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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Durham cathedral Monastic buildings DEANERY. DURHAM : GROUND PLAN

    attend the prior to the church, as the verger still waits for the dean'; Fowler 's notes in Rites , 256. Rites , 87. Canon Fowler was of opinion that this sub-vault was the original common-room of the monks. Its

    Corpus Christi College

    Fowler . Fowler , pp. 100, 124. President's Archives. Fowler , pp. 133-7. Hist. MSS. Com. 7 th Report , app., p. 622 (MSS. of W. M. Molyneux ). Reg. of Univ. of Oxf . ii, I, p. 14.

    Stonehouse Local government

    courts were held in the names of both William Fowler and William Sandford , 34 but after 1599 they were held only in the name of the owner of the Fowler estate. 35 The court continued, however, to exercise jurisdiction

    Gloucester , 1660-1720 City government and politics

    royalist Henry Fowler as mayor, choosing instead William Bubb , a man who had reportedly promised that once 'in power he will crush the royal interest' at Gloucester . 16 The king's order for the corporation to elect Fowler was

    Parishes Tilsworth

    prior to an alienation to Sir Richard Fowler , his grandfather, who died seised of it the same year. 32 Sir Richard Fowler left it to his son Edward, 33 whose son Gabriel Fowler succeeded him in 1540 . 34

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    amser v cynhauaf. Yr oeddwn ar fferm y gwanwyn diweddaf yn Kent, yn yr hon yr oedd aradr a drag Fowler iedi cael eu. gweithio g'yda'i ager beiriant. Y mae wedi cae] ei drin yn llwyr, a i lawr wedi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    wyddis ei faint pe 0, digwyddasai i dren ddyfod ar hyd-ddi ar y pryd. r Cafodd hen wr o'r enw Fowler, yr hwn oedd yn a ngwasanaeth y G. W. R. Co., ei iadd yn ddiweddar a yn Berry Port. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mwyaf; ond nid oedd yn meddwl fod F eynllun a gynygid yn un tebyg o effeithio y naill na'r llall.-Ir. Fowler a ddygai ymlaen gynygiad er symud ymaith yr atalfeydd ar ffordd gwerthiant a throsgiwyddisd tir.-Biliwyd hyn I gan Mr. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    &obiabau mthmsoI. .Dywedwyd gan, Mr. Gladstone ac Arglwycdd g Granville,. yn y ddau Dy o Senedd, y byddai achos, gwythgyferbyniol BrTydain yn cael ei osod o flaen,,Bwrdd;y, Cyflafareddwyr Yl ddydd Llun diweddaf. Deallir, pa fodd bynag, fod yr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bwyllgor. AMOCAGYFRIF Y FYODIN. Ar ymffurfiad y Ty yn Bwyllgor Cyflenwad. Ar y i bleidlais gyntaf cynygiai Mr. 1R. N. Fowler fod y fydd. r in i gael ei lleihau ye y nifer o 10,00 o wyr. Dadleual I fod Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    Cases before the Committee, January 1649, 01 January 1649-31 January 1649

    before the Committee for Compounding to take the Oath of Abjuration. 14 223 Walter Fowler, St. Thomas's, Co. Stafford, Dorothy, his Mother, Widow of Edw. Fowler, and the Claimants on and Lessees and Purchasers of their Estates.; Rob. Ducy, Little Subscribers-only content

    Aldermen noted in other references sources

    " J. M. Rigg. Sir Samuel Fludyer " The late R. Harrison. John Fowke vol. xx. G. Goodwin. Sir Robert Fowler Supp. vol. ii. vol. xxii. T. Hodgkin. Sir Samuel Garrard vol. xxi. vol. vii. C. Welch. Sir Henry Garaway

    Index, F

    2448, 2496, 2497. -, -, information against, 2498. -, Roland, 1266, 1274, 1362, 2497, 2504. Foulden , 45 (1), 525. Fowler , alias Forster, 58, 67, 82. -, his confession, 61. -, condemned to death, 90. Foxall , Mr. John,

    Index, F

    , Dr., 1155, 1318, 1328, 1367. -, Humphrey, 1155. Foscarini , Jacomo, 1260. Foster , John, letter from, 656, 790. Fowler , a printer of Antwerp, 1621. Foxall , John, 1199. Foy , steward to Lord Morley, 766. France ,

    Index, F

    -, -, 181 (10), 955, 960, 969. Forth , the, 367 (2), 1486 (3), 1527, 1545, 1556 (2), 1560, 1562. Fowler , Mr., 790 (4), 827, 836, 837 (2), 1032, 1073, 1099, 1136 (3), 1140 (5), 1141, 1259, 1367, 1375

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 14 Islington.

    Thomas four Sons and seven Daughters. John Fowler , sole Son and Heir of Sir Tho. Fowler of t his Parish, Kt. and Bar. Who married Elizabeth the Daughter and Heir of Aunseline Fowler of the County of Gloucester ,

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    12 January 1702, 12 January 1703

    the Lords Committees, the Bill, intituled, " An Adi: for confirming u and eftablißiing a Partition made by Sir Edmond Fowler " Knight, and Dame Anne his Wife, and Elizabeth " Buggin Widow, of certain Manors and Lands, in the Subscribers-only content

    21 February 1720, 21 February 1721

    Lincoln. L. Bp. Exeter. L. Bp. a-irhfle. L. Bp. Brifiol. MeiTsge to H. C. for Mr. Jeffries and sir Rich. Fowler to attend. A Meflage was fent to the Houfe of Commons by Mr. Bennet and Mr. Godfrey : ' Subscribers-only content

    22 January 1730, 22 January 1731

    Fri¬ days, in every Week, be appointed Days for hearing Caufes. Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of Thomas Vi("c Fowler Lord Vifcount Fauconberg, and Catherine Fowler' ^lfrus Lady Vifcountefs Fauconberg his Wife ; complaining of f>« Gerald a Decree Subscribers-only content

    1 May 1753, 1 May 1753

    leEla efi Billa, intituled, " An Act " for raifing Money, by Sale of the Eftates late of Hugh •' Fowler, "of Robefione in the County of Pembroke, " Efquire, deceafed, to difcharge the Debts and Encum- •• brances affefting Subscribers-only content

    9 May 1753, 9 May 1753

    whom the Bill, intituled, " An Aft for^ " railing Money, by Sale of the Eftates late of Hugh " Fowler, of Robeflone in the County of Pembroke, " Efquire, deceafed, to difcharge the Debts and En- " cumbrances affecting Subscribers-only content


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