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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Isleham Charities for the poor

    Buller in 1711 , supposedly £60 from Dame Mary Cullen in 1691 , and £20 from Dame Katherine herself, to which John Sharp added £50 in 1729 and Sir Rushout Cullen £50, for clothing at Christmas, in 1730 . 80

    Parishes Ratley

    then dying out, the manor was acquired by the Archers of Tysoe and about 1700 was sold to Sir Rushout Cullen , bart., who held it in 1730 , 53 in which year he died, leaving no issue. 54 Danvers.

    Parishes Mortlake

    Sir Abraham Cullen , created a baronet in 1661 , who is described as of East Sheen . He died in 1668 , and his son Sir John Cullen in 1677 . The latter's son Sir Rushout Cullen seems to

    Parishes Wavendon

    manor was sold by the Saunders family to John Cullen , 54 who obtained other property here in 1672 (see Passelewes Manor ). He was sheriff in 1682 . 55 Cullen 's granddaughter and heir Mary married Robert Isaacson ,

    Parishes Sheering SHEERING 1980

    in 1654 . In 1657 Childers sold the manor to Abraham Cullen , a London merchant. It passed in succession to Abraham's brothers, Sir John (d. 1677) and Rushout Cullen , who sold it in 1715 to David Petty (fl.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y pw oo addyeg yn creu cyffro anarferal yn Iworddon.i Mae, y Cyngrair Addyg affurfiwyd i xwrtihwyne~bu cynliun y CDardinal Cullen,. a'r 14w. odraeth, yn bygith ilenwi y wlad AS ipbleidwyr. ::PRYDZRaTmON Gw xy.-Kid ses - nob brwadd Wedi arfer Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    beryglus o ran ei b jehyd y dyddiaui hyn. e Y mae cyfraith bwysig wedi bod rhwng yr Archesgob b Cullen a'r offeciriad Pabaidd R. 0. Kleefe, yngl~n 3 rhyw betheai perthvnril i'r Bal aeth. Y mae y costau wedi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    AtIlipbbion ftllopig. Anfonodd cyfeillion Caernalfon yr wythnos ddi- weddaf 3 eyfrol o MetlIodistiaeth ye Nghytru, gan y Parch. Wiiliam Williams, yn anrheg i'r tri boneddwr, sef y Parchn. S. J. Hanson, John Elliot, a J. T. Davidson, M.A., y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ydoedd caelE addysg y Brifysggl. i ddwy1aw y Pabyddion. Fel mynegiad o'u teimladau gyda golg ar hyn rhoddodd yv. Cardina! Cullen, .Esgob Pbaidd Derry, a'rn.offeiraid, en. ho1, o blaid r y Ceidwadwr., Mae yr. etholiad wedi 'profi mai ychydig Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ol yn fuan i fynwes dyner yr eglwys. Oherwydd cenadvri (pellebyrol) a dderbyniasom bore heddyw oddiwrth y Gwir Aurhydeddus Gardinal Cullen, ac Archesgob Manning, yr ydym yn deall eich bod chwi wediystyriedyrateb a roddasom i'r ddir- prwyaeth Americaidd yn deilwngo Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    The Special Report from the Committee appointed to Inquire into, and Examine the several Subscriptions for Fisheries, Insurance, Annuities for Lives, and all other Projects carryed on by Subscription,..., 1 August 1719

    Croyaow. 2f Charles Morton /9eOTW^z're/f«are. 27 Robert Trrompfoo /Faz/z'wg/zVeez. 29 Ben|amin Bradly, SzYe-/awe. 31 John Lloyd, Szoeifc/ z»ar£e/. 33 Rich, Cullen, Azcfo/zowa" z'w >S«rry 3f Sam. Stephens, GrayY/ww. 37 Anth. Dawfon, L</i>e-/ase, /tf/a'er- *w#w-fory. 2 John London, Z>zfo«ry; 4 Rand. Subscribers-only content

    16 May 1711, 16 May 1711

    Commons have Notice thereof. Hodie 2a vice lecla efi Billa, intituled, <( An. Aft for " enabling Charles Lord Vifcount Cullen to fell the " Manor and Advowfon of the Church of E/meflhorp, '* in the County of Leicefier, for Subscribers-only content

    12 June 1711, 12 June 1711

    feverally, in thefe Words; (videlicet,) " La Reyne le veult." " ii. An Aft for enabling Charles Lord Vifcount " Cullen to fell the Manor andAdvowfon of the Church " of Ebnfihorp, in the County of Leiceßer, for the Pay- Subscribers-only content

    1 February 1725, 1 February 1726

    Majefty's Pveign, in certain Caufes, wherein Elizabeth Rujhout, by her next Friend, was Plaintiff, and the "Petitioner, and Sir Rufhout Cullen Baronet, Thomas Vernon Efquir?, Anne Freeman Widow and Administratrix of Richard Freeman Efquire, de¬ ceafed, Sir George Thorold Baronet Subscribers-only content

    22 February 1725, 22 February 1726

    to the Appeal of Dame Margaret Schaw, alias Hou- Su mo Bil j Schaw. Alfo, the Anfwer of Sir Rujhout Cullen, to the Appeals!r '..,._ J ' r* out verjus of Sir John Rujhout Baronet: Rufoout et al. Alfo, the Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 4 Gates and Posterns.

    for the King's Use. As also, that the Corn arriving between the Gate of the Guild-Hall of the Merchants of Cullen [viz. the Still-yard ] which is East from Downgate , and the House then pertaining to the Archbishop of

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 3, page 361 (1563)

    now becom liers and rers.You are not ignorante, how that Lodouicus the prothonotary preached these verities at Louaine and at Cullen, and brought them from thence confirmed with the auctoritie of the vniuersities. Wherfore, albeit that he be now chāged,

    Book 3, page 377 (1563)

    of the iii. men appoynted. Of doctors, Detzclaus, Archdeacon of Cracouia, Ihon Wyler, Deane of Basel, Hēricus de Indeis of Cullen, & Iames de Saltzburgacan of Ratisbona, and Christian, who as is before said, was taken into the nombre of

    Actes and Monumntes Of the Churche.

    Popes tradicions & ceremonies, they were by the commaūdement of the Archbishop and Senat, put to deth and burned in cullen. Notwithout the great griefe and lamentacion of many good christiās, all the fault being put vpon certeyn, deuines, whiche

    Book 4, page 471 (1563)

    Iohn Tybault.Iohn Cranforde of Bumsted.Edmond Tybault of Bum-stedde.Alis shypwright of Bumsted.Robert beast.Robert Wigge of London.Wylliam Bull of London.George Couper of London.Iohn Toy, of the paryshe ofsaint faythes in London.Harry Railland of Colchester.Richard Chapman of WithāRobert faire of Bansted.Abrahā Water


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