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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals St Thomas , Northampton

    resolved that:-' Mr. Thomas Humfrey be alderman of the almeshouses or hospitall of St. Thomas , and that Mr. Hughe Coles shall contynue and be one of the masters of the said almeshouses or hospitall for one yeare next ensueing

    Parishes Westmill

    . Half a mile south of the village is Coles , the property and residence of Mr. T. T. Greg , J.P. This includes three separate estates, Knight's Hill , Coles , and Tillers End, which were copyhold of the

    Stringston Manors and other estates

    Coles 's tenement. 61 That holding, with additional lands, remained in the Coles family until 1740 and was bought by (Sir) John ( Palmer ) Acland in 1791 . 62 Land at Dyche , also formerly held by the

    The Clarendon Building

    -12 were both Hearne , iii, 301. B.M., Add. MS. 19607, f. 83. The principal names mentioned are Smith, carpenter; Coles and Taylor, plumbers; Medley, smith; Minn , joiner; Wildgoose, painter; Fifield and Lea , plasterers; Meelks, locksmith; and Booth

    Cannington Economic history

    26 was demolished, and the site levelled. The Cannington priory mill, recorded in 1536 , 27 was later known as Coles 's or Town mill. 28 Milling ceased in 1913 but the following year the mill was used to pulverize

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Rhaid fod yr oll oedd ar ei bwrdd wedi boddi." Yr oedd mab Mr. Childers, Arglwydd Northbrook, a'r Cadben Cowper Coles ar y bwrdd. Dywedir fod .yr holl ddwylawl ar y pryd yn rhii'o 500. Y mae mor-gilfach Vigo, Hle Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    3245 WEST RIDING, Elland. Waymarn,6 . .. . 1 6516 -tuch , t4 677..- -Grimaton, 4108 - .. .. - Coles, 3717 - SOUTH WESIT LHOASHC3IRE, Widries? - Edward tM'-lossl 4827 . -Et7iit' 1 ' Musapratt, 2660 . ;' - Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    21ain cyfisol, .yn nghapel Crosby Row, Boro' Llundain, gan y Pcrch E James Jones, M.A., John Jones. Cadhen y mi~inie Coles a La.r,, meioh y Cadbeu Qiffith, Florence Terrace, y ddan o'r Felin Feli. MARWOLAETHAU DAvIEs.-Ar y 18fed cyfisol, E Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ieyt eeteeyMXUEproved t be certain curs. Do ujot C U H serviceable, gilving great relief and comfort. trifle wit'o slight Coles. Askc your COUGH M IXTUREI ChAuIEtfCnUR sA' rutle *DAYIE S'S PILLS ~~~~~~~0 BWYS I BERCHE NOGION CEFFYLAU. ATVI' APILESS Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    GYMDEITHASFA PENFRO,- Ebrill 4, 5, 6. LLYWYDD,-Parch. T. LEVI. YSGRIFENYDD,-Parch. W. JES. DYDD LLUN. ' CYFA5FOD CYNTAF Y- GYMDEITEASFA AM C1WECH. Dechreuwyd gan y Parch.: W. W. Lewis, Lianygorse.] Gain enwau y ey.rycheoiwyr. Gogledd Aberteifi.-Parchn. T. Charles Edwards, D.D., Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    you willed hym to saye, and vpon that indifferencie emonges, I iudge ye were asked in the ende of miaster Coles rehersall, whether that which hee spake, was it ye would haue him say, and yee graunted it. Then whether

    Queene Mary. Doct. Cranmer brought to the funerall Sermon. Doct. Cole preacheth.

    this order. The Mayor went before, next him the Aldermen in their place and degree: D. Cranmer brought to Doct. Coles Sermon.after them was Cranmer brought, betwene two Fryers, which mombling to and fro certayne Psalmes in the streets, aunswered

    Quene Mary. The mightie prouidence of God in preseruyng Iohn Kempe.

    hee willed his Horse, Bootes, Cloke, and Swerde to be sent by Laūder his man the next day to one Coles house, at which talke the Constable with his Watche issued out, but Kempe tooke him to his heeles and

    Quene Mary. Disputation betweene the Papists and Protestants at Westminster.

    you willed him to say, and vpon that indifferency emonges, I iudge ye were asked in the ende of Mayster Coles rehersall, whether that whiche he spake, was it ye woulde haue him say, and ye graunted it. Then whether

    Book 6, page 1760 (1563)

    now is Minister of Bnrsted, wyth a great multitude besyde.The persecution in Kent.Ro. Coles, his wyfe & children.OVt of Feuersam was persecuted one Robert Coles, wyth his wyfe and chyldren, who is now person of Bow in London. Richarde ProudeAlso

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    11 April 1695, 11 April 1695

    Mr. Deputy Epus. Eyres, Mr. James Boddington, Mr. Nathaniel Holton, Epus. Mr. Deputy Walker, Mr. John Johnfon, Mr. Deputy Epus. Coles, Mr. Alder fey, M r. Olley, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Ruffell, Epus. and Mr. Man the Hall-keeper, do attend this Subscribers-only content

    26 April 1738, 26 April 1738

    the Bill, intituled, " An Aft for confirm-B>»- " ing the Sale of the Leafehold Eftate late of Barnaby " Coles Gentleman, deceafed; and for verting his Free- " hold Eftates in Truftees, to be fold, for Payment of <c Subscribers-only content

    11 June 1804, 11 June 1804

    faid", that would not do \ the poor Men " muft be fecured for fometh'ng, chofe or not chofe; cc Coles faid, he could not fay any thing refpefting that, " but he would take as many Voters upon Paper Subscribers-only content

    28 January 1817, 28 January 1817

    de Mazarredo is Plaintiff, and John Maitland and Thomas Stratton Coles are Defendants: And in the last, Tobias Appleyard is Plaintiff, and Thomas Dawson Defendant. Mazarredo against Mait¬ land & Coles. Appleyard against Daw¬ son. Lords Committees appointed to consider Subscribers-only content

    31 January 1817, 31 January 1817

    Writer in Edinburgh, his the " said Robert Tait's Trustees ; James, Thomas and " Richard Coles, Sons and Representatives of Thomas " Coles also deceased, who was Land Steward to the " said last-mentioned Duke; William Fräser and " Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    COLES, William (c.1616-97), of Woodfalls, nr. Downton, Wilts.

    COLES, William (c.1616-97), of Woodfalls, nr. Downton, Wilts. Constituency Dates Downton 1659 Downton 9 May 1660 Ofifces Held Commr. for militia, Wilts. 1648, 1659, Mar. 1660, j.p. 1653-July 1660, commr. for scandalous ministers 1654, assessment 1657, Jan. 1660, sequestrations

    COLE, Richard (d.1599), of Bristol, Glos.

    COLE, Richard (d.1599), of Bristol, Glos. Constituency Dates Bristol 1584 Bristol 1593 Ofifces Held Alderman, Bristol, sheriff 1569-70, mayor 1585-6. Biography Cole was a mercer, related by marriage to the Bristol families Smyth and Carr. His father-in-law, who died


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