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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

    Actes and Monumentes Of the ChurchRunning title across gutter.holly bread, Saint Ihons gospell, or makinge crosses of of wood vpon palme sonday, in time of redyng of the passyon, or kepyng of pryuate hollydays, as Bakers, Bruers, Smythes, Shomakers

  • * British History Online *

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    Churchwardens' accounts, 1477-9

    t was slayne v s S um ma, vj l'i vij s viij d. 12 Parcellis Receyved for Buryyng of Corses in the p ar don Churchyarde ffor buryyng of Crullis doghtir ij s ffor harry Clerk es , of

    Elizabeth, September 1574, 10 September 1574-29 September 1574

    the conduct of Count Charles at Dijon, and march towards Poitou, either against La No e or into Languedoc. The Corses slain at Castres are computed the best soldiers the King has in those parts. There has been a bloody

    Henry VIII, July 1544, 21-25, 01 July 1544-31 July 1544

    in the morning met the enemy coming out of Vitry, 4 or 5 ensigns of Frenchmen and 800 Italians or Corses of Corsica, under Sainctpiero Corso, chief captain of the French king ' s Italians, and Jehan de Turyn, with

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    i will always belits firmest support. Already i have taken the proper nmeasures for the speedy convo- catiots of the Corses. Itt unton wtth your representattves, I shall rejoice t concur wish them in the great wvork of the national Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Torrero, Martinez de In FrSa, Pspia, eTames, and Giiersal Qiirope. WVith the solemn acts of tine opening of the Corses contnd^ed. RETIEVOLUTTO'NT 1NT NA PLES, Extract ci a letten-, elated Naple6, Jillvy 6ti; no wvhieh the Vriter in-sadded, "a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    To raise up again, after three.centuries of oblivion, an institu- tion, as varied, changeable, and as monstrous as the ancient Corses of the kingdom were, in which the nation was never assembled, and never pos- sessed a true Representation, would, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THIE PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS. Monday, March 18. Ciriucii ou ScTIr.AND.-Lord BRnuOrUAM presented a petition from Glasgow, signed by 40,587 persons, against church extension in Scotland, and for the separation of church and state. In reply to a question Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    iessol be aiffrded ect onily for the admisaion rf Obstetric Corer, of patiroro roffe~rig reich Uterins Diseases. nerd of Ophthalmic Corses iror tro the cra~siidetirsn of there and other peculiar msladies in separate awoods. TIhe mea,rrorill elsa he obtaiced ofimproving Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    15 February 1692, 15 February 1693

    5P h Vs. Brooke. Comes Shrew/- Epus. Loven. & Ds. Manardi JUry LltCh U Lh s. Leigh. ^ Clifford Lan. Corses Hunting* don. Comes Bridgewa- ter. Comes Boling- broke. Comes Manchef- tcr. Comes Mulgrave. Comes Stamford* Comes Bathe. Comes Macclsf- Subscribers-only content

    22 January 1710, 22 January 1711

    North¬ ampton.- Com-es Denbigh. Comes Weftmor- land. Comes Berks. Comes Rivers. Comes Stamford. Comes Winchilfea. Corses Thanet. Gomes Sunderland* Comes Scarf dale. Comes Clarendon. Comes Cardigan.- Comes Anglcfecr. Comes Ta-rmouth. Comes Nottingham. Comes Abingdon. Comes Holdernefs. Comes Plimouth, Comes Portland. Subscribers-only content

    23 December 1718, 23 December 1718

    Comes Greenwich. Comes Godolphin: Comes Cholmondeley* Comes Orkney. Comes Deloraine. Comes Flay. Comes Oxford. Comes Ferrers. Comes Strafford. Comes Uxbridge. Corses Carnarvon* Comes Aylesford, Comes Brifiol. Comes Halifax. Comes Suffix. Comes Cowper. Comes Stanhope. YHcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Vifcount Subscribers-only content

    25 February 1782, 25 February 1782

    Forces --------- JVWwzoerg. To D*, for D° Service - To D°, for D° Service To D°, for Provifions delivered at Corses, for the Ufe of D° Forces -------- To D°, for D° Service ------ Peorzzarz/ 23. To Pz'c/zard Perzzozz «SWZzer, Subscribers-only content

    Report from the Select Committee on Aborigines (British settlements;) together with the minutes of evidence, appendix and index., 1836

    the Cafires, Cox 3600- 3606. Prostitution. Early age at which it takes place among the female aborigines of New Holland, Corses, Bcecham Sf Ellis 4288 Increase of prostitution is the result of the intercourse between civilized and uncivilized nations, Bccc/iam Subscribers-only content

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