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  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Place(s): Fryton (Friton) : undefined Participant: JohnDunning [Donnynge] Role: witness Details: male Location: Old Malton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Old Malton (Malton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: ThomasSanter [Santeur] Role: witness Details: male; clerk Employment: chaplain of Fryton Location: Hovingham (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Fryton


    Location: Normanby (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Normanby (ecclesia de Normanby) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Pickhill (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Ness (Nesse) : township Location: Crathorne (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Crathorne (Crathorn) : township Location: Hovingham (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Fryton(Fryton) : township Hovingham (Hovyngton) : ecclesiastical parish


    Grange (Scackleton Grange, Scackleton Graunge) : township Location: Hovingham (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Airyholme (Areholme) : township Location: Hovingham (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Fryton(Fryton) : township Wath (Wathe) : township East Ness (Eastnesse) : township South Holme (Southholme) : township Location: Hovingham (YorkshireNorthRiding)

  • * British History Online *

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    Index of persons and Places, F

    the harbour (in 1694), 142. Fethard , Feathard, co. Tipperary, old castle near, 396. Fevelby , co. Lincoln, 206. Feyton [Fryton ] , co. York, 202. Field , John, King's waiter, London port, 323. Fielding , Basil, fourth Earl of

    Yorkshire Fines, 1585, 01 January 1585-31 December 1585

    Atherton, gent. Manor of Slyngesby and 40 messuages, 40 cottages, and 2 watermills with lands there and in Hovyngham, and Fryton. Robert Manbye and William Noble Marmaduke Cholmeley, esq., and Ursula his wife, John Leake, Matthew Levett, and Richard Leake

    Index of places, A-J

    upon the Woold , 19. Froddyngham , Southe, 36. Frydaythorpe , 169. Fryston als Ferrybrigg als . Ferryfriston , 180. Fryton , 40. Fullam , 43, 133. Fulsutton , 86. Fulwood , 63, 140, 166. Funtanace Felles , 30. Fyley

    Index of places

    Frysby , 19. Frysmark , 114. Fryssynghall , 360. Fryston , 262. als . Ferefryston, 103. Frysynghall , 331, 349. Fryton , 261. Fulforthe , 84, 154, 195. Fulfurth , 95, 100. Fullam , 158, 163, 359. Fullamstede , 328.

    Letters and Papers, Miscellaneous, Spring 1539, 01 March 1539-31 March 1539

    Ryton (Wm. Percehay) 14, Slyngsbye 61, Sproxton 13, Quinton cum Browghton 18, Normanby 11, Heldenlay 1, Apilton cum Yaistrope 20, Fryton grange 2, Welburne grange 31, Nalton cum Bodlam 17, Scawton 16, Harome 22, Peklay 21, Old Malton 66, Farnedaill

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    I, olly ost. c3338 OUTHlntelicetl ante, abut 1, a Junior Clerk, in Office. lettr olyin on hedwiting, to Peytoc. end Fryton, DordosloyWorke. ~~~c3259 W A~tIDin aSoliitor Offce, Youh, wo, Can write a, gcoit XVAMTD. aYout, abot 16 foran Oloc.-Apply, J, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    HOvioglsisi, MAAr4 Dc icee roWsloyan ismiater In or tliera ierfoirt Cislisit,- to Mie ikes saghter of Mc., T1homao -5Bickers, of Fryton. -I - Slame day,'ht l'ercy-Prystlin, by the Rer -George Atlderson, 11rector of Birskin, Lieut. Af. A. Shurttletvorr-i, lissYst Artillery, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Stonegrave. 'Westreess, 1,arst And Ni '150 Newton. Laysrthorpe, Ayrhoirne with kiawthorpe, Vand Biaxtont for powe .81h, Howe. Cohten Otherwise Coulton, Fryton, Ea-tness. Scackleton deviate I. rigg South loinol with Slingsby. loutterw'Nick, Armothierlby, Swintoni' iaid dowl igh Brooghton, i lieldlenley. Eastlioirpe Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hinter. Btewck, ctnLWMoe ;Iirby Milartn Great' Habton, Tlttle RH~atb~t, Great horgh, by Mittlertog, r ltnswhp;.SOat'°i, East Ness, West7ess,Ssinlgeby South-olmore., -Vallb Fryton, Hovingliam, brlningto, Newton-curn-Lays- I thorpe R Laythrptdtoneg~irlaiv; N~ewton Grange, CaWton., OswnlW;sirJ{, Grisoe.G ng mleot, ApleforIt Saint Peter, Arapleforh Birdfortb, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    or seone or~by Iof them, that is to Fay Salton otherwise Saulton otherwise Saw- by a. ten, Brawby otherwise ]Bradby, Fryton, Newsom, Stonegrves, or w, -' Ifvingliam, West Ness, East Nose, North H-oline, Soutls 1iolcoe,- beret B lutterwictk coin Newsam, Subscribers-only content

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