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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Class of documents in Public Record Office

    IR 18 Tithe Files IR 29 Tithe Apportionments IR 30 Tithe Maps Justices of Eyre , of Assize, and of Oyer and Terminer etc. JUST 1 Eyre Rolls , Assize Rolls, etc. JUST 2 Coroners' Rolls and Files Court of

    Wiltshire Record Society volumes used

    Early- Stuart Wilts . A Miscellany , ed. N. J. Williams ( 1960 ) xvi Crown Pleas of Wilts . Eyre , 1249, ed. C. A. F. Meekings ( 1961 ) xvii Wilts . Apprentices and their Masters , 1710-60

    Wisbech Later history of the castle

    Mun., D 9), Eyre considered that it would be improper for so rich a see to alienate property, and imputed dishonesty to Bishop Yorke as the castle was said to be in bad repair. Warren and Eyre were sons-in-law of

    List of maps

    81 9. Parish of Easton Neston 99 10. Hulcote village 101 11. Easton Neston House and Park, from Eyre , from Eyre and Jefferys, Map of Northamptonshire ( 1779 ) 103 12. Easton Neston House and Park 105 13. Parish

    Colleges Fraternity of the Holy Trinity and the Sixty Priests, Leadenhall Chapel

    seems to have attempted to carry out Eyre 's wishes to some extent by granting to these priests the use of the chapel on condition that they prayed for the souls of Simon Eyre and his wife. 5 There is

  • * British History Online *

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    Index, Q, 01 January 1621-31 December 1623

    Index Q Q quarantine , 61 n . Eyre in at Zante, 237. Quast , Captain, 603. Querini , Andrea, 546. Quester , Matthew de, master of the posts, London, 233, 234. suspects Zon of stealing letters, 111.

    House of Commons Journal Volume 4, 28 November 1646, 28 November 1646-28 November 1646

    which came from Cornewall . The Lords have nominated and appointed the Earl of Rutland to be Justice in the Eyre of all the King's Forests and Chaces beyond Trent : To which they desire the Concurrence of this House.

    Index Of Subjects, J, 01 January 1704-31 December 1705

    plate, calling in of, 32. delivered into, 90 issues for, 291, 533. Jewels , issue for, 89. Judges of England and Wales , salaries, 136, 142, 273, 298, 426, 513. Justice in Eyre , Trent North. See Woods and Forests.

    Index of Subjects, U, Z

    General of, 216, 220, 224; Warden, Chief Justice and Justice in Eyre of, 208. Trent, South, Surveyor General of, 128, 232, 252; Warden, Chief Justice and Justice in Eyre of, 178. Wool , duffels, 221. duty on. See Customs duties.

    Errata, 01 January 1720-31 December 1728

    In Vol. CCXLIV No. 23, for Trench read French. In Vol. CCXLVIII. No. 15, for Jebb read Jett. LONDON: Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty For Her Majesty's Stationery Office. [10307. 400. 2/89. ]

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn cedio angylchiadauyterfysgdiw.ddaryf Ja- maica, lie yr oedd y diweddaf yn llywodraethwr. Yr oedd dyfarniad unfrydol y llys o blaid Eyre. 'Dywedir fod rhwygiad yn debyg o gymeryd lIle yn Nghyngrair Addysg Birmingham, meun canlyn. aad i aughydwelediad rbwng y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn Jamaica a trwy orchymyn y cyn.Lywodraethwr Eyre, gan nad 3 ydoedd yn dyfod o dan rwymedigaethau y Llywodr- e aeth gartrefol, ond yr oeddynt yn rhwym o ddigoll. 1 edu y Llywodraethwr Eyre o'r draul yr aeth iddi yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    feddw. yd Bwriedir gwrthwynebu y Ilywodraeth Tn ei chy- vy nygiad i dalu traul erlyniadan diweddar y cyn-lyw- ld; odraethwr Eyre. au Rhedodd dynes allan i'r heol yn Manchester, Os prydnawn Sadwrn, gyda y gwddf wedi ei dori bron wi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Tr 3yf 3g REDINr ]ydd' Ltiflwi'7-Wedi'i'r Ty.ym-f y_ ffiyn lb'ivyilgor"- eyflenwa4.dy d7gwyd; Imlken -, Vbeidlais i' 'roddi5 '4,1;3p. i'r! ieyn-Lyodraethwr Eyre; 1 gyfarfoda'i' ggsa'i gyda'i amdiyiniad Jdwe'dda'r riygai' 3 ".r'Bolii g irthodiid'y :,,beidlais', ond ',wdi' dadleu" iaitj, eit¢nfwd f" li' Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ryWrD ofyn y ewestiwe pa ddefnydd h, oedd i'r defaid 'r ychain as na fwyteid hwynt. s Hysbysir fod Mri. Eyre a Spottiawoode ynghyleh h . dwyn allan argrafflad newydd o'r cyfleithiad awdur- i dodedig o'r Beibl; ymha en y Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 14 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Woodmongers.]

    the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Lane , Knight, Lord Maior elect, Sir Thomas Stamp , Knight, Sir James Houblon and Sir Francis Child , Knights and Aldermen of this City; and Mr. Caddon, Mr. Depu- Eyre , & c. UPHOL-

    Appendix 1, Chapter 10 APPENDIX.

    serveth for the Merchants of the Staple in Westminster ; and also for the Justices of Assises, or Justices in Eyre , to have the like Prerogative. Also, it is no unfit to remember, that the Barons of the Land

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    Time, having no Conscience, (I speak of my own Knowledge) prove more Testaments than they perform. And before him, Simon Eyre , [or L'eyre, as he is written ] a Draper, sometime Maior, who built the Granary and Chapel in

    Book 3, Chapter 7 [S. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary.]

    Grand , or at the Guild Hall of the said City, and not elsewhere: Except Inquisitions of the Justices in Eyre , at the Tower of London . Act of Parlam. 37 H. VIII . cap. 5. The 22 Ed.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    EYRE, Francis (1722-97), of Colesborne, Glos.

    EYRE, Francis (1722-97), of Colesborne, Glos. Constituency Dates Morpeth 1774 27 Jan. 1775 Great Grimsby 1780 1784 Biography Articled in 1737 to a Truro attorney, Eyre qualified in 1744 and subsequently practised in London, specializing in cases concerned with trade

    EYRE, Gervase (1669-1704), of Rampton and Wheatley, Notts. and Sandbeck, Yorks.

    EYRE, Gervase (1669-1704), of Rampton and Wheatley, Notts. and Sandbeck, Yorks. Constituency Dates Nottinghamshire 1698 Nov. 1701 Nottinghamshire 1702 16 Feb 1704 Ofifces Held Sheriff, Notts. 1696–7. Ofifces Held Ranger of Sherwood forest. Biography The Eyres of Rampton were

    EYRE, Robert (c.1667-1735), of New House, Whiteparish, Wilts.

    Salisbury helped Eyre first to the recordership, succeeding his second cousin Sir Giles Eyre†, and then to a seat in Parliament. Like Sir Giles’s son John*, who also entered the Commons for the first time in 1698, Eyre began as

    EYRE, John (1665-1715), of Lincoln’s Inn

    career in the Commons cannot often be distinguished from that of his third cousin Robert Eyre or from that of their Nottinghamshire namesake Gervase Eyre.Eyre was forecast as a probable supporter of the disbanding bill, and indeed did not

    EYRE, Giles (1635-95), of Brickworth, Whiteparish, Wilts. and Lincoln's Inn.

    Downton, where he sometimes resided, for Eyre himself was baptized in Downton church. After a double return for the borough at the general election of 1660 had been settled in his favour, ‘Giles Eyre jun.’ joined the Opposition in the

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    26 May 1685, 26 May 1685

    and Records, as their Lordfhips fhall think needful in this Cafe. cc i'. it it cc a a cc Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of SpinasEyre & aI- Eyre, William Inge Ejquire, and divers others, Free- ^"f"' holders, 7 Subscribers-only content

    27 May 1685, 27 May 1685

    wherein Thomas Eyre of Ha/op Eyre/ It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal Efquire, William Inge Efquire, Henry Balgay Efquire, and in Parliament affembled, That the whole Caufe con- divers others, are Plaintiffs, and Thomas Eyre is Defen- Subscribers-only content

    10 June 1685, 10 June 1685

    this Houfe, wherein he is only a Truftee ; ; and to report their Opinion thereupon to this Houfe. •verfu. Eyre. This Houfe being moved, on the Behalf of John Stickland and others, " That they may have ftich CokTr Subscribers-only content

    10 June 1685, 10 June 1685

    REX, Eyre •ver/ut Eyre. eland berfit* er. Adjourn. of E. of ury ed. Vidian's in. D I E 'Veneris, I2e die Junii. Upon Report from the Lords Committees for Privi¬ leges, to whom was referred the Petition of Thomas Eyre, Subscribers-only content

    13 June 1685, 13 June 1685

    committed to thefe Lords following; L. Prefident, L. Privy Seal. L. Steward. This Houfe being moved, on die Behalf of Eyre of Haffop Efquire, William Inge, Henry .Balgay and others, " That the Regifter or Clerk of the Dutchy " Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the church

    in some part of the pretēsed acts aforesaid. ponit vt supra.18.Item that at such time that maister Tong, & maister Eyre repayred to Winchester to be instituted Canonsin that church, they were required and caused to come to the bishop


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