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  • * British History Online * *

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    had been translated, and the two preceding carefully revised, the Directors then applied to the Rev. A. Stewart, minister of Dingwall, who cheerfully undertook the work proposed; and, accord ingly, a new edition of the Old Testament, including the fourth

    Extracts from the records, 1671

    Appoyntis John Johnstoune, or ony utheris the magistrates sall please to send with him, to repair to the paroch of Dingwall, or els where, to give a call to (blank) Hoome, minister, ther, to come and serve as ane of

    Acts, 1816

    of the acknowledged skill and matured experience of the Rev. Dr Stuart of Luss, and the Rev. Mr Stewart of Dingwall, in order to improve the translation, and render it as complete as possible, and the publication of a new

    Index, A, 01 July 1585-30 September 1586

    still forced to use counsel of, 562; wishes to repudiate his wife, 637. Anstruther , John: bearer of letter from Dingwall to Arran, 286. Laird of: 278. Anthonio , Don: in England, 479. Antrague Monsieur d ' (Antragues): Morgan beholden Subscribers-only content

    Index, J, K, 01 September 1615-31 August 1617

    192. returns to Newmarket, 180; returns to London, 188; goes to Thetford, 190. praises Venice, 189; wishes Dingwall to serve Venice, 193; recommends Dingwall. 241, 259. offended by Venetian refusal of league, 194, 223, 242. disposes of money received for

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Lower Gravenhurst

    of Kent . 33 Ion House is now a farm, and has remained in the Grey family, Lord Lucas and Dingwall being the present owner. Lower Gravenhurst Church : Interior, Looking East In February, 1637 -8, there was some trouble

    Parishes Flitton cum Silsoe

    of the barony of Dingwall . He died in 1905 without issue, and the manor passed to his nephew, the son of his sister Florence wife of Mr. Auberon Herbert , the present Lord Lucas and Dingwall , who is

    Parishes Clophill

    whose family the manor has remained until the present day, the present lord of the manor being Lord Lucas and Dingwall . 58 There is another manor in Clophill , known as BEDLOW MANOR , which probably originated in the

    Parishes Harrold

    (q.v.), passing through the Earls of Kent , the ownership being vested at the present day in Lord Lucas and Dingwall . In 1706 Henry Grey Earl of Kent was created Earl of Harrold . He died without male issue

    Parishes Upper Stondon

    of Upper Stondon follows that of Wrest in Flitton -cumSilsoe (q.v.), and it is now held by Lord Lucas and Dingwall . 15 Briton. Azure three seallops or . Wenlock . Argent a cheveron between three blackmoors' heads razed sable

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    7 July 1714, 7 July 1714

    Popple their Secretary, do attend ments made thereto. this Houfe To-morrow. 753 L. Dingwall The Houfe being informed, " That the Title of Lord Sd^PiS-"" " Dingwall, in Scotland, is in his Grace the Duke of dency. " Ormonde; and Subscribers-only content

    26 November 1724, 26 November 1724

    Knockbayne, John Dingwall late Treafurer of Dingwall, and Robert Dundas Efquire His Majefty's Advocate ; and praying, " That the fame " may be reverfed :" It is Ordered-, That the faid Kenneth Bayne, Alexan¬ der Bayne, John Dingwall, and Subscribers-only content

    5 March 1762, 5 March 1762

    Town Clerk of Dingwall, Colin Mackenzie late " Baillie, Thomas Mackenzie of Highßeld Baillie, Alex- ** ander Mackenzie late Baillie, John Mackenzie late< " Baillie, John Robertfon hue Dean of Guild, Donald " Morifon late Treafurer, John Dingwall Write; in Subscribers-only content

    9 December 1762, 9 December 1762

    Clerk, of Dingwall, Colin Mackenzie late Baillie, and " Thomas Mackenzie of Highfieid Baillie, Alexander Mac- " kenzie late Baillie, John 'Mackenzie late Baillie, John " Robertfin late Dean of Guild, Doneld Morifin late " Treafurer, John Dingw.all Writer in Subscribers-only content

    27 January 1763, 27 January 1763

    Clerk, of Dingwall, Colin Mac- Dingwall, kenzie late Baillie, and Thomas Mackenzie of Highßeld^ Baillie, Alexander Mackenzie late Baillie, John Macken- &° zie late Baillie, John Robert/on late Dean of Guild, Do¬ nald Morifon late Treafurer, Mr. John Dingwall Writer Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    &l Sons ... 1SS,452 Rt 13ooper and Sons ..124,038 Trower and L awson ... 125,245 D~ingwall & Go: .. 121,278 Dingwall & Co. 1..... 12,638 Cunliffe.& Co.. , 89,400 B b~oorer & Sone ...... 10S.153 Sision & Lightly -. 8s,.50 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Sons.. Ie6,dt R Hooper & Sons .a . 10,S 5 Trower and Lawson ..16:,, Max Greger & Co .0. 0lOl Dingwall. Portal & C~o 13U6 7P D) Taylor & Sons .. S6,556 Galbraith, Grant & Co 91 S28 Dent, Urwick Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    did not meet at the British, znconsdt measures of legal and parliarmesitary insubordination with Pat. The Electors from Damfries tn Dingwall never instructed their Representatives to vote for the Catholic question, or any other mea- sare of that ilk. Siunders Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    waterspout-a phenomenon that has before occurred in this coutity, and by no means uncommon in tropical climates. The Frith of Dingwall is three miles from the place.-Inverness Courier. It appeared, on a late trial in the Criminal Court of Cork-, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    to follow his companions. After carrying him fur a considerable time, they left him on the roadside. On arriving at Dingwall, the father of the youth was informed of the circumstance, on which he immediately went in search of his Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    STEWART MACKENZIE, James Alexander (1784-1843), of Brahan Castle, nr. Dingwall, Ross.

    meeting at Dingwall, 24 Dec. 1830, he moved a resolution for reform of the Scottish representative system and was named as chairman of the committee set up to promote the cause. In March 1831 he convened a Dingwall meeting to

    GORDON, Sir John, 2nd Bt. (c.1707-83), of Invergordon, Cromarty.

    Cromartyshire was not represented, he stood unsuccessfully, with £1,000 supplied by the Prince,[footnote] for Tain Burghs, where his brother-in-law controlled Dingwall. After the Prince’s death he lost his post but was compensated by the Princess Dowager with a pension.[footnote] He

    DAVIDSON, Duncan (?1800-1881), of Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, Ross.

    of Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, Ross. Constituency Dates Cromartyshire 1826 1830 Cromartyshire 1831 1832 Ofifces Held Cornet (half-pay) 19 Drag. 1821; ensign and lt. 1 Ft. Gds. 1822; ensign and lt. (half-pay) 2 Ft. Gds. 1825-47. Ofifces Held Ld. lt. Ross

    MUNRO, Robert (1684-1746), of Foulis, Ross.

    a month later at 330.[footnote] In spite of having been convicted and fined £200 for kidnapping some opponents at the Dingwall town council elections in 1721,[footnote] he was re-elected in 1722, after a contest. On 24 Oct. 1722 he made

    MACKENZIE, Thomas (1789-1822), of Applecross, Ross.

    "a sudden attack of illness" from attending the Ross-shire loyal meeting, 4 Jan. 1821.[footnote] He brought up a petition from Dingwall praying for the restoration of Queen Caroline to all her rights, 26 Jan. 1821,[footnote] but he divided with ministers

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    The siege of London., 1885

    first division, which had been sent in pursuit of the retreating battalions of the Scotch, came up with them near Dingwall , on the afternoon of the second day. A stand was here made, and as the French were about Subscribers-only content

    The siege of London., 1885

    the Scotch were enabled to fall back upon Dingwall . Here they were joined by the scouts of the General Staff , who informed them that there were absolutely no troops in Inverness , and it would, therefore, be better Subscribers-only content

    Mr. Brown's first journey: or, Reminiscences of a commercial traveller., 1881

    soon got done in Inverness , and then made for Dingwall , which was the conclusion of the North journey. From that place I sent the following:- Warrington Hotel , Dingwall . Gentlemen,-I beg to send statement of accounts, and Subscribers-only content

    Mr. Gladstone in Scotla nd., 1890

    gkcotfan*. TROVOST ROBERTSON S HOUSE AT DINGWALL . Thus in humble earth, marked off in no way from the rest of the churchyard, Mr Gladstone ' s kindred lie. The inscriptions on the tombstone suggest a question as to the Subscribers-only content

    Mr. Gladstone in Scotla nd., 1890

    Sir C. Tennant , from a photograph by Messrs T. & R. Annan , Glasgow . Mr John Munro , Dingwall , is the photographer of the Robertson memorials. Mr C. A. Robertson , Hawick , has photographed the Gledstanes Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Saturday 3rd June 1837

    from Hertford by Lord Mahon and the Honble. William Cowper from the Provost and Town Council of the Borough of Dingwall , by Mr.Lock M.P., from the Town Council &c. of Barnstaple , by Mr.T .B.P. Chichester , M.P., and

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    [Fruit merchants, Packaging, fruiterer, fruit merchant; seedsman] Q f> ^o(e riH>pn'€for of tAe MANUFACTURED BY WM. BROWN, 69 mOHC STI^^EET, 5^1' 12i ip: ¦i ^ REGISTERED. Nurseries and Vineyards -K I N N O U Ii L.? Fruit Stalls Subscribers-only content

    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    <..»¦»..»..».». <i- WILLIAM BROWN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Fruit Merclian( and Seedsman,? 69 HIGH STREET, FRUIT STAI^IaS, GKNERiBLlA STATIONS, Perth, Inverness, Dingwall & Strattpeffer. •mITN * RlTONM, KMik nmmm 'mnoliii « nxnm^ •jep4ii![ung $ piiMQ 'ssenjeAiq 'qiJ8j m 1 'XaiHJ^S HOIH Subscribers-only content

    William Brown wholesale & retail fruit merchant & seedsman

    m mm mm m-m mmmmmm whmimm ^xn^oxUx of §foretgit ^Vxxt, ^ui SICowera k ^u<|«cte? Fruit Stalls, (lieneral Stations, PEBTfl, INYEBNESS, DINGWALL and STBATBPEFPEB, r^ I "X 1 a O M N I H— »P«««^»«'A P«« soiaasanN | (I383i8ldlti l[s[ NfflL/ Subscribers-only content


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