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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Monken Hadley Church

    20 A Sunday school for boys was instituted in 1787 and was endowed with £333 stock in 1796 by David Garrow , curate, who specified that pupils should be taught psalm-singing and church music; there was a paid superintendent and

    Monken Hadley Introduction

    front c . 1800. 77 The house belonged c . 1800 to the Revd. David Garrow , 78 whose son, the lawyer Sir William Garrow ( 1760-1840 ), was born there. 79 In 1971 the site was occupied by neo-Georgian

    Croydon Introduction and Croydon Palace

    Act , 20 Geo. III, cap. 57. Particulars of the sale are given by all the writers on Croydon . Garrow , Hist. and Antiq. of Croydon , 190-1. Steinman, Hist. of Croydon ; Anderson , op. cit. Hist. of

    Index A-J

    Garnault : Ann, m. Hen. Bowles, Dan., Michael, Garnet , Hen., Garrick : Carrington , vicar of Hendon , David, Garrow : David, incumbent of Monken Hadley , Dr. R. R. P., Sir Wm ., fam., Garton : John (d.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    wereexecuted ol thle New Drop, Et tie ifrort of War- wick gaol. Ttieyvwere convicted9 vwith six otherse before Mr. Baran Garrow, at the last Assizes, for dealing in and Utteriiu. forged Beakil; 7faes. Considerable interest had been made to savethe Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    For tavitp] inT tIt mon it of Jonna ry 1I817, ceuntcrIe ted a Yrank i't tle taome if Sic WMn. Garrow, Kiit., theln a nenttber ot Pidrlimoltuwt, antd Itmv;Iig tlie'eby delfronded twe Post-oidice of '- /en-pace.' On bei LE collar! Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sectence upon tre Dr. Lernronce flalforae., w*o had been cocvic:ed of forriczc a ficauk ill tbe cnarne rof Sir Willinan Garrow, MI.t'. vas br.olght to eb-r to ' ceie ScentPlct. lie begted permiscien to addcres3 til ;Taw for d aew Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    treet Dublirn, to Miss Gortv ofYrngrstitel. - - .- 'D E ATli- .4 On Thursday; Mrs. Garroi; ;irife Kr Wil. Garrow, Fqp of Bedford-rvsw. Bernard Shaiv, Esq. lare tt-lectocr of Cork. - Thli etent took plae under -the folloviing meat Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    shame. -lesiac to I t- adee 4 his conduct, isa proof, 1 think, if: an were wanting, that' Mr - Garrow at rtimss il-deficiqnt in -jU4gtmRnt as well as mOdesty.- FWhat'I-cavrr. flirotv evei think that man high spi~ted and nob~e-milvsde Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    London debates, 1789

    rise to the high est Honours in their Profession, intend, after the Example of those admired Barristers, Messrs. Dallas and Garrow, to make it their School for practical Improvement in the Art of publick Speaking.' Daily Advertiser May 28 1520

    London debates, 1790

    happiness of mankind? Several Students from the two Universities, after the example of those great and admired Advocates, Messrs. Dallas, Garrow, Serjeant Cockrell, & c. intend to make this Society their school for acquiring the useful art of addressing a

    Henry VIII, May 1538, 16-20, 01 May 1538-31 May 1538

    Henry VIII May 1538, 16-20 May 1538, 16-20 16 May. R. O. 1013 . Tunstall to Cromwell. Ralph Reveley came lately inlo the bpric. of Durham, and, before my lord of Westmoreland, accused Lawrie Beell, a sanctuary man, of

    The Chronicle of the Grey Friars, Henry VIII

    drawne from the tower to Tyborne, Gyllys Horne gentleman, Clement Phylpot, Edmonde Bromhame, Derby Kenhame, William Horne, Robert Byrde, Jarvys Garrow, and there hongyd, heddyd, and qwarterd, and their qwarteres with their heddes sett up abowte the citte. xxxi j

    Index, G, 01 January 1741-31 December 1745

    389, 479, 607, 622, 663, 779, 807, 830. Garret (Garrett) , Henry, 791. -, Moses, 843. -, Thomas, 249, 650. Garrow , David, Reverend, 823. Garstang , Henry, 211. Garstang (co. Lancs.) , 109, 110. Garter , King at Arms.

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    10 June 1811, 10 June 1811

    great Wifdom, fhall feem meet; and that " therfaiil William Garrow and Benjamin Tucker may be " required to anfwer the faid Appeal:" It is Ordered, That the faid William Garrow and Benjamin Tucker may have a Copy of the Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1815, 19 April 1815

    the Houfe of Lords. 155 Benfon againft White, in Error. Sir J. St. Au- byn againft Garrow & Tucker: Danfey et al. againlt Garrow & Tucker. .ts Borthwick Peerage de- ferred. And Confideration being had thereof accordingly ; Ordered, That Subscribers-only content

    24 April 1815, 24 April 1815

    Houfe of Lords. 163 Com" of the Caledonian Canal againft Grant. Sir J. St. Aubyn againft Garrow & Tucker: Danfey et al. againft Garrow & Tucker. Ds. Lauderdale. Ds. Combermere. Comes De Lawarr. Ds. Redefdak. Comes Abergavenny. Ds. Arden. Comes Subscribers-only content

    25 April 1815, 25 April 1815

    PRAYERS. Sir J. St. Aubyn. againft Garrow & Tucker: D«nfey et al. againlt Garrow & Tucker. After hearing Counfei further in the Caufe wherein Sir John St. Aubyn Baronet is Appellant, and William Garrow Efquire, Attorney General to His Royal Subscribers-only content

    27 April 1818, 27 April 1818

    Garrow Efquire, Attorney General to His Royal Highnefs George Augußus Frederick Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, and Benjamin Tucker Efquire are Refpondents ; and alfo in the Caufe wherein Frederick Danfey and others are Appellants, and William Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    GARROW, William (1760-1840), of Plumpton, Kent.

    the impropriety of his combining this with the attorney-general’s office. Garrow made a point of absence on the occasion and next day wrote to thank Romilly for his compliments.[footnote]As attorney-general Garrow had so far distinguished himself only by a more


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