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    26 January 1735, 26 January 1736

    Kingfion, in the County of Cambridge, of the made on the Behalf of Jean Craik, Daughter to William Petitioner's, for divers Lands, Tenements, and Heredi- Craik deceafed, and John Stewart of Cafile-Stewart her taments, in Everleigh, in the County of Subscribers-only content

    6 February 1735, 6 February 1736

    Journals of the Houfe of Lords I E Veneris, 6° Februarii. Domini tarn Spirituales quara Temporales prxfentes fuerunt: Epus. Dunebn. Epus. Oxon. Epus. Roffen. Epus. Cefirienf. Epus. Sarum. Epus. Norwic. Epus. Gloceflr. Epus. Briflol. Ds. Ttf/fo/, Cancel- larius. Comes Subscribers-only content

    9 February 1736, 9 February 1737

    ah t. referred judges. Craik againft Craik. A Petition of John Piddock, Agent for Mary Craik, and Alexander Rofs, Agent for Jean Craik and her Hus¬ band, Refpondents to the Appeal of the faid Mary Craik, was prefented, and read; Subscribers-only content

    9 February 1753, 9 February 1753

    into a Recognizance for the faid Appellant fuerunt: as defired. ' Epus. Roffen. Epus. CarlioL Epus. Gloceßr. Grifel Craik againft Jean Craik L Ds. Willoughby Par. Ds. Strange. Ds. Ward. Ds. Foley. Ds. Bathurfi. Ds. Onflow. Ds. Raymond. Ds. Sandys. Subscribers-only content

    16 February 1753, 16 February 1753

    being moved, " That William Todd Mer- " chant may be permitted to enter into a Recognizance for Craik. « for Grifel Craik, on account of her Appeal depen- " ding in this Houfe 5 fhe being in Scotland;" It Subscribers-only content

    27 March 1753, 27 March 1753

    Feverfham* Ds. Vere-. PRAYERS. The Anfwerof Jean Craik and John Stuart of ß Stuart Efquire her Hufband, aad William, jdnies', Alex- ander, and John Stuarts, their Children, to the Appeal pf Grifel Craik, was brought in. The Order of fa Subscribers-only content

    10 April 1753, 10 April 1753

    may be required to put in her Anfwer to the faid " Appeal:", It is Ordered, That the faid Grizell Craik may have a Copy of the faid Appeal; and is hereby required to put in her Anfwer thereunto, in Subscribers-only content

    17 April 1753, 17 April 1753

    Ds. Onflow. Ds. Cadogan. Ds. Ducie. Ds. Sandys. Ds. Feverßam. PRAYERS. The Anfwer of Grifel Craik, to the Crofs Appeal of Craik & ah Jean Craik, was brought in. ^'"* The Order of the Day being read, for the Houfe Subscribers-only content

    18 April 1753, 18 April 1753

    the Caufe on the Crofs Appeal of Craik & »1. Jean Craik and others, to which Grifel Craik is Refpon- „ as*'nft dent, be heard with the Original Appeal of the faid Grifel Craik. After reading, and confidering, the Report Subscribers-only content

    18 May 1753, 18 May 1753

    Firft Time. Grlfel Craik After hearing Counfel in Part, in the Caufes wherein Grifel Craik is Appellant, and Jean Craik and others are Refpondents; and wherein Jean Craik and others are Appellants, and the faid Grifel Craik is Refpondeiu i Subscribers-only content

    21 May 1753, 21 May 1753

    is. c< Crife! Craik Jean Craik &l et i contra: After hearing Counfel, as well on Friday lafl as this Day, upon the Petition and Appeal of Grifel Craik, only Child now on Life of Adam Craik of Duchrae deceafed Subscribers-only content

    22 December 1756, 22 December 1756

    of Mill Bagßer Efquire and As was alfo, the Anfwer of Grlzel Craik to theCik Philip Bracebndge Doöor in Divinity, on the Behalf of Appeal of Jean Craik and John Stewart her Hufband " and as Committee of the Perfon Subscribers-only content

    14 January 1757, 14 January 1757

    Billa, intituled, " An Aft cond now the Eldeft Son in Life <* the deceafed John., """ Barnard, Bill. Craik againft Craik and Stewart. " to enable the Reverend Thomas Collier Clerk, and his •• Iffue, to take and ufe Subscribers-only content

    22 February 1757, 22 February 1757

    Comes Fauconberg. PRAYERS. Ds. Wilhughby Par. Ds. Ward. Ds. Cathcart. Ds. Onflow. Ds. Ducie. Ds. Sandys. Ds. " Ds. Craik againft Craik : Crofs Appea The Anfwer of Jean Cra'tck and John Stewart of Cqfilefiewart her Hufband, to the Crofs Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 1 Geo. I - 19 Geo. III, Vols. XX - XXXV

    of Jean Craik, and Stewart her Huf- band, 29 Geo. 2.; and Appellant in a Crofs Appeal, 30 Geo. 2. wide Craik, Jean. CRAIK, JEAN and Stewart her Hufband, Refpondents to Appeal of Craik, 9 Geo. 2. wide Craik, Mary. Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 1 Geo. I - 19 Geo. III, Vols. XX - XXXV

    Refpondents to Appeal of Craik, 9 Geo. 2. vide Craik, Mary. ef LTSc,, ef zz/. Refpondents to Appeal of Craik; and Appel- lants in a Crofs Appeal, 26 Geo. 2. vide Craik, Grisel. ef {/*., ver/Zzf Craik; ef e w«frzsi;—Appeal, Subscribers-only content

    A List Of The Names of such Proprietors of the Public Funds, transferable at the Bank of England, as were entitled to Dividends on or before the 31st of December 1780, and which remained unpaid on the..., 19 March 1792

    *— — John Cartels, of St, John's, Wapping, Brewer — — Richard Cloudcs, of Newgate Street, Grocer — — Joha Craik, of Prefton, in Lancafhire, Gent. — m- Robert Clark, Suffolk — — — Robert Core, of St. Thomas's, Southwark, Subscribers-only content

    7 March 1806, 7 March 1806

    Road will pafs through the Parifiics of Gallajhieh, Mel* fofe, Boxvdeh, Lilliejleaf, Minto, Will on, and Haivick, from Liddifdale to Craik Cro/s, through the Parishes of Cajllehm, ifitwicJc, Cavers, and Robcriou ¦ the Road from Kelfo through the Pariflies of Subscribers-only content

    Twenty-second report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Collection and Management of the Revenue Arising in Ireland and Great Britain. Post-Office revenue, United Kingdom: part V. Packet establi..., 1830

    Bills — continued. Contractors' Names. Wilson & Scliollick Ferguson - Benson & Potter TYaser Douglas - Harper & Craik M' Masters & Craik Gordon Carlisle and Portpatriek Time Bill. I Number of m. r. In. ! Out. , I . Subscribers-only content

    First report from Select Committee on Fictitious Votes (Scotland); with the minutes of evidence, and appendix., 1837

    next case of sub-tenancy? — John and James Moffatt. 1 1 27. What was the name of their farm? — Craik, I think it is. 1 128. What is the value of it? — It is a large farm, a Subscribers-only content

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