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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Acts and monuments. of the church.

    could to auoide that neade, as one lothe to trouble your grace with requests not necessary. Master Wardē of the Flete, and my seruaunts know that I faine not, and I haue cause to feare, the effect wil shewe I

    Book 5, page 859 (1563)

    &c.After this, the sayde byshop also exhibited a mynute of a letter sent by the sayd byshop oute of the Flete, to the Duke of Somerset, the copy whereof ensueth.¶ A letter to the Lorde Protector oute of the Flete.AFter

    Actes and Monuments Of the Churche.

    again one by one, & when they were examined, they called forthe the Mast. of þe Flete, and they were cōmitted all to the Flete, then they called D. Barnes again, & asked hym whether he wold subscribe to his

    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    own autoritie toke him from the stake, & sent hym to pryson again, for the which he lay in the Flete for his labour a certain tyme. But before he was taken frō the stake, the said Seatō wrote articles

    Actes and Monumentes of the church

    vnto almighty god, who haue your grarce in his tuicion. In the Flete the day of the moneth. &c.And thus haue ye the forsaid letter sent from the flete vnto the Lorde Protector. &c. After this the sayd byshop also

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals St Mary Magdalen , Colchester

    Neylonde. 24 Roger de Creppyngg, 25 elected 1301. Robert Safare, 26 occurs 1318. Richard Martyn , 26 occurs 1323. William Flete , 27 occurs 1391. William Peryman, 26 occurs 1431. Thomas Skypwith, 28 occurs 1490. John Wayn. 26 John Phelyp

    Parishes Rickmansworth

    to William Flete and others, 70 and in the same year John Impey and Joan his wife , kinswoman and heir of John Aignel, conveyed their interest in the manor to the same feoffees. 71 Under William Flete as tenant


    , on behalf of Westminster , enfeoffed John Flete . From 1392-6 Flete owed suit of court for the holding once Thomas Bedyk's. 50 In 1400 the manor was conveyed by Flete to trustees 51 and by 1401 it was

    Hospitals St Mary within Cripplegate

    parishes of St. Michael Bassishaw , St. Sepulchre , and St. Botolph without Bishopsgate ; 28 and that of William Flete , with an income of £30 a year. 29 The gross income of the house in 1461 amounted to

    The hundred of Gore THE HUNDRED OF GORE

    2-7, 231-3, 392-4, 404-6. Greenwood , Map of Mdx . ( 1819 ). J.I. 1/544, m. 50; see pp. 237-8. Flete 's Hist. of Westminster Abbey , ed. J. A. Robinson , 89; E. T. Evans , Hist. of Hendon

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 20 TOWER of London. Regalia.

    was used to be: And that King Edward III . in the 12th of his Reign , appointed one John Flete Custodem Jocalium, & c. i.e. Keeper of the Jewels, and also of his Armour, and other Things in the

    Book 3, Chapter 10 [Customs of Queen Hith Ward. Queen Hith]

    Lib. Horn . fol. 342. 6. J. S. *Sippa. Memorand. That Werepath, or Worepath, is in East part of the Flete of Barking , about seven Miles from London ; and Anedeheth is near Westminster on the West Part of

    Book 5, Chapter 14 [Upholsters.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Turners, &c.]

    dwelling in Woodstreet , Richard le Tournour, John le Tournour, in Swithin's Lane of Candelwikestreete; Rob. le Tournour, living at Flete ; Will. le Tournour, without Bishopsgate ; Richard le Corveiser, Tournour, living in Wodestrete: All these were sworn on

    Appendix 2, Chapter 1 A Second APPENDIX.

    vel duos eorum sufficientem habentes potestatem ad faciendum, & c. 12, P. at York , John de Cherleton, Will. de Flete , Roger de Palmer , Mittimus vobis, vel duos eorum sufficientem habentes potestatem, & c. 15, P. at York

    Book 3, Chapter 10 [Customs of Queen Hith Ward. Queen Hith.]

    And from the same Hith, through all Streets and Lanes beyond the foresaid Places , to the Bridge of the Flete , and to Newgate , and to Crepelgate, and as far as over against Berchevers lane upon Cornhul, and

  • * British History Online * *

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    Queen Elizabeth - Volume 132, October 1579, 01 October 1579-31 October 1579

    Wm Crowmer to Walsyngham. His doings in the matter between Mr. Flete and Mr. Thwayts. Sends divers papers relative to the same. Incloses , 43. i. Deposition of William Flete relative to his dealing with Edward Thwayts, concerning the sealing Subscribers-only content

    Memorial XXII, Ceremonies upon the election of Masters and Wardens, 1573

    viz., The Warden Substitute for M'chaunttaillo's Hall Quarter before the youngest Warden [.. ] tor, and the Warden Substitute for Flete Streate Quarter before the thirde Warden, the Warden Substitute for Candilwicke Quarter beareth the Seconde Warden's Cuppe, and the

    Wills, 6 Edward IV (1466-7)

    each of the four orders of mendicant friars in the City of London, and to prisoners in Newgate, Ludgate, the Flete, and King's Bench. Provision made for a chantry in the church of S. Stephen de Walbroke. To John his

    Notes and Errata, 01 August 1545-31 December 1545

    Granvelle, to whom it was immediately communicated by the Father. Granvela, however," & c. 922, 1. 19. Dele comma after "Flete." 959, 1. 9. For "Johan" read "Jehan." 1068 (21), last line but two. The number "37" has dropped from

    The Common Paper, Apprentices and servants, 1478-1573

    The Common Paper Apprentices and servants, 1478-1573 Apprentices and servants, 1478-1573 [p. 17 calendar ] The names of apprentices and servants allowed in the craft of writers of the court letter Apprentices or Servants 1 Masters John Fordam* and

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    FLETE, William (d.1444), of Rickmansworth, Herts. and London.

    Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. Flete was himself the owner of property in Holbeach, Whaplode and Flete in his native Lincolnshire, which he may perhaps have inherited from one of his many kinsmen. In 1425 Richard Baynard* offered Flete securities of 700

    HELE, Richard (1679-1709), of Flete House, Holbeton, Devon

    (1679-1709), of Flete House, Holbeton, Devon Constituency Dates Plympton Erle Dec. 1701 1702 West Looe Dec. 1702 28 Jan. 1703 Plympton Erle 28 Jan. 1703 1705 Biography Hele came from a long-established Devon family which had first represented Plympton Erle

    WOLLASHULL, William (d.1453), of Wollashull, Worcs.

    WOLLASHULL, William (d.1453), of Wollashull, Worcs. Constituency Dates Worcestershire 1417 Worcestershire May 1421 Worcestershire 1425 Worcestershire 1429 Worcestershire 1432 Ofifces Held Escheator, Worcs. 10 Nov. 1404-1 Dec. 1405, 13 Nov. 1423-6 Nov. 1424, 4 Nov. 1428-12 Feb. 1430. Ofifces

    CHEYNE, John (d.c.1447), of Chenies, Bucks. and Cogenhoe, Northants.

    in search of a loan of £125, only to find seven years later that he needed £200 more - which Flete advanced on the security of property. Then, he began to dispose of his patrimony, in 1430 making a quitclaim

    FRAY, John (d.1461), of London and Munden Furnival, Herts.

    John Barley*, Sir Philip Thornbury*, John Ruggewyn* and William Flete*.[footnote] His relationship with Flete, who made him his executor, seems to have been particuarly close, perhaps because Flete, a mercer by trade, also had interests in the City. Fray was,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sent hymu to the Flete, and after he sent for the yong gentlemen, that hplaied in the plaie, and them highly rebuked and thretened, and sent one of them called Thomas Moyle of Kent, to the Flete; but by the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    for Salo.-app~y, The Midland Vincentr lei .0.Company, Aston Cross. c4202 P)RINT-SELLERS and Others--Some fine old Mezzotint Copper- 12plates; also Oine Flete by W. T, 'Rodleo and otherSnoted -engravers.-Address, C. 7, Daily Pest. o4f56 CAFE, 4 Sir, by 30in. by 30in Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    fined £2. and costs for creating a nuisance in Philip Street by assemblin a crowd for the purpose of betting.--Detective Flete er -arrested the prisoner yesterday morning after seeing him take the money for four bets, enter 'them in his Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    7ft. bigls. snil 15ft. by 6t al, IuVe si-eigh ,bo555t23taisseach. A greatbioglein to ilsioedliut pren .ALl O rvaral flslly-rilggod River Flete, uceir Lis-lrpool.-plJoutC, 78, Anidoerr Street, Sheffield. c2SO ij'Ult Sale. several goolt rscodm-hanid isosse-linvvre Gear Worbi. FOIS han Maebilsll.s 1111 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ~~LIOAMU.MEjMNTS. - .j-OYL-LAST WEEK OFj CMLIOAOPERA COMPANY. l~jThU A~tS'rUlENT." ....... .i....f~da.GrOOI(NA BURNS05 011.'irf I~ecrl~tof Cracow) .... .Mr. G. II. SNAIOI .,heio.~~eeJ:::::::~ .Mr. CAMPT-~IE, Mis 11VALS uitpiit~t id~d0C51PMr. B.iWeLso% . ; r,7I Em~~r. TI1ODY ~V 7pF~iI~i~WAILS so herShakcspearitl Corn M Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    10 November 1691, 10 November 1691

    640 journals of the Houfe of Lords. Legh k al. •verfus Afpinall. •verfus Wild. 'Cömes MuJgrave. Epus. Worceßer. Ds. Colepeper, Comes Stamford. Epus. Oxford. Ds. Lucas. Comes Carnarvon. Epus. Norwich. Ds. Cornwallis. Comes Craven. Ds. Crew. Comes Feverfham. Ds. Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    Junii. 761 Robto Saleman. Rogo de Flete. Nicho de Rye. Rico de Casterton. Stepho de Wygetoft. Laurenc de Hollebech. Walramo de Mortuo Mari. Ebox. Johi Mar my on. Pho Breton. Thome de Richemund. Radofil Ranuiphi. Rado de Cleseby. Harsculpho de Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    ^. apud Guldeford viij. die Marcij. P ipm Regem. Eodem modo mand est subscriptis vidett. Johi de Molyns. Johi de Flete. Thome de Staunton ctico. Johi de Harsyk. Rogo de Wastham canonico London. Johi de Wymondeswold. Wifto de Dunstaple. Ibid, Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    Upsale. Galffo de Haneby. Gilfeto Alilaunt de Sco Botfco. Rado de Derby. Rofcto Pynson. Johi Horn. Thome GouE. Henf de Flete. Henf de Alyngtofi. Robto de Dalderby de Lincoln. Thome de Kele. Rico de Kele. Vol. LVI. de com Lincoln. Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    de Lughteburgh. Rico Calf de Lughteburgh Rico Calf de Lughteburgh Henf de Tiddeswerh Rogo WoUesthorp. Wiiio Hode de Flete. Wifto de Sul flete. Rogo Straunge. Vicario de Wranget. Johi de Maydenhith. Pho de Ratheby. Witto Folkyngham de Sleforct. Johi de Subscribers-only content

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Richardus Loveden, 12/8/1547

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 289106 Linked to person: Loveden, Richardus 1547-1547 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Loveden Forename Richardus Title Qualification University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Institution Date 12/8/1547 Office/Status Rector Clerical Status

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