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    Appendix 1, Chapter 1 An Apology of the City of LONDON.

    But I will rather use the Credit of one or two ancient foreign Writers, and then descend to later Histories. Cornel . Tacitus saith, Londinum copia negotiatorum, & commeatu maximè celebris, i.e. London famous for its Plenty of Traffickers and John Strype's Survey of London Online

    Index, Z, 01 January 1642-31 December 1643

    fast and prayers for success of parliament, 302 represents to government danger to faith, 306. -, Pensionary of. See Stavenisse, Cornel is van. Zen , Zeno, Procurator : urges measures against pope, 27 speech against mischief makers in Italy, 127. British History Online

    Warrants etc., May 1699, 11-20, 11 May 1699-19 May 1699

    James McDonnel, Kean O'Hara, Daniell O'Bryan alias Donoghe, Dormot Fitzpatrick, Edward Sweetman, Sir Edward Tyrrel, Michaell Chamberlain, Sir Edward Scot, Cornel O'Driscol, Andr Murrogh, Teige Callaghaim, Gerald Dillon. All as follows viz. Forfeited lands of Thomas Arthur Co. Galway: Dunkellin British History Online

    State Papers, 1658, September (2 of 4), 01 September 1658-30 September 1658

    that we received the letter and resolution of your high mightinesses, with a copy of the resident Downing's memorial concerning Cornel. Bomler and the English prize, in execution of the resolution of your high mightinesses, we have sent toward sea British History Online

    The singularities of London

    But I will rather vse the credite of one or two auncient forraine writers, and then descend to latter histories. Cornel. Tacitus lib . 14. Annal . sayth, Londinum copia negociatorum et comme atuum maxime celebris ; and Herodian in British History Online

    Warrant Books, December 1709, 21-25, 21 December 1709-25 December 1709

    the Lizard, 10 l. per an. Padstow: Robert Quarme, to act for the Comptroller, at 10 l. per an. Bristol: Cornel. Horsington, mate to the boatman at Uphill, at 10 l. per an. Yarmouth: Benj. Sayer, mate to the commander British History Online

    Elizabeth, April 1560, 26-30, 26 April 1560-30 April 1560

    Highness. Orig. in a German hand [? ] Endd. by Cecil : 27 Aprilis, 1560. Clars. cap. D. Cecil ad Cornel. Lat. Pp . 2. April 28. R. O. 1081 . The Lords of the Congregation to Queen Elizabeth. 5 British History Online

    America and West Indies, July 1717, 17-31, 17 July 1717-31 July 1717

    Jobe, Alex. Napier, John Reid junr., Tho. Morford, Tho. Applegeat, Tho. Combs, Richd. Standley, Saml. Stilwell, John Webley, John Reid, Cornel. Tomson, Andr. Wilson, Amb. Stelle, Sam. Dennis jr., Peter White, John Throgmorton. 675. vii . Copy of similar Address British History Online

    Index of persons and Places, N, O

    manor of, 424. O'Donnell (O'Donnel), [Baldearg ] , colonel, capitulations between, and General Ginkel, 141; pension of, 141. O'Driscol , Cornel., forfeited lands of, 351, 354. Odwell. See Odewell. O'Farrell (Farrell, Offarell, Offarrell), [Francis Fergus ] de, colonel and brigadier, British History Online

    Addenda, Miscellaneous 1571-1572, 01 January 1571-31 December 1572

    the iron, you would soon have been as cunning as he, especially insinuating yourself into the acquaintance and favour of Cornel is, and taking down with you my nephew William Smith of Walden, who was ready to go with you. British History Online

    Historical Collections, Affairs in Ireland, 1646

    in Cornell. Gualter Lincheus , Vicharius Apost. Tuamensis. Gulielin: Bargat , Vicar. Apost. Immolacensis. James Dempshi , Vicar. Gener. Kilder Cornel. Gasneas Adensis , Vic. Gener Oliverus Deise , Vic. Gener. Midencis Dominicus Roch , Vic. Gener. Corcagiencis. Symon O British History Online

    Henry VIII, November 1512, 01 November 1512-30 November 1512

    year. To the same and others for 500 "hackbushes," March, 2nd year. To Humphrey Walker, gunfounder, Dec. 2nd year. To Cornel es Johnson for workmanship of ordnance, April, 2nd year. To Sir Sampson Norton employed in making a "colleveryn," of British History Online

    Index, H, I, 01 January 1709-31 December 1709

    410; duty on. See Customs Duties. See also Army. Ireland. Royal Buckhounds, Master of. Royal Mews and Stables. Horsington , Cornel, Customs boatman at Uphill, 467. Horsley , , and debts on the manor of Clewer and Mote Park, 20. British History Online

    Historical Collections, July-December 1643

    . A. Johnston , Alex. Henderson , Sam. Rutherfurd Rob . Bailyie, Geo . Gillespie . William Twisse , Prolocutor Cornel. Burges, Assessor . Jo. White , Assessor. Henry Robrough , Scribe. Adoniram Bysield , Scribe. The Form of Inscription, British History Online

    Index of persons

    Barbara, 445 ( b ); Mary, 325 ( b ); Peter, 461 ( b ); Synay, 519 ( b ) Cornel is, 283 ( sr b ) Cornellys, Marye, 252 ( b ) [Cornell, Elizabeth ] , 542 [Corner ] British History Online

    January, 1659/60, An Act for an Assessment of One hundred Thousand Pounds by the Moneth, upon England, Scotland, and Ireland, for Six Moneths., 26 January 1660-26 January 1660

    Lawrence Manch, Samuel Moyer, Henry Weston, George Duncombe, Mr. Rous, Capt. Westbrook, John Smith, Roger Heath, Samuel Whartop, Sackford Gunston, Cornel ius Cooke, Peter Delaney, Jeremy Baines, Samuel Hylord, Thomas Walker, Richard Downes, Esq; Mr. Rowse of Bootham, Esquire; Walter British History Online

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