for that Day, be put off to Monday next. The Houfe Subscribers-only content

    23 January 1795, 23 January 1795

    Provoft, Magiftrates, and Town ate-SHE Council of the City of Edinburgh ; and of Archibald burgh and Geddes, Maaagerof we Edinburgh GlafsHoufe Company Geddes *t Leigh, fof himfelf and in Name of that Company ; Iff* Tod complaining of Four Subscribers-only content

    3 February 1802, 3 February 1802

    ainft al el¬ an ian- and that John Geddes, late Manager of the Petitioners' Glafswork, may be required to anfwer the faid Ap« peal:" It is Ordered, That the faid John Geddes may have a Copy of the faid Appeal, Subscribers-only content

    12 March 1802, 12 March 1802

    Lyttelton. Ds. Stewart of Gar- lies. Ds. Rous. Ds. Bayning. Ds. Alvanley. Ds. Redefdale. PRAYERS. Geddes' The Anfwer of John Geddes, to the Appeal of Gilbert Hamilton et HatmJtcn, Merchant in Ghfgow, and others, was this Day al. ft brought Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    ROSE, Hugh I (1663-1732), of Kilravock, Nairn.

    1725–?d. Biography Rose was the 15th laird of Kilravock (and the 12th Hugh) in direct line from Hugh Rose of Geddes, who was given a charter of the barony of Kilravock by John Balliol in 1293. His grandfather, an unobtrusive


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