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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Hen. 8. The abiuration of James Baynham.

    Iohn Baynham was called for agayne to the Byshops Consistory, before hys vicar generall, and other his assistance: to whom Foxford the Bishops Chauncellour recited agayne his Articles and aunsweres aboue mentioned, protestyng that he intended not to receaue hym

    K. Hen. 8. The examination of Iames Bainham.

    to the bishops Cōsistory,Baynham agayne brought before the Byshops Chaūcellor. before his Vicar general, & other his assistance: to whō Foxford the bishops Chaūcellor recited again his articles & answeres aboue mētioned, protesting that he intēded not to receiue him

    K. Hen. 8. A table of certayne persons abiured with theyr Articles.

    allthyngs from them) and therefore he desired to haueit proued by the Scriptures, that Priests marriageswere not lawfull. Against whome, Foxford the By-shops vicare often alledged generall Counsayles,and determinations of the Church, but no Scrip-Persons abiured.with their Articles.tures, still vrging

    K. Henr. 8. The Abiuration of Iames Baynham. Iames Baynham reuoketh his abiuration.

    in case of relapse.An other processe agaynst Iames. Baynham. Ex Regist. Lond.Anno 1532.THe 19. day of Aprill. 1532. M. Rich. Foxford Vicar general to the bishop of London, accōpanied with certein Diuines, & Mathew Grefton the Register sitting iudicially, Iames

    Book 4, page 551 (1563)

    deuinity, William Smith, Richard Griuel, T. Wimple, and Richard Gill.The xxvi. of April in the yeare aforesayd, before master Ihon Foxford vicar general of the bishop of Lōdon in the presence of me Mathew Grefton regester and master Nycolas Wylsō

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals St Erasmus & St Mary Magdalene , Cheshunt

    doubt this house. It does not seem to have been known to Tanner. Consistory Ct. of London , Vicar-General's book, Foxford , 106. Rentals and Surv. R. 277. The entry is as follows: '18 d . paid to the hospital

    The City of Coventry The outlying parts of Coventry : Foleshill

    Hinckley , sometimes called Cartersgreen, 84 which has disappeared. It is probable that this road crossed the River Sowe at Foxford and followed the line of Grange Lane and Black Horse Road (called Green Lane in 1834 ) 85 to

    The City of Coventry Public education

    infants was built in 1895 and enlarged in 1898 . 61 Foleshill School Board opened Edgewick School in 1876 and Foxford in 1877 ; 62 in 1887 the board took on lease a building belonging to the Congregational chapel at

    Index A-J

    D.C. , vicar of, village, weaving ind., woodland, work ho., n; and see Alderman's Green; Bell Green ; Edgwick ; Foxford ; Hall Green ; Heath (Great); Heath (Little); Henley ; Holbrooks ; Longford ; Rowley's Green; Sydnall; Tackford; Tackley

  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Lords Journal Volume 62, 6 May 1830, 06 May 1830-06 May 1830

    the East Indies and China . Union of Foxford, Petition of Protestant Parishioners of, to compel Residence of the Vicar, rejected. A Petition of the Protestant Parishioners of the Union of Foxford , in the County of Mayo , whose


    inventories. G.L.R.O. DLC/354. G.L.R.O. DLC/418. They do not, for example, include the wills registered in the first surviving vicargeneral's book 'Foxford' (G.L.R.O. DLC/330). These will be included in the general calendar of that volume which is being prepared by Mr.

    House of Commons Journal Volume 85, 4 March 1830, 04 March 1830-04 March 1830

    the Vicar of Foxford. A Petition of Protestant Parishioners of the Union of Foxford , in the county of Mayo ;-of Inhabitants of the parish of Killaser , one of the five parishes in the Union of Foxford ;-and, of

    General Index, F, 01 March 1702-31 May 1703

    Suffolk) Col. Edward, regiment of Eliza Lieutenant P. Sir St., and note , and see Treasury, Commissioners of. Fox's History Foxford , district Foxley , Lieut. Foxworthy , Francis Frair Auzzindere Fraiser . See Fraser. Fraissinet Fraizer . See Fraser. Subscribers-only content

    Henry VIII, February 1534, 1-10, 01 February 1534-10 February 1534

    ii. Articles and interrogatories objected against Thos. Phillype, of the parish of St. Michael's in the Querne, London, by Richard Foxford, vicargeneral of John bishop of London; with the answer made by Phillype, 4 Feb. The articles are 12 in

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    1 February 1816, 1 February 1816

    6. c6 Geo. III. Journals of the Houfe of Lords. 421 c< r< c< c< li II H « (i c< H -I Earl Brown- low intro¬ duced. Adjournments and Prorogations adjourned, prorogued and continued to and until the Subscribers-only content

    24 May 1816, 24 May 1816

    bearing Date the Eleventh Day of Augufl, in the Fifty-fifth Year of the Reign of His prefent Majefty, created Baron Foxford of Stacpole Court, in the County of Clare, and the Heirs Male of his Body, was (in his Robes) Subscribers-only content

    19 March 1822, 19 March 1822

    ¦ Prases. Comes Shaftesbury. Comes Rosebery. Comes Liverpool. Comes Limerick. (Ds. Foxford in another Place.) Comes Beauchamp. Ds. King. Ds. Kenyon. Ds. Calthorpe. Ds. Lilford. Ds. Redesdale. Ds. Foxford. Ds. Ormonde. PRAYERS. The House (according to Order) was adjourned during Subscribers-only content

    20 March 1822, 20 March 1822

    Clarke, and the Heirs Male of his Body, was (in his Robes) introduced between The Lord Calthorpe and The Lord Foxford, (also in their Robes,) The Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod and Clarenceux King of Arms (officiating for Garter Subscribers-only content

    1 April 1822, 1 April 1822

    Hay. Ds. King. Ds. Boston. Ds. Kenyan. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Caltliorpe. Ds. Bolton. Ds. Redesdale. Ds. Ellenborough. Ds. Erskine. Ds. Foxford. (Comes Limerick in another Place.) Ds. Glenlyon. Ds. Ravensworth. Alen against Maguires, et e con. PRAYERS. The House (according Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Bal, pasiwyd pleidlais yn ymrwymo i beidio ? talu ardreth ond yn ol prisiad Griffith. i Cynhaliwyd cyfarfod o gangen Foxford o'r Cyngrair Tirol, ddydd Sal diweddaf, lle yr oedd canoedd wedi ymgasgln o'r dref a'r wlad o amgylch. Prif Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the table, Thursday, March 4. AN ABSENTEE CLERGYMAN. Mr O'CONNELL presented several petitions from the inhabitants of the Union of Foxford, in the county of Mayo. One, signed exclusively by Protestants, complained that the Rev. John O'Rourke, the vicar, hald Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    persons sick, and the master and the under-master in fever ! Between Sligo and Westport, in the locality of Ballina, Foxford, Swinford, Castlebar. the desolating as- pect of the country grows more fearful still. The popu- lation seems as if Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and Melville blanvers PROXIES. VARte. LonDs. Mount Cashell Bolton lunster Chawoeth (Earl of Oroslow Heath( Poulett Clarina Vane Deoman VrscorNsS. Foxford (Earl of Mutrhinson (Earl of Limerick) Donouchmasre) Foreeter Sidmouth Gardner BrsHOP, Kilmaine Exeter Paumure LongS. Lovel and Holland (Earl Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Hereford. Lichlfield. Llandaff. London. Norwich. Peterborough. Ripon. Rochester. Tuam, &c. Woruester. LonDs. Berners. Blantyre. Brancepeth. Elphinstone. Erskine. Fingall. Fitzhardinge. Foley. Foxford. Granard. Harris. Hastings. Hatherton. lleytesbury. Houghton. Keane. Henry. Lawrence. Leigh. Liemore. Londesborough, Lovat. Lurgan. Lyons. Lyttelton. Lytton. Lyveden. 3leldrum. Subscribers-only content


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