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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MAXCHNAD LLUTNDA.-DYDD LtuN, Rhag. 27ain. Gwerthai gwenith am godiado lsy chwartaer. Yroeddhaidd da at fragu yn sefydlog, a thelid y Dawn brdiaju. Y mathau etaill yn dawel. Yr oedd y fasnach mewn brig yn farwaidd, a chedwid at y prisiau Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gobeitniol. Bwxiada ef' fyned trwy y ¢oleg ye gyntaf a c yn trwy y'diSemina . Mae ye' wr ieuanc crefyddol Dawn, a' oynod gyfeilgar; a ba'o wasanae' mawr u i mi''i'm ojdH wye i'r gwabaeol fo tiedo . I ei Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ddlweddaf,. Yr oedd~gofyn da am geireh am y Hawn brisiau; ac:^yr oedd ffs, yn gystal a phys, yn sfydlog. Cafwydy Dawn brisizu-am flawd: MARHNAfD LLMTDA.-DYDD Lnux. Araf oedd y fasnach mewn gwenith, a thueddaiy prisiai i ostwng. Yr oedd yr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a'i weddian gafaelgar, a'i rodiad A hardd 'yn ei Nneyd ynl an @r swvyddogion geren. BQ farf ely bu fyw-mewn Dawn hyder fydd. "M leciwn i gael marw a mewnllewyrch," .meddai,. "oer mwyn- fymrodyr; aeliddynt - hwyweledsuty.gallCrstionfarw,"acI Dyfu. Gweddiodd i- Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gwneyd "ardifogd t a 'hyfiW onitbjdd DgcninS'etrIdfod#:nen'iygcd '! Gi;iddbnn nad yw,Cymru yn ol o deimloyachos sobrwydd. a'i bod ya'dymuno yn- Dawn cymaint ag upn rhan o'rdeynas mnsweed'eiacbysuro iv meddwdod yn cael eu~symix; ohnid yn' ddigon i i ldeimlo; Cmae-' isiau Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Archaeology The Beaker Period BEAKER PERIOD Daggers

    , New Light on the Most Ancient East; Dawn . B.A.P . i. 52-63; Prehist. Communities , 94, 112-18; Dawn , 330-1. Some continental Beaker people apparently had smiths with them: Dawn , 223. For a restatement of the case

    Note on abbreviations

    The Celts ( 1958 ) Danube V. G. Childe , The Danube in Prehistory ( 1929 ) Dawn V. G. Childe, The Dawn of European Civilization ( 1950 ) E.D.S . W. F. Grimes, Excavations on Defence Sites 1939-1945 ,


    from a site at Peterborough . Dawn , 332. N.C.B.I . 310, 312-16. E.D.S . 181-5. Sherds from Thorpe show similar features: ibid. 185. Ibid. P.P.S . ii. 178-210; N.C.B.I . 321-46, fig. 48; Dawn , 334; Antiquity , xl.

    Parishes Beoley

    Hobhill Green , Lilly Green , Mapleborough Green , New Cross Green , Bamford Meadow, Skilts Moore , Dagnellend, Dippa Dawn or Dipper Downes , Storiage Hill , Blacklands , Aldwells Meadow, The Sling , Penns Hill , Mare's Hill


    ., 17 Sept. 1787 ). Ibid. 140 (ibid. 27 July 1789 ). Waghorn, Dawn of Cricket , 121. The Cricketer Spring Annual , 1926, 116. Waghorn, Dawn of Cricket , 156. Buckley , Fresh Light on 18th-Century Cricket , 205

  • * British History Online *

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    is generally thought the King will end the Governor's days with some strange tormenting death (493). English fort at Armagon; Dawn of British rule in India . The first fort built by the English in the East Indies was at

    Recognizances for the Repayment of Loans, 01 January 1509-31 December 1518

    Rob. Suthwell; Rob. Blagge and Nich. Mynnes, ward of Marton's daughter; Sir Wm. Tyler and Sir Ralph Egerton, ward of Dawn; Wm. Boughton, for ward of Davers; Th. Partriche, ward of Lane; Edw. Burmyngham, for livery; John Bronte, for livery;

    Index, D, 01 January 1515-31 December 1518

    Giles, keeper of "le Prynce wardrobe," London, 638. Dawkyn , Rob., reversal of outlawry, 376. Dawmport , Rob., p. 1514. Dawn , , ward, p. 1490. Dawne , Ric., esq. for the Body extraordinary, 2735. Dawson , , in revels,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 64, 4 June 1832, 04 June 1832-04 June 1832

    Abuse, without Evidence, and without Necessity, destroys in many Boroughs, and mutilates in others, a Right, which, from the first Dawn of the Constitution, has been one of those most valued by Englishmen,-a Right in every Instance vested, in some

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    The rejected stone; or, Insurrection vs. resurrection in America, 1861

    the ages, standing before Humanity ' s morning, lifting its bars against the day-streaks, and crying, " Back back, accursed Dawn , into the cham¬ bers of Night! " The instinct of Slavery has probed this matter very accurately. They Subscribers-only content

    What shall we name it?: a dictionary of baptismal names for children., 1885

    Rose of the world. Rose , Latin, As Rosa. Rosetta , Italian, \ Latin, j Rose . Rosina, Roxana, Persian, Dawn of day. Roxcellina, German, Excelling in learning. Rufin, Latin, Red. Ruhamah, Hebrew, Pitied s. Sabina, Latin, The shrub savin. Subscribers-only content

    Gladstonese., 1886

    Childers with finance, whilst I, for my part, swear to confine my attention entirely to the History of the Hittites, or the Dawn of Creation. I hope that under these arrangements you will find that your confidence in me has Subscribers-only content

    Gladstonese., 1886

    a " Proem : a plea for a fair trial, " on that unfortunate slip of the pen, " The Dawn of Creation. " So gloz ' d the tempter and his Pr oem proved, Into the heart of Eve Subscribers-only content

    Gladstonese., 1886

    you heard everywhere, " Have you read ' The Dawn of Creation ? ' Mr. Gladstone maintains that Homer shares the inspiration of Moses . " " Of course he does, " exclaimed the true Gladstonian, " of course he Subscribers-only content


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