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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 6, page 1796 (1563)

    a tyme the chylde vnto them, promising him figges and apples, and asking of himwhen he had beene with the Earle of Deuonshire, not ignorant of the childes wounted frequenting vnto him. The boye answered, that he wold go by

    Queene Mary. Gods prouidence in preseruing Lady Elizabeth in Q. Maries time.

    tyme the child vnto them, promising him figges and apples, and asking of him when he had bene with the Earle of Deuonshyre, not ignoraūt of the childes wounted frequētyng vnto him. A young childe examined for bringing flowers to

    K. Henry 3. The vnluckie viage of the French king fightyng for the holy land.

    Saracen. Earle Robert the kinges brother drowned.The Earle then turnyng his horse fled away, thinkyng to auoyde by the swiftnes of his horse, and so taking the riuer Thafnis, oppressed with harnes, was there sonken and drowned. Thus the Earle

    K. Henry. 3. The lamentable ouerthrowe of the French K. by the infidels.

    the face of a Saracen. The cowardly flying away of the Earle Rob.The Earle then turning his horse fled away, thinking to auoid by the swiftnes of hys horse, Earle Rob. the kinges brother drowned.& so taking the riuer of

    K. W. Rufus. A letter of Waltram. K. William Rufus.

    peraduenture some vtilitie might be taken. The tenour of the Byshops letter to the Earle here foloweth.¶ The Epistle of Waltramus bishop of Mergburgh, to the earle Ludouicus, exhorting to concorde and obedience.1090.Ex appendice Mariani Scotui.VAltramus dei gratia id quod

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Liverpool The cathedral

    including over £70,000 for special purposes, among which may be named the Lady Chapel , to be erected by the Earle and Langton families, the chapter-house, to be erected by the Masonic Lodges of the West Lancashire province, as well

    Hospitals St Mary Magdalen , Winchester

    House of St. Mary Magdalene was founded by Maria de Valentia, daughter of Guido, Earle of St. Pawle of Fraunce, wief of Adamore de Valentia, Earle of Pembrokke, in the dayes of Edwarde the Third.' 4 This is of course

    Parishes Seckington

    d . 34 and in 1535 at £5 16 s . 35 V.C.H. Warw . i, 390-2. Ibid. ii, 421; Earle and Plummer, Two Saxon Chrons . ii, 47; Wm. of Malmesbury , Gesta Regum (Rolls Ser.), i, 79. V.C.H.

    Editorial note

    Blackburn Aircraft Ltd., the British Transport Docks Board, R. P. Carmichael & Co. Ltd., Distillers Co. Ltd., G. & T. Earle Ltd., East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd., Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd., J. H. Fenner & Co. Ltd., Hammond's Ltd., Horsley

    Industries Glass

    vj s . iv d .' These comprised some additions 'for our Lady, and Scripture of the marriage of the Earle . . . the same to be set forth in Glasse in most fine and curious colours.' Some information

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    'Jones & Davies, ZSdlicitors, Dolgelley, MRessrs p5[oiwelr:'&. :organ, Solicitors, Mechynlleth,, Mr. Stevens, Surveyor, 88,.: 'Mosley-street, Manchester, or'Messrs. EEarle,' Sorr,''. :Orford, Earle and Milne, Solicitors, 4, Brown'-street, Manchester.;, : _ME1RIPNETH#SRE. DOLGELLEY. PR KMHOLD HO US ES i 0 .:°TO BE SOLD Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a awgrymwyd gan y d diwewddar Mr. J. R. Green, Ceir ymhlith cefnogwyr g y syr udiad, Proff. Stubles, Proff. Earle, Mr. Freemae, n Mr. Creighton, Mr. Thorold Rogers, A.S., &c. Bwr- I ledir cYfa'aoddi y eymdeitbas yn ffuifol Ionawr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Criecieth ............. 6 29 Portmedoc............ 6 40 Minff rdd ........., 64 Pearhyndendeneth ., ,, 5 45 Talsarnau ,...........6 0 Ss. Earle h ............, 6 12 Pensarn ,....,....,, 6 22 Dyifryu .,,, 6 45 Rarmouth............ 7 10 Dolgelley., ,, 6 50 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    f (d Y mae rhaaau etaill y rbyfelgyrch yn d gweitbio eu ffordd ymlsen yn hollol faddbaol, Mae y Cadfridog Earle wedi ei anfon i fyny'r . Nile i gymeryd. Berber, ac yu ymwthio ymlaen r yn liwyddianus. Ni ddisgwylir Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y dyddiau diweddaf at symud- iadau y Cadfridog Earle, yr hwn, gyda rhyw- beth fel 2500, sydd yn gwneyd ei ffordd i fyny y Nile am Berber, Y newydd diweddaf oddi. wrth Earle ydyw ei foad fedi cyraedd Berti. Yr Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    EARLE, Joseph (c.1658-1730), of St. Werburgh’s, Bristol

    EARLE, Joseph (c.1658-1730), of St. Werburgh’s, Bristol Constituency Dates Bristol 1710 1727 Ofifces Held Member, Merchant Venturers’ Soc., Bristol 1697, warden 1709–10, master 1721–2; president Loyal Soc., Bristol 1712–13. Biography Earle’s father, the son of a Wiltshire yeoman, had

    EARLE, William (1728-74), of Malmesbury, Wilts.

    Nov. 1765- d. Biography Earle and his father were among Henry Fox’s chief supporters at Malmesbury, William acting as deputy steward of the borough under him, September 1750-September 1762; it was under Fox’s wing that William Earle made his official

    EARLE, William Rawlinson (1702-74), of Eastcourt House, Crudwell, Wilts.

    1740-72. Biography In 1727 William Rawlinson Earle joined at Malmesbury his father Giles Earle who had sat for it since 1722, and they held the borough until their defeat in 1747. William Rawlinson Earle then contested Cricklade, where he fought

    EARLE, Giles (c.1678-1758), of Eastcourt House, Crudwell, nr. Malmesbury, Wilts.

    1728-37; ld. of Treasury 1737-42; high steward, Malmesbury 1741-2. Biography In 1677 Sir Thomas Earle, an eminent merchant of Bristol, inherited from his uncle, Giles Earle, lands in Crudwell, Wilts. On his death in 1696 he bequeathed these lands to

    EARLE, Joseph (c.1658-1730), of Bristol, Glos.

    EARLE, Joseph (c.1658-1730), of Bristol, Glos. Constituency Dates Bristol 1710 1727 Ofifces Held Master of the Merchant Venturers of Bristol 1721-2. Biography Joseph Earle was a merchant of Bristol, which he represented in four Parliaments. Classed in 1715 as a


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