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    Churchwardens' accounts, 1526-7

    this yere. Rec' of the Gadryng of the wyffis on hok Monday xx s Rec' for the Buryall of Ioh'n Coveney in e p ar don chirch'yerd ij s Rec' of the Orgon Maker for e olde portatyffis in e

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1518-19

    gonn xij d Ress' for the Buryall of M r Thorney and for his knyll' xx s Ress' of Ioh'n Coveney for the hauyng of e yer es in his howse xl s Ress' of Sutton, fownder, for xxxiiij ll'

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1517-18

    to the said Smart xxx s ix d. It e m, the said p ar son thathe Ress' of Ioh'n Coveney for to pay to the said Smart xxx s vj d. S um ma xij l'i vj d; wherof

    House of Commons Journal Volume 11, 23 January 1697, 23 January 1697-23 January 1697

    for the draining the said great Level, and lying in the Towns of Ely, Little-Port, Sutton, Haddenham, Wilburton, Witchford, Mepall, Coveney, Swafham, Reach, Soham, Isleham, Burwell, Southerey, Downham, Willingham , and Cottenham , being Part of the South Level, was

    Queen Elizabeth - Volume 19, September 1561, 01 September 1561-30 September 1561

    honest and religious person for their Mayor. Incloses , 55. i. Ric. Chambers to the Earl of Bedford. Deprivation of Coveney, President of Mag. Coll., Oxford, who has appealed. Has proposed Dr. Laurence Humfrey for his successor. Dr. Butcher, President Subscribers-only content

    Venice, July 1638, 01 July 1638-31 July 1638

    Dolfin Marco Venier Girolamo Lando [ Italian . ] Francis Gordon. This may possibly refer to the riots at Wickham, Coveney and Littleport in Cambridgeshire on or about the 4th June o.s. Cal, S,P. Dom ., 1637-8, pages 493, 494,

    Introduction, Index of names

    Cornysh , Mr., 275. Cornysshe , Richard, priest, 98. Coulverton , belfownder, 275. Courtman , William, 169, 170, 171, 190. Coveney , Iohn, 299, 303, 341. Crase , Nycholas, conducte, 362. Crescrofte , Iohn, 126, 212. Crome , Dr., 50.

    Cases brought before the committee, September 1651, 01 September 1651-30 September 1651

    it appears that he has only acted in discharge of his duty. 12 23 Edw. Bellamy, Fossett, Co. Hunts.; Rob. Coveney, Rob. Dickenson, and Hen. Salmon, Stronground, Co. Hunts.; Wm. Welby, Whaplade, Co. Lincoln. 25 Sept. 1651. Vol. A No. Subscribers-only content

    General Index, C, 01 January 1547-31 December 1580

    John Courteney , Sir William Courtezans Courts , Ecclesiastical Cousen , Jean Cousin , Mons r Covenants , Writs of Coveney , Thomas Covent Garden Coventry Coventry , Mayor, & c. Coventry , New baths at Coventry , Bishop of, Subscribers-only content

    Index, C, 01 January 1661-31 December 1668

    see Fruion, G., wife of. Cousture or Couture , Sieur, 1242, 1249, 1260, 1262, 1466, 1491. Cousturier , Henry, 808. Coveney , Peter, 108, 374. -, Thos., 89. Coventry , Sir Wm., Secretary to the Duke of York, 12, 566,

    Surnames beginning 'C'

    Covante Thos, weaver; Anne, 6w , 6w , 6.3 Cove Edw; Ann, w; Geo, s, 41.2 Covell Mary, ser, 25.3 Coveney Wm, bach, ser, 50.3 Coventry : Eliz, ser, 12.21 Jos, ser, 68.4 Coverley : Jobe; Jeane, w; Sar, d,

    Index - C, 15 March 1643-24 December 1644

    Committee to consider of tendering the Covenant to English Subjects in foreign Parts, 2 Mar. Order for making Report, 7. Coveney , George, 1643, to be sent for to attend a Committee, 24 Jan. Covent Garden , 1643, Petition of

    James I: Volume 35, July, August, 1608, 01 July 1608-31 August 1608

    of Cambridge. Jests made by him, private news, & c. July 14. 18. Power of attorney of John Matthew, of Coveney, Peterborough, appointing John Lambe and 6 other public notaries to act for him, in his appeal versus Whyn, in

    General Index, C, 01 December 1637-31 August 1638

    Courteen , William, deed of petition of Covell , Mr. Covenant , the new, (book,) Covenanters , the, see Scotland. Coveney , co. Cambridge Covenham , St. Mary, co. Lincoln Covent Garden , London Coventry , Francis his wife Thomas, Subscribers-only content

    House of Lords Journal Volume 28, April 1756, 1-10, 01 April 1756-10 April 1756

    Low Grounds, called The Washes , lying and being in the several Parishes of Sutton, Mepal, Witcham, Ely, Witchford, Wentworth, Coveney , and Downham , in the Isle of Ely and County of Cambridge , and of Bluntisham with Earith

    Charles I - volume 392, June 1-14, 1638, 01 June 1638-14 June 1638

    Whilst writing, word is brought by my Lord of Bedford's workmen, that the country rose up against him, both in Coveney and Littleport, by the example of Wickham men. I fear if present order be not taken, it will turn Subscribers-only content

    House of Lords Journal Volume 28, April 1756, 11-20, 11 April 1756-20 April 1756

    Low Grounds, called The Washes , lying and being in the several Parishes of Sutton, Mepal, Witcham, Ely, Witchford, Wentworth, Coveney , and Downham , in the Isle of Ely and County of Cambridge , and of Bluntisham with Earith

    Henry VIII, September 1541, 26-30, 26 September 1541-30 September 1541

    Norf.; Thriplowe, Camb.; and in Kentford and Nedeham, Suff.; the yearly rent of 5 s. issuing from the manor of Coveney, belonging to lord Scroupe, in the isle of Ely; and all those herrings and the yearly rent of 40

    Index, C, 01 January 1636-31 December 1639

    of, 555 Scots renew, 558 leading men of submit to king proposals for parliament, 559 Scots intend to maintain, 562. Coveney , co. Cambridge : disturbance at over reclaimed lands, 430 n . Coventry , Thomas lord, Lord Keeper, keeper

    Henry VIII, July 1545, 26-31, 01 July 1545-31 July 1545

    of Ric. Coveney in Maydeston, Kent, lying next the chapel of St. Anne in the parish of Maydeston, lands in tenure of the said John Fyssher in Maydeston and 23 qr. of barley malt annually due from Ric. Coveney or

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