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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ANWYD, :DIFFYG ANADLI ANRWYLDERAU Y FREST, Y GWDDF, A'R YSGYFAINT. egeis Pegn'l, DiffYg Anadl, Bronchitie, Dolaur 6mddf, AnDiyds, Paen Gsaod, Coul' , Llais Pag, orygni, Infuenza, Aytkrea a Chaethdra. NEWYDDION DAI I bawb sydd ye dyodde' oldlweth-yr anhwylderau nchod. V Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    rai mown eed. Rhodda bwn b eobyd mlon gyrohol a phadao. .s llae ei fas yn ddymroL. Ggyeradw7yaetha2u PwZysig. C'MZdree'a Coul ir Petherick, Ynyocdwyn Iro Worksy Swane~uea; hoe fetld tbe Baleam emvinently asefal in her famil. and alvvaye keep6 it Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    The ease took three days arguing, aud yet Lord wer Coleridge, who over-ruled the common-sense decision of ei the County Coul t judge, refused to allow an appeal iwn In some towns there are proprietary 'Church' Cerne edd teries,' and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Also, we feel very much obliged to you for selling it at such a low price, much lower than we Coul e.itfokn other Musical Agent in North Wales. I shall be glad to make this known to every church in Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    CASGLIAD YR UGEINFED GANRIF. Talwyd y symniau a ganlyn i gUfrif casgljad vr 20fed Ganrif yn y North and South Wales Banj, Liverpool, yr wythnos hon:- Medi 12. Eglwys Spennymoor, Durham in 1'? 0 15. Cyfarfod Misol Manchester 9 Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Admissions to the Freedom of York, Interregnum & Commonwealth (1649-60)

    redemp. John Sissons, chandler John Wilkinson, draper John Fowler, pewtherer Thomas Sunman, tailor Raiph Walker, free laborer, for life John Coul tas, by redemption Peter Hardcastle, by redemption William Hill, bricklayer Francis Morley, merchant Thomas Cliffe, blacksmith Nich. Westwood, by

    Index, M, 01 January 1716-31 July 1717

    iii. McKeels , Daniel, transported, 309 i. McKency , William, transported, 309 ii. McKenney , Alex., transported, 310 v. -, Coul., transported, 310 ii. McKensey , Thomas, transported, 312 i. McKewan , John, transported, 310 iii. McKinnen , Daniel, 425

    Admissions to the Freedom of York, 23-36 Charles II (1672-85)

    fishmonger, fil. Philip Webster, cordiner Jonas Williamson, inholder, fil. Thomas Williamson, idem John Blyth, cordiner, fil. Mathew Blyth, cordiner Henry Coul son, linenweaver, fil. Nicholas Coulson Edward Robson, coverlett weaver, fil. Edward Robson, idem Richard Smyth, taylor, fil. Richard Smyth,

    Acts, 1796

    From the Presbytery of Kincardine-O'Neil, Mr Robert Farquharson at Logie Coldstone, Mr Alexander Mearns at Cluny, Mr Alexander Robertson at Coul, ministers; William Macdonald, Esq., of Reneaton, ruling elder. From the Presbytery of Alford, Mr John Harper at Kildrummy, Dr

    America and West Indies, August 1716, 01 August 1716-31 August 1716

    Geo. Meldrem, Geo. Gartey, Geo. Burdis, Jos. Procter, Wm. Watson, John Duncan, David Cowty, Wm. Howard, Jos. Aughinbeck, Thos. Tett, Coul. McKenney, Petr. Watson, Jos. Richey, Wm. Hall, Hugh Ross, Wm. Young, Jos. Coute, Jos. Strock, Danl. McPherson, Alex. McLearn.

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    A Bill, intituled, An Act for the publick registring of all Deeds, Conveyances, Wills, and other Incumbrances that shall be made of, or that may affect any Honors, Manors, Lands, Tenements, or Heredi..., 11 June 1738

    £ 3 J Z>«rj&^, ^iflu t£je City ,4(: A^,*^ » ^ „*ll^ ^County 4^^>Tn the To^P"<^V^Wjfw/fe^ ^ ^sffifc^'City ah| of Countj'of-the &tKpF^^\lR,T^» tor"in^%ouh"f"f'of ^/z3wz?/?^-""in\.the. City of ;^/tf^^r^fc|;;^City $<> County of the City, of Gii^^f; -in. G/^zj|f?/>rY for 'toe County Subscribers-only content

    12 April 1821, 12 April 1821

    William Allen, Thomas Devonshire, John Brown, Francis Brown junior, James Brown, Thomas Coade, Samuel Croggon, William Courtis, Thomas Courtis, James Coul, John Ham, Richard Ham, Till Baker Johns, Philip Luke, William Nancarroxv, Edward Paynter, Wil¬ liam Teague, George Watts, Isaac Subscribers-only content

    13 April 1821, 13 April 1821

    Indictments produced by " Mr. White, which he held in his Hand." The original Indictments against Till Baker Johns, James Coul, Francis Brown the younger, Philip Luke, George Watts, William Courtis, George Hoyte, Edward Paynter, John Brown the younger, Richard Subscribers-only content

    16 November 1830, 16 November 1830

    74 16 Novembris. .l 830. West Butter- Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Members of a wick: Society and Congregation of Wesleyan Methodists wor¬ shipping at the Chapel at West Butterxcick, in the County of Lincoln, whose Names Subscribers-only content

    14 August 1834, 14 August 1834

    the Petition of the Inhabitants Echt: of the Parish of Echt, County of Aberdeen, whose Names are thereunto subscribed: Foverau: Coul: Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Inhabitants of Also, Upon reading the Petition of the Inhabitants Tarves; ?oyeran, Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    MUNRO, Robert (1684-1746), of Foulis, Ross.

    he was by no means the most violent or implacable of Ross’s partisans, his mother’s descent from the Mackenzies of Coul giving him a foot in both camps, and he was anxious that Presbyterians and episcopalians should ‘live amicably together’


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