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  • * Victoria County History *

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    The later middle ages Admissions to freedom

    Bell-maker 1 2 3 Bladesmith 8 0.2 11 0.2 15 0.3 Cardmaker, combsmith 2 21 0.4 25 0.5 15 0.3 Cutler 3 0.1 59 1.4 32 0.6 28 0.6 15 0.3 Founder 1 14 0.3 17 0.3 25 0.4 Furbour

    City Arms , Plate, Seals, and Insignia City of Oxford

    badges of 1674 and later, worn by recipients of the charities of John and Charles Harris , and of the Cutler -Boulter charity in St. Clement's , 49 and three smaller silver badges of unknown derivation, but perhaps worn by

    Stapleford Tawney Introduction

    this group, at the junction of the main road with a by-road to Theydon Mount and Theydon Garnon , stands Cutler 's Forge (see plate facing p. 233) which is said to have belonged to the Cutlers ' Company of

    Friaries The grey friars

    Cutler . Little, op. cit. 112. If he was warden shortly before 1515 it might account for the mistake in Keilwey's Reports ( L. and P. Hen . VIII , ii (1), 1313), where he is called warden though

    List of illustrations

    . 1823. Birm. Reference Library 2. Dearman and Francis, Eagle Foundry . From Bisset's Dir. Birm. , 1800 3. Scudamore, Cutler etc. Birm. Reference Library 4. Ford , Brunton and Whitmore 's Tool Catalogue, 1810. Birm. Reference Library John Yate

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    cir. cumstance of the swords of tne 7Yeomairyv beiin sharpened, aal read some extracts from the evidence of Kenunedy, tile Cutler emr- ployed 1i thle occasioi, given before the Coroner's Juorv on tile body oDi Johln _ees,; winch was, ihat Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE EXAMINER. Lo2YDOiv, FEBRUARY 12. TiE proceedings in the House of Cdmmons supersede at present every other political interest, and it is well for the curious or the anxious politician that they do, for the Wound of continental news Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the Earl of A ileshury. MJ r. J ohn Brinsdeo,' Sadler to Lord Bruce's Troo'p of Yeomen Cavalry. Mr. Eyre, Cutler to Ditto. Mr. Hope, Apotheeary to Ditto. Mr. John Wentworth, Brewer. The present Memibers are:-Lord Bruce, sont of the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mr. Grosby, anl auctiouleer- of Plxtuol-stmeet, Il elkee)- sq~uare, of a patir of table-spoons n and was fully committed. Air. Cutler, a stal ko-keepor, i-l Caistle-street, Leicestev-squiare, wva filel] in ft(c mitigLated pelialty of 51. lbr emnittingv to hideP his Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    War ~rc1-court, Throgmorton. etreet. SATURDA 'S LONDON GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS. W. R. Ezinton, Birrningbamm, deAler. Attornies, Messrs.Clarke, Richards, and Nhedcaff,d aery-lane. Cutler, B13', wo dllen-@sper. Atorney, Mr. Carpenter, Fnrnieal's-inn. J. Stubbs, Camtle-street, Leiepster-equare, jewelleqr. Atfornieg, Messrs. Mayhew, Price, snd Styan, Chanoery-lane. Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germany.

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germany.Persecutors.Martyrs.The Causes.prison whiche was a darke and stincking dongeon,Paulus a priest condemned to perpetuall prison.where he was suffered neither to read nor write, oranye man to come at him,

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germanie.

    Giles was borne in Brusels, of honest parentes. By his occupatiō he was brought vp frō hisyouth to be a Cutler: In the whichoccupatiō he was so expert & cūnyng, that he waxed therbyriche & wealthy. Cōming to theyeres of

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germany.

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germany. Persecutors. Martyrs. The Causes. Charles theEmperoursProcura-tour.DoctourAnchusa-nus, Inqui-sitour.Latomus.At Louane.An. 1543. XXviij.Christenmen andwomen ofLouane.Paule a Priest.Two agedwomen.Antonia.Two men.At Louane.1543. when certaine ofthe Citie of Louanewere suspected of Lutheranisme, the Em-perours

    Queene Mary. Reuet his straunge death. The examination and ausweres of Iohn Fortune Martyr.

    how he was compared by the Priests there, to Iohn Fortune, & called his scholer. This Iohn Fortune, otherwise called Cutler, of Hintlesham in Suffolke, was by his occupation a Blacke Smith, whom they had before them in examination a

    Quene Mary. Isabell Foster, Ioane Lashford, Martyrs.

    otherwise Lashford.This foresayd Isabell was borne in Grafestocke in the Dioces of Carlyll, and afterward maryed to one Iohn Foster Cutler of the Parish of S. Brides in Fleetestrete, being of the age of lv. yeares. She likewise for not

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CUTLER, Sir John, 1st Bt. (1607-93), of Tothill Street, Westminster

    father is traditionally said to have been one Thomas Cutler, also a Grocer, but contemporary sources do not support this connexion. The wills of this family show that neither Thomas Cutler of the Grocers’ Company (father and son) had a

    CUTLER, John, of Huntingdon.

    CUTLER, John, of Huntingdon. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1395 Biography Cutler was evidently an associate of Richard Prentice*, with whom he was sued for debt at some point before March 1404 by Sir John Howard*. It was then that they secured

    CUTLER, Thomas, of Winchester, Hants.

    CUTLER, Thomas, of Winchester, Hants. Constituency Dates Winchester Dec. 1421 Ofifces Held Alderman of Gold Street, Winchester Mich. 1421-2; constable 1422-3; commons' bailiff 1425-6; mayor 1430-1, 1438-9. Biography Through his marriage to Edmund Picard's widow, Cutler, a mercer by trade,

    CUTLER, Nicholas (by 1513-68), of Eye, Suff.

    in July 1547 petitioned the King to allow Cutler to attend upon him and to exercise his offices under the crown by deputy. It was presumably to these powerful connexions that Cutler owed his Membership in 1545, as he had

    CUTLER, Charles (d.1582), of Eye, Suff.

    CUTLER, Charles (d.1582), of Eye, Suff. Constituency Dates Eye 1571 Eye 1572 Ofifces Held Jt. (with his fa.) keeper of Eye castle and park 1561-8, sole 1568-82. Biography Cutler’s local influence twice gained him a seat at Eye. He


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