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  • * British History Online *

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    Minute Book, December 1678, 01 December 1678-31 December 1678

    31. To know where the soldiers coming from Flanders are to be landed and somebody to be appointed to muster them before they shall be permitted to come ashore. Mr. Gay to be desired to come to Treasurer Danby. Mr.

    Simancas, June 1602, 01 June 1602-30 June 1602

    with a dotation. On the advice of the Council your Majesty replied that if the Lord Admiral would go to Flanders the pension of 250 ducats he now received should be increased to 300. He fell ill, and the matter

    British History Online

    the Importation of Forreigne Bone-Lace Loom-Lace Needle-Worke Point and Cut-Worke Three Months after the Prohibition of the Woollen Manufactures in Flanders shall be taken off. [Rot. Parl. 11 Gul. III. p. 3. n. 11. 2. ] 9 W.III.c. 9; repealed


    practice 1542-1553 Place of birth of Flanders Date of death 1553 Other notes Examined & rejected at King's (EVI) command 1552. Fined. Censorial hearings 24 Feb 1553 Entry 'the fine for John Vandernote of Flanders was settled at £50.' Action

    Appendix, Miscellaneous 1514, 01 January 1514-31 December 1514

    per cent. was laid on the kerseys [imported over land ] solely for the purpose of giving freight to our Flanders galleys, which no longer make the voyage, and in order that kerseys may be brought hither in greater quantity,

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    LUMLEY, Henry (c.1658-1722).

    brother, the 1st Earl of Scarbrough, in supporting the Revolution. During William III’s reign, Lumley served throughout the war in Flanders, particularly distinguishing himself at the battle of Landen in 1693, when he covered the retreat and saved the King

    FURNESE, Sir Robert, 2nd Bt. (1687-1733), of Waldershare, Kent.

    as a tallow-chandler.[footnote] One son, Henry, moved to London; became prominent as a Flanders and East India merchant; remitted money to William III and Marlborough’s forces in Flanders; and retired with a baronetcy to Waldershare, near Sandwich, for which he

    LONG, William II (d.c.1426), of Rye, Suss.

    at Southampton, to arrest all English merchants then in Flanders, together with their wool and debts, which were of far greater value than the Flemish losses. When the wine ships reached Flanders safely in January 1411, the duke released the

    TEMPLE, Sir Richard, 4th Bt. (1675-1749), of Stowe, Bucks.

    the colonelcy of a newly raised foot regiment stationed in Ireland and served as a ‘volunteer’ in the campaign in Flanders, taking part at the siege of Venlo. Unfortunately, this activity meant he was absent from England during the 1702

    TRELAWNY, Henry (c.1658-1702), of Whitleigh, Devon

    embarked with it for Flanders in late March. This explains his classification as a placeman and Court supporter in various lists compiled during this Parliament. He received a pass in April 1693 to return to Flanders and in July his

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Industries Pottery

    were imported from abroad. Among these were the bellarmines or grey-beards and ale-pots, which were largely imported from Germany and Flanders . In 1570 two potters, 2 named Jasper Andries and Jacob Janson , who had settled in Norwich in

    Editorial note

    brilliant career as a literary architect was cut short, to the sorrow of his numerous friends, on the battlefield in Flanders on 31 July 1917 . Mr. Quekett left his account of the Cathedral buildings almost complete from the east

    Parishes Quarley

    Harold had held QUARLEY , and in Domesday Book it was ass igned to the Conqueror, 4 although Maud of Flanders , his wife, who died in 1083 , had given it to the abbey of Bec Hellouin. 5 Like

    The twelfth and thirteenth centuries The population of the city

    Kendal , Lincoln , Cov entry , and Northampton . There were even foreigners in the modern sense: Reiner of Flanders in Henry II 's reign; and later Adam 'Lumbard', Raymond of Dinant, John called 'of Paris , dwelling in

    The twelfth and thirteenth centuries Occupations and distribution of wealth

    was probably directed to the Low Countries . The corn exported by William Selby in 1166 most likely went to Flanders ; 6 Hugh Selby and Adam Flur early in the 13th century certainly exported wool to the Low Countries

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    having been exhausted in the vain experiment, they had the mortification of returning home wvithout setting foot on either France, Flanders, or Holland. -Morning Chnronicle.-Perhaps one of the j unior Lords commanded the expedition ! An article from Rome, dated Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    amedmesdtI isnalinsg it t0,0001. Before the wsar there had been a consderablenunmbes of students edurated for ihe: Priesthood. inJFra&nce, Italy, Flanders, Spai6, acd sLikbon, who wene uew preyented firon goinei there for their cclucation, therefore, it was proper to have Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Stuart and innumerable others, may not he wasted in a repetitien of the disastrous and disgr~ceful expeditious of' America, Holland, Flanders, and Portugal. - - This Address is presented not kumblybecause- as a Bri. ton, whose ancestry placed your Majesty Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    husband; was on Fri- day brought before the'Cnbrt. The estate is in Yorkshire, and the co-.npuary deed was signed In Flanders. Mrs, Ryan to now dead, and the farnily heir-at-laiv snes for the recovery of ihe estate for the survi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    have bedn ordered to mareh :back to the north of ilndaigry'from' t-& banks- ofL the Danlhe.-The two armies of.Antwerp awd Flanders have formeda jonctmy, underthe naame @f the Anhy of the North.-Letters frolm .trasburgof the 22)d instant state, thlat the Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 4, page 685 (1563)

    France they were called þe pore men of Lions. In the furdest partes of Sarmatia and Lyuonia, & other countries towards the North, they wer named lollards. In Flanders & Arthois by meanes of their desert habitation subiect vnto d

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of the Martyrs, and Inquisition of Spaine.

    of Flaunders, were there. It was aunswered,yea: and also that there were ij. shippes already fraught, andappointed to saile to Flanders. Then, sayd he, I would desiresome of them to signifie to my father dwelling in Antwerpe,that I was burned

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of the Spanishe Martyrs.

    The residue of the Dutch MartyrsIames de Lo, of the Ile of Flanders, Iohn deBuissons At Antwarpe, Peter Petit, IohnDenis, Symon Guilmin, Simeon Herme of the Ileof Flanders, Iohn de Lannoy At Tournay.¶ The Dutche Martyrs.Andrew Michell, a blynd man,

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martirs which suffered in Germany.

    Who atthe earnest request offaythful brethren cameThe Magi-M. Peterdowne to visite thestrates ofBrulylower countryes a-Dornic. orPreacher.bout Artoys and DorTornay.nic in Flanders, wherhe most dilligētly preached the word of Godvnto the people in houAt, the dores standingAn. Wherupon, whēþe

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of the Spanishe Martyrs.

    of the Dutch MartyrsMartyrs. IAmes de Lo, of the Ile of Flanders, Iohn de Buissons at Antwerpe, Peter Petit, Iohn Denis, Gymō Guilmin, Simeon Herme of the Ile of Flanders, Iohn de Lannoy at Tournay. Andrew Michell, a blynde man,

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Thursday 14th September 1843

    speaking Flemish, & what French one heard, is very bad. The people use & ride donkeys a good deal. The Flanders horses are very fine & the waggons extremely picturesque. All Flemish. - On our return, I wrote, &c at

    Wednesday 10th February 1836

    Victoria's handwriting Volume 9 22nd December 1835-18th March 1836 Volume Page Nos [164]-[173] Featured Names Charles Earl of Flanders Lady Cust Miss Ellen Tree Miss V. Conroy Mr. Diddear Mr. Warde Mr.Cooper Mr.Macready Mr.Meadows Mrs. Vining Featured Places England Flanders

    Sunday 22nd September 1839

    Lord M. said. But his head got rather turned after it. Talked of Van Praet's having written a History of Flanders ; of their having been such a troublesome belligerent people; of Latin; Faderius being the book children generally were

    Sunday 22nd September 1839

    between Lord Melbourne & Ld Palmerston. Talked of various things, amongst them of Van Praet having written a History of Flanders , - of the inhabitants having been such a troublesome, belligerent people; - of Latin, & having found it


    Antwerp Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium Queen Victoria and Prince Albert travelled via Antwerp on various continental tours, staying in the Palace there in 1843, but on other occasions just anchoring there in the royal yacht, the Victoria and Albert. Contemporary view:


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