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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Alstonefield Quarnford QUARNFORD 1994

    (465 m.). Oliver Hill north of Flash rises to 1,684 ft. (513 m.) and is the highest point in Staffordshire . South of Flash the land falls to 1,261 ft. (383 m.) near Flash Bottom , and Manor Farm on

    Alstonefield Hollinsclough LONGOR 1994

    the early 1960s . It received a mains water supply in 1984 after a reservoir had been constructed north of Flash , in Quarnford. 3 Hollinsclough Silver Band , formed by 1920 , 4 still existed in 1994 , drawing

    Alstonefield Introduction Yates's Map Of The County of Stafford 1775 (Part)

    many places. Oliver Hill in Quarnford, at 1,684 f t. (513 m.), is the highest point in Staffordshire , and Flash , on the south side of the hill at 1,526 ft. (465 m.), is the highest village in England

    Kirtling Economic history

    p. 4; 10 Apr. 1875 , p. 4; 25 Sept. 1875 , p. 8; J. E. Archer , 'By a Flash and a Scare': Arson, Animal Maiming, and Poaching in East Anglia , 1815-70 , 117. Camb . Chron .

    Alstonefield Heathylee HEATHYLEE 1994 HOLLINSCLOUGH 1994

    century. 63 From 1744 those living in the western part of the township attended the church built that year at Flash , in Quarnford, and in 1902 that part of Heathylee was assigned to Quarnford parish. 64 By 1900 and

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 24 The ROYAL SOCIETY. Philosophical Transactions.

    in the Heavens; such as Auroræ Boreales, Meteors of all Kinds, Thunder and Lightning; particularly noting the Time between the Flash and the Crack, and the like Phænomena. Also Registers of the Wind and Weather, of the Thermometer and Barometer;

    Book 5, Chapter 1 The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    so shook it, that it was like to have fallen; and therewithall out of a dark Cloud proceeded such a Flash of Lightning, that all the Church seemed to be on Fire; whereupon such a Stench ensued, that all Men

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ealien anxious to lessen tan increase tire rliune her of piublic-hlutmses. Ile was not avare that there a ere any Flash houses" in his district. Complaints had been made agmsaint the Rose, in Rose-street, which was kept bv a man Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the Heaven 'a the thunder crashed, struck up an extempore and blkpphemous siht roaring out with every flash of lightning, asa chrs" Flash, iyou- B-r-.lash I" Talma y deserve to he damned eternally because he chose to share the odium Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    them talking: the prosacutrix said to George, " It is a good thing to be religious,"-(laiighter) -to whirl, George assented. The prisoner went by the name of "1 Flash George."-The CuHsI BATRON stopped the cause, and the prisoner was acquitted. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of the spirit house exceptioa has, indeed, been taken, but yet if we have "s flashy," we have no " Flash Houses" in the Spirit Trade, snch being the excinsise property of the Brewers. English Gin ! the product-of English Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    under the old Police, was considered by the magistrates and the most experienced officers as a ne. cessary evil, viz. flash houses, where the most vicious 4nd desperate characters were allowed openly to assemnble, hardening each other in thei. career Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Lords Journal Volume 3, 21 February 1624, 21 February 1624-21 February 1624

    but the Acclamation of all your Subjects, Nobles and Commons, concurring to express their great Contentment. This was no sudden Flash of Joy, but a constant Blessing, by Continuance of the Gospel and true Religion, maugre the Malice and hellish

    Index, U - Z, 01 July 1585-30 September 1586

    Evers' train, 454. Youngs , the: 321. Yrewen , John (of the Stalbill): a notorious offender, 302. William (of the Flash): a notorious offender, 302. Yverye , Alexander: letters to be delivered to Walsingham by, 24. "Z" : 493; 513. Subscribers-only content

    House of Lords Journal Volume 9, 12 February 1647, 12 February 1647-12 February 1647

    Two Months. The House was adjourned into a Committee during Pleasure, to take into Consideration the Ordinance prohibiting Killing of Flash for Two Month. The House was resumed. And the said.Ordinance was read the Third Time, and Agreed to; and

    Deptford, St Nicholas

    remained many years; the cabin being, as it seems, turned into a banqueting-house: "We'll have our supper (says Sir Petronel Flash, in a comedy called Eastward-hoe, written by Ben Jonson and others) on board Sir Francis Drake's ship that hath

    Elizabeth, April 1586, 01 April 1586-30 April 1586

    to England and Scotland. William Johnston of Redhall and his sons, John Yrewen of the Stalhill, William Yrewen of the Flash, Arthur Graham alias Carlisle, Ritchie Graham his brother, Ecky Armstrong of Subholme, Eckyes Ritchie, Pawtye of Harlaw, Christopher Tynyke, Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    6 October 1820, 6 October 1820

    a Time, that it was almost impossible " to discover any thing with Accuracy; it wras almost " like a Flash of Lightning ; it was meant to represent " that." " Did you attend The Princess further than Naples Subscribers-only content

    16 November 1830, 16 November 1830

    are thereunto subscribed : Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Members of a Flash, Staf- Society and Congregation of Wesleyan Methodists wor- ford: shipping at Flash Chapel, in the County of Stafford, whose Names are thereunto subscribed : Also, Subscribers-only content

    Index, 20 October 1831

    ; NancegoUan ; Ludborough ; Troon, Breage; Belchford ; Great Glenn; Eastbury; Clent; Hevingham; Asfordby & Grimston; Morton; Flash, Stafford; Ovenden; Sutton-on-Trent; and Fulletby, 80. — Rushton; Hols- worthy ; Thirstone; Thurstonland; Lawton Heath; Rud- ham; Pen-y-cae; Thornton; Gunwalloe; Staplecross; Subscribers-only content

    10 May 1833, 10 May 1833

    thereunto subscribed : of Barton under Need- wood ; of Golden Hill; of Cheddle- ton ; of Coseley, Sedgley; of Flash; Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Members of a Society and Congregation of Wesleyan Methodists wor¬ shipping at Subscribers-only content

    Index, 12 December 1833

    and of Harriseahead, 281. — Wesleyans of Barton under JVeedwood ; of Golden Hill; of Cheddleton; of Coseley, Sedgley; of Flash ; of Burton upon Trent; of Alsager Bank ; of Rush ton ; of May field ; of Tutbury Subscribers-only content


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