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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dorlynt ji pryniad St. Thomas yn ddioed; a chrodir y bydd n- iddynt noddi y asw a ofynwyd gyntaf gan Denmark r- Y mae cynygiad Sonar Castelar, yn Senedd-Spsen, J. i gau allan yr holl deulunBourbonaidd o'r Fronbinfoot J. wedi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn ddiweddar yU Guadaloupe. Rhoddwyd cyhoeddiad allan yn ddiweddar gan Lywadraethwr St. Thomas, ye ailosod yr ynye hono dan luman ac anddif'yoiad Denmark, mown canlyniad i *aitfi Senedd yr lnol Daleithin ye gwrth4od ca- arnhau y cytun deb i'w pbzynu.- Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ymlaen o berthynas i helyntion y Cyfandir. -Atebodd .r sy G~ladstone o berthynas i gytundeb diweddar rhwng 'm Ffrainc a Denmark nad oedd dim felly yn wybyddus d i Lywodraeth ei Mawrhydi, ond oddiwrth yr oil a wyddent credent nad Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hwnw. Nid yw yn hollol sicr pa beth yw hwnw. Tybia rhai n. y bydd yn fuddiol i ddangos i Denmark mor ,1 rhwydd y cyflawnir ei dinystr hi pe mynai gael ' Ffrainc yn elyn. Credir mai ychydig o Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a ymddangosodd yn- y Times yn uir o, anryw a w gynygiwyd gan' oruchwylwyr Ffrengig swyddogol ac answyddogol, er rhyfel Denmark, gyda'r amcan a eangu terfynau y ddwy wlad Prwsia a Ffrainc. d Addawai hefyd anfonl sylwedd cynygiad- arall: a Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Little Stanmore Social life

    as chieftains from Africa and America ; European royalty, too, may have dined there, since servants of the kings of Denmark and Prussia were entertained below stairs. Parties from London were eager to be shown over the mansion and to

    Walls and gates

    perhaps made in connexion with a strengthening of the defences at the time of the threatened invasion of Cnut of Denmark . 46 Major repairs, possibly amounting to rebuilding in places, were carried out in 1173 -4, at the time

    Spelthorne Hundred Hampton Court Palace : pictures

    Mary Queen of Scots, a copy by Mytens, and one or two of James himself and of Queen Anne of Denmark ; two are by Vansomer (no. 515 and no. 521). There is also a fine portrait of the first

    St Albans abbey History

    Danes, who carried off the bones of St. Alban to Denmark , to the abbey of 'Owense,' 9 whence they were recovered by Egwyn the sacrist, who went to Denmark and became a monk at 'Owense,' and being in course

    Castle Plan of the Castle, 1876 (scale 1 : 667) The castle from the south-east, 171 8

    bailey and putting the partly built castle into a state of defence to withstand the threatened invasion of Cnut of Denmark in 1085 . 21 After his death his former under tenant Hamon of St. Clare became constable; in 1130

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    A List of the Peers existing at the Time of King James the First His Accession to the Crown, and of those who have since been advanced to the Peerage by Claim of antient Right, by Writ or by Patent; a..., 1 August 1719

    * MIDDLETON. TREVOR. LANSDOWN. MASSAM. B. Grey of Werk. I B Eure. B Jermyn and Dover. I D.Cumb.(Pr. Geo. of Denmark B.Granville. B.Gerard Bromley. E.of Feverfiiam. BATHURST. St.John, £'. Bo.'/zy^roio, (/»/#!««/). [ OisBORN, wi/7 wrge in £>. LfeaV.] BINGLEY. FOLEY. Subscribers-only content

    27 March 1689, 27 March 1689

    Epus. Brißol. a Bill in this prefent Parliament, for naturalizing the g p Denmark's « mofl. Noble Prince George of Denmark. m The Queftion being put, " Whether this Bill fliall " pafs ?" It was Refolved in the Affirmative. Subscribers-only content

    4 April 1689, 4 April 1689

    « That the Ssrr Khave t^ ie,red the B'u for the N«««" bzation of the mofl Noble Prince George of Denmark ; « Saufe" OpiniOn'uTIlat k is fit to leave out the Uaufe concerning the adding of Two Bars to Subscribers-only content

    5 April 1689, 5 April 1689

    Hodk 3* vice lcEla Cß Billä> " A" A& for tllC andnftttie°his'" lization of the moft Noble Prince George of Denmark, Precedency, a and fectiing his Precedence." The Queftion being put, " Whether this Bill fhall "pafs>" It was Refolved Subscribers-only content

    5 April 1689, 5 April 1689

    ifcBTjr fiz/<r// and others: 5*Pn«« Who returned the Bill for the Naturalization of the Gso'Sesiiiil5 moft Noble Prince George of Denmark, and fettling his Precedence; which the Commons have Agreed to, with¬ out any Amendments. A Meflage was brought from Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    NORRIS, John (1702-67).

    the ministry by surprise. His last reported speech was made against the Government on the payment of a debt to Denmark, 31 Mar. 1732.[footnote] Six months later he vacated his seat on succeeding, under a reversionary grant,[footnote] presumably obtained for

    VERNON, James II (1677-1756), of Westminster, Mdx.

    ordinary 1715–d.; groom of bedchamber to Duke of Gloucester 1698–1700, to Prince of Denmark 1702–8; commr. privy seal 1701–2, 1716, excise 1710–26, 1728–d.; envoy extraordinary to Denmark 1702–6. Biography Emulating his father’s career, Vernon found greatest advancement at court, rather

    HOWE, John (bef.1690-1742), of Stowell, Glos. and Great Wishford, Wilts.

    speaking against the Address, 13 Jan. 1732, and against a government motion to provide funds for fulfilling treaty engagements with Denmark, 3 Apr. following.On 14 Feb. 1735, on a government proposal for increasing the army, a ministerial supporter wrote:Mr. John

    PARKINS (PERKINS), Christopher (c.1545-1622), of London.

    Intelligence agent in Poland 1588/9; envoy to Poland, Prussia, and the princes of Eastland 1590, to Denmark 1591, 1592, to the Empire 1593, to Denmark 1598 and 1600. Ofifces Held Dean, Carlisle 1596; master of requests extraordinary 1598; member of

    CHURCHILL, William (c.1657-1737), of Dallinghoo, Suff.

    a reward for his services at the Revolution, purchasing an estate in Suffolk in 1698. Appointed by Prince George of Denmark to be a commissioner for the sick and wounded in 1704, he gave up his place in 1707 to

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Saturday 22nd February 1840

    Precedence should be sent out, but that it would take a little time. We talked of Pce of George of Denmark having gone after the Royal Family, but this being no proper precedent, as there was no Royal Family at

    Saturday 6th July 1850

    morning. - The Prince walked with us. He, & so are all, pleased at the Peace with Denmark , & at the manner in which it is settled. It is a very good thing, & cheer us up in the

    Thursday 28th November 1839

    that Albert should stand to my left, as Philip had done at his marriage with Queen Mary . George of Denmark had only ranked after the Princes of the Blood Royal, but I observed there were none at that time.

    Wednesday 18th July 1849

    Sir George Grey , who as well as Ld Lansdowne stays here tonight. - The Peace, or rather Armistice, between Denmark & Prussia , has been signed, but it is feared that this last most unjustifiable affair at Frederica, on

    Saturday 22nd April 1848

    Holstein , when us with the wale succession whereas Denmark goes in the female line. The present King of Denmark most unwisely declared that Schleswig was always to belong to Denmark , the result of this being that Schleswig took

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 6, page 1150 (1563)

    king Christianus, hearing of the captiuity of Miles Coueruerdale, of whom he had had some knowlege before (being ther in Denmark in king Henry the eight his time) and lamenting his daungerous case, maketh intercession by letters to Quene Mary,

    Actes and Monumentes

    nostro Ottoniensi 24. Septemb. Anno. 1554.Vester frater & consanguineus Christianus.The same in Englishe.Christierne by the grace of God king of Denmark, Norwey, Gotland, and of the Vandals: duke of Sleswik, Holston, Stormar and Detmarsh: earle of Oldenburgh and Delmenhorst &c.

    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    for a true sayer, then must we nedes affirme, that the waye which is taught in Fraunce, Spayne, Italy, Flaunders, Denmark, Scotland, & al Christendom ouer, must nedes be the true catholick church.Rafe. My Lord, if you remember I spake

    King Egelred. Suanus Dane. K. Egelred. Suanus Dane. Actes and Monum. of the Church.

    duke Vskatel met him, & bet hym, & slew many of the Danes. Wherfore, Suanus for that yere returned to Denmark, and there made great prouision, to reenter the land againe þe next yere followyng. 1004.And so dyd: landyng at

    K. Edward. The office of kinges. K. Edward K. Harold. Actes and Monum. of the Church.

    tooke vpon him to be king of England. an. 1066. When Harold Harefager, sonne of Canutus, king of Norway & Denmark, heard of the death of king Edward: he came into England with. 300. ships or mo: who, then ioyning


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