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    Venice, June 1628, 1-10, 01 June 1628-30 June 1628

    9th June, 1628. Id . The Mercure Fran ais (vol. xiv, page 608) gives ramberges , defined by Cotgrave as a fashion of long ship, narrower than a galley but swift and easy to be governed. Cotgrave: French Dict .

    Venice, March 1647, 01 March 1647-31 March 1647

    ., 1645-7, page 524. Ramberge , a long ship, narrower than a galley but swift and easy to be governed. Cotgrave : French Dict . Littr derives it from English row barge. Dict. de la Langue Fran aise, sub voce

    Entry Book, April 1691, 21-30, 01 April 1691-30 April 1691

    Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Samuell Cotgrave, shewing that he and Peter Cotgrave about seven years since became bound to Charles II for Benjamin Cotgrave, collector of Hearthmoney, and that they are now sued thereon

    Cecil Papers, April 1607, 16-30, 16 April 1607-30 April 1607

    the reversion, as alleged. Undated . 1 p . [Cp. Cal. S.P.Dom . 1603 1610. p . 355. ] (P. 1062.) "Il luy passa la plume par le bec": he drew his pen through his lips, he baffled him (Cotgrave).

    Elizabeth, October 1561, 6-10, 06 October 1561-10 October 1561

    so called of the People of France, because she ever mourned in white." Cotgrave. Queen Mary, the wife of Louis XII. and sister of Henry VIII., is the personage here referred to. The feminine line in a succession. See Cotgrave.

    Index, C

    512 13, 588, 623 (? "lewd friar"), 723. Cotgrave (Cottgrave, Coddgrave), Robt., 856, 963. Coton (Staff. ?), 1259. Coton , , 56. -, Ric., 86. Cotswold wool , 247. Cottgrave. See Cotgrave. Cottingham (Yorks?), Salisbury's lands in, 380: g. 226

    Cecil Papers, January 1608, 1-15, 01 January 1608-15 January 1608

    120 17.) The symbol used here is apparently for gros or groschen . de bonne guerre : "fair play" or "taking and ransoming of prisoners in war" (Cotgrave). The second hand commences at "It seems that upon . . ."

    Elizabeth, July 1559, 1-5, 01 July 1559-05 July 1559

    from leaving sooner. 5 July 1559. Orig. Hol. Add ., with armorial seal. Endd. Lat. Pp . 3. Explained by Cotgrave to mean, "A bunch or plume of feathers; also, one great feather bent back upon, or couched flatling about,

    Elizabeth, October 1562, 16-20, 16-Oct-2007-20 October 1562

    the Chancellor behaved himself very well herein." See Smith to Cecil, Nov. 10. " Il est en bransle : Tis doubtful or uncertain whether yea or no; the matter hangs in suspense, or is yet in the balance." Cotgrave .

    Journal, November 1712, Journal Book P, 01 November 1712-30 November 1712

    Smith. Matthew Moconnell. Geroge Hobson. Patrick Barret. Thomas Hawks. Thomas Bartlet. Henry Martin. John Troske. Thomas Minor. Arthur Pinkeman. Thomas Cotgrave. Matt. Martin. Samuel Brown. Benjamin Bartlet. John Huffam. Ann Sheppard. Dr. William Semple. planters . After this, Lieutenant-General Hamilton

    Venice, January 1626, 12-19, 01 January 1626-30 January 1626

    2nd October, 1625. Bocasin, a kind of buckram that hath a resemblance to taffata and is much used for lining. Cotgrave: French Dict . Roe's paper as printed gives here "spices, calico, shashes and goods of India." See Blainville's despatch

    Cecil Papers, June 1607, 01 June 1607-30 June 1607

    la plume cent ans apres : he that purloins the prince's treasure pays in the arrearages one time or another (Cotgrave s.v. Oye ). Sir Teig O'Rourke is described as lately dead on 19 June, 1607. ( Cal. S.P. Ireland

    Elizabeth I: volume 137, October 1588, 01 October 1588-31 October 1588

    unto your Lordship now is no more in effect, but a confirmation of my last letters, which I sent by Cotgrave the messenger. For sithence that time here hath not happened any great alteration of news. And yet it is Subscribers-only content

    General Index, C, 01 July 1645-31 December 1647

    of Cosins , Mr. Thomas Costello , co. Mayo Costen , Symon, petition of Cotes , Richard, pamphlet printed by Cotgrave , Mrs. Cotherington , co. Gloucester Cotten , Capt. Cottington , Francis Lord, Lord High Treasurer Cottle , Capt. Subscribers-only content

    General Index, C, 01 February 1649-15 February 1650

    in, officers of place in port of residents in travellers from troops raised in Vice-Admirals of Duchy of, auditor of Cotgrave , Mr. Cotterell , Capt. Cotton , Mr., warrant to Cottons , import of Council of State Admiralty powers Subscribers-only content

    General Index, B, 01 November 1667-30 September 1668

    or seditious titles of, viz: Advertisements from Parnassus Common Prayer, Book of Dutch Critici Sacri Dictionary, English, Latin, and French, Cotgrave Discourse of the religion of England English Pines, the Felo de Se History of Leicestershire, Burton Lettres d'un Francois Subscribers-only content

    Cases brought before the committee, May 1644, 01 May 1644-31 May 1644

    payment at Weavers' Hall, and Public Faith given for 526 l . paid. 76 65 490 2 Ephraim and Bridget Cotgrave, Bishopsgate Street. 13 May 1644. Vol. A No. or p. He assessed at 300 l . 65 1 3 Subscribers-only content

    Elizabeth, January 1560, 16-20, 16 January 1560-20 January 1560

    ) and apparently the end of a letter. On the back : Ledington [? ] Pp . 2. Foragers; see Cotgrave. Another copy occurs in the Duke of Norfolk's letter-book at Hatfield House. The following postcript, which does not exist

    Elizabeth, June 1560, 21-25, 21 June 1560-25 June 1560

    procure their conduct this day. Edinburgh, 27 June 1560. Signed . Orig . Crocheteur , a porter, or common burthen-bearer. Cotgrave. Forbes' transcript of this letter occurs in the Sloane MS. 4106, 22. See Throckmorton's letter to the Queen of

    Elizabeth, July 1560, 6-10, 06 July 1560-10 July 1560

    number of those who are pensioners to France. Gabarre , A lighter; the boat whereby ships are loaden or unloaden. Cotgrave . The Queen to Cecil and Wotton. July 3. Haynes p. 342. 1. By her letters of the 24th

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