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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Preface 3 The Preface.

    may be Ornaments and Blessings to it; and that it may flourish still more and more in Honour, Wealth, Peace, Concord , the Favour of its Princes, and especially in true Religion and Virtue, I end. Dated from Low Leyton

    Book 1, Chapter 24 CHELSEA COLLEGE.

    Neuters stand between both, or, as Mediators, would reconcile both. But can Christ be reconciled to Antichrist? There is no Concord betwixt Christ and Belial, saith the Apostle; 2 Cor. vi. Elias told us, there is no halting between Two

    Book 5, Chapter 28 [Court of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Common Council.]

    the common Profit, requiring that for the Remainder they be firmly observed. First of all, that firm Peace and good Concord be nourished and preserved in a neighbourly Unity through the whole City. Also, For that many Fellow Citizens of

    Book 6, Chapter 3 The Church of St. MARGARET.

    Nothing but Death by Death should give the tearme Of Farewell to their Faith by false Remove. Of Breach of Concord no Tongue can accuse them, Unlesse base Envy by her Saints abuse them. O envy not the Dead, but

    Book 2, Chapter 14 Downgate Ward. Styleyard.

    and the Maior and Citizens two parts of the said Custody below. And in Consideration of this Peace, Fine and Concord , the Maior and Citizens have granted their Liberties which they have hitherto reasonably used; to have to them

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Unol Daleithiau America, fel coffadwriaeth canmlwyddol brwydr Lexing- ton fel ei hadnabyddir-btwydr gyntaf rhyfel b fawr annibyniaeth y Taleithiaa. Yn Concord, . yn agos Pr le yr ymladdwyd y frwydr, yr oedd ': haner can' mil wedi ymgasglu i anrhydeddu Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    chyfrolau o'r ayferbyniadau mwyaf medrus a dyegedig. Nid oes odid le mqw cycegredig ar gyfandir America i deimlad Ilenor Da Concord, lie bui yn ymgartrefc, mid ' yn unig Emerson, ond hefyd Nathaniel Hawthoine, Wilian Bilery Channing, Bronson Alcott, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Prifathrofa Chicago. Nid yw ond deu- y gain oed, eto mae wedi gwneyd hanes. Graddiodd yn Ngholeg ei dref enedigol, Concord, Ohio, pan yn c 14 oed. Bu ar ol hyny am dair blynedd gartref yn B darllen llenyddiaeth Groeg Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y lle hwn hyd nes y symudodd ei rieni, pan oedd ef .tua 12 mlwydd aed, i le or env Concord, lie y gorphenodd ei addysg yn yr ysgolion elfenol pan yn lMeg oed. Yna aeth i dderbyn cwrs a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    eURT AND F"SIJIOi'4JBLES. - TH1E JUBILEE. Welli thenks tn ihe Prirce Rtege;t, ihe grreat showi in tbe Parks are at lengthi over, afd tIe peo ple mAy novi puibue their varhous octupatitts a itilout being ioteltriupled ty accmlnt< i'p Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Swindon Royal Sussex 1818 Wiltshire 1856 Keystone 1889 " Gooch 1869 " Remembrance 1919 " Pleydell 1924 Trowbridge Concord 1854 Concord 1887 Concord 1938 " Clarendon 1944 Warminster Longleat 1874 Thynne 1921 Warminster 1948 Westbury White Horse 1887 Wilton Radnor

    The colleges and halls Peterhouse Peterhouse. Or four pales gules a border gules charged with golden crowns [Granted 1575 ]

    appointment proved of inestimable advantage to the College. Wren 'reduced all the Fellows to one sacred Bond of Unity and Concord and excited the Scholars to Constancy and Diligence in their studies . . . rescued their writings and ancient

    The later middle ages Scottish and French Wars

    yet another visit in 1317 Edward negotiated with the Earl of Lancaster at York regarding peace and concord in the land. 54 Concord was too much to expect, and the Scottish war went on. In 1318 Edward led another army

    Parishes Odell

    went to America , hoping to find there the religious freedom denied him in his own country. He settled at Concord and afterwards at Fairfield , where he became the owner of a large estate. In 1651 he published The

    Parishes Marsh Baldon Sketch-map of the Villages of Marsh and Toot Baldon about 1730

    Peerage (orig.edn.), viii. 185:his possession of Marsh Baldon is not noted. O.R.O. Box 32/4; 32/5; 65/1. Ibid. Box 31/4 (Final Concord ); Box 32/5; 65/1. Ibid. Box 31/8. V.C.H. Oxon . iii. 243-4. For a pedigree of the Popes see

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    17 December 1707, 17 December 1707

    Guillaume told their Lordfhips, •&apos; &quot; Thar, in his lafl Voyage from St. Ubes to London, &quot; in the Ketch Concord, on Sunday the i&lt;5th of Novem- •&apos; ber lafl, he was forced, by contrary Winds, into Eal- &quot; mouth Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1707, 17 December 1707

    December &quot; Tho. Pipon.&quot; (I.) &quot; In my Homeward Voyage from St. Uhal to Lcn* &quot; don, in the Ketch Concord, George Guillaume &quot; Maften London, the 8th DecV, 1707. •* Nehe. Winter.&apos; &quot; 1707, Nov&apos;r (H.) &quot; Tho. Pipon, Subscribers-only content

    9 January 1707, 9 January 1708

    of The Gee, of Belfaji • Millame, Mafter of The Africa, of Whitehaven ; and Dermis Rougbton, Mafter of The Concord, of Whitby; which Mafters are arrived in the aforeiaid Ships: They further make Oath, That Geo. Forflcr, Mafter of Subscribers-only content

    2 June 1762, 2 June 1762

    &quot; I have the fulleft Perfuafiori, that yoii will con¬ tinue to diffufe in your feveral Counties that Spirit of Concord which you have yourfelves fo fteadily exerted in Parliament: And you may be affured, that I will, on My Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1763, 19 April 1763

    My Attention fliall be directed. I depend upon your conftant Care, to promote, in your feveral Counties, that Spirit of Concord, and that Obedience to Law, which is effential to good Order, and to the Happinefs of My faithful Sub¬ Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CAMPBELL, Archibald (1739-91), of Inverneil, Argyll.

    sailed for America in spring 1776, arrived in Boston harbour unaware of the British evacuation, was made prisoner, sent to Concord, and released on parole. When the British captured the American General Lee, Samuel Adams demanded that Campbell ‘be secured


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