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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 6, page 1013 (1563)

    he speaketh of the sacrament of the body of Christ, with the which word of Sacrament of the body, &c.D. Cole being hyghly offended, denied it to be the sacrament of the body of Christ, saue only of the mistical

    Book 6, page 1049 (1563)

    is: that the mistery of the sacrament, geuen as they wer at supper, is not the supper of the Lorde. And Gregory Nazianzene saith the same.Rursus Pascha sacra cum discipulis in cænaculo ac post cœnam, dieque vnica ante passionem

    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

    harts that beheld so heauy a countenance, and such abūdance of teares, in an old mā of so reuerend dignity. Cole after he had ended his sermon, called back þe people þt were redy to depart, to praiers. Brethren (saith

    Book 6, page 1570 (1563)

    more of the sacrament and of the papacie, some of them began to crye out, yalpe, and baule, & specially Cole cried to stop the heretikes mouth, and to take him away.And then Cranmer beyng pulled downe frō the seat,

    Book 4, page 665 (1563)

    ancient and credible persons, so haue we added here vnto the same.After this, Garret beinge apprehended or takē, by master Cole þe procter or his men, going westwarde at a place called Hinksey a litle beyonde Oxforde, and so beinge

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    . 1? i, ?'- , ". It i 1? offi - I *biabau .?? y ?V: - aso. . ? 'Unwaith eto dyma NAPOLEON yn eymeryd arno daMiu ei lonan ger bron y byd, y tro bwni nid mewn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    pellacl yn v cwrs a gg lierrisai er Ys anlser *n ol, o berthlvnias i addysg menyw- aid. Yr ol'dd Cole!' Hitchin (cole- i fercb ed) y i cael ei tfrofesiVyr O Gaer-rawvit, ond !n nwr, y maIe llywodraethwvr v Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    1obi abu E! tltljnaoir DEFNYDDIODD amryw o'r aelodau seneddol eu rhyddid am y gwyliau i anerch eu hethol- w'vr a'u cyfeillion. Mewn ciniaw yn Ipswich, ddydd Iau, y 17eg, gwnaeth IarlI Kimberley amddiffyniad egniol i wladlywiaeth y Llyw- odraeth. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gan yr Esgobion creulawn ae ysglyfaethus hyny yehydig cyn eu merthyrdod. Yn y pwIpud yna y safai yr ynfyd Ddr. Cole pan yn pregetbu ar adeg merthyrdod Cran- mer. Ac ar ei gyfer, yn pwyso ar y golofn, dacw yr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    boddbadkya .ngwyig b effefthiclrwydd ysgolion y Bwrdd aeddynt yn.eace a defnyddio fel ysvol on ymarfcrol i'r myfyrwyr mewn cyyiyltid A'r Cole;, an ienbyd y mrfyrwvr Waed l darilen yr adroddiad, cvflwyuai Mr. Roailandi ; balance skeetyr bon a ddaaigosai fod Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 3 The Church of St. MARGARET.

    lies dead in Grave, Yet still his Vertues Life and Being have. An. Dom. 1597 . In Parliament, a Burgesse, Cole was placed, In Westminster the like for many Years, But now with Saints above his Soul is graced, And

    Appendix 1, Chapter 7 The Order of the Hospitals.

    the Howse. Alsoe yow shal diligently foresee what necessarie Provisions are to be made, as of Butter, Cheese, Fishe, Wood, Cole , & c. and in due Time give Knowledge thereof unto the Thresorer, or one of the Almoners of

    Appendix 1, Chapter 8 APPENDIX.

    of Abode, their Number of Tunbrils or Cars, being 79, and the Wards to which they are designed. Signed, Ja. Cole , Cler. to the said Commissioners. That a farther Account may be given of St. Bartholomew's Hospital , the

    Book 3, Chapter 3 Cheape Ward. [St. Mary Colechurch.]

    Colechurch. At the South end of this Lane, is the Parish Church of St. Mary Colechurch , named of one Cole that builded it. This Church is builded upon a Vault above Ground, so that Men are forced to ascend

    Book 3, Chapter 4 Coleman street Ward. [St. Stephen Coleman street.]

    Old Jewry , is Coleman street ; so called of Coleman, the first Builder and Owner thereof: As also of Cole -church, or Coleman-Church , against the great Conduit in Cheape. This is a fair and large Street, replenished on

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    COLE, John (d.1611), of Cole Hall, Shrewsbury, Salop.

    COLE, John (d.1611), of Cole Hall, Shrewsbury, Salop. Constituency Dates Bishop's Castle 1584 Ofifces Held Escheator, Salop 1588. Biography Cole came from an old Shrewsbury family and owed his return at Bishop’s Castle to his relative by marriage, Edmund Plowden†.Cole

    COLE, Robert (by 1478-1536/50), of Tewkesbury, Glos.

    Cole the minor administrative work and legal business which he undertook during the first decade of the 16th century. Rowdon bequeathed Cole 40s. on condition that he was ‘good and loving’ to his executors. The paucity of references to

    COLE, William Willoughby, Visct. Cole (1807-1886).

    COLE, William Willoughby, Visct. Cole (1807-1886). Constituency Dates Co Fermanagh 1831 31 Mar. 1840 Ofifces Held Col.-commdt. co. Fermanagh militia. Biography Cole, the eldest son of the former Fermanagh Member and by now leading Irish Orangeman Lord Enniskillen, was still

    COLE, John IV (b.c.1376), of Nethway, Devon.

    and Cole the family seat at Berry. However, Cole’s interest in the Pomeroy estates seems to have soon disappeared, for Sir Thomas was said to be holding all the property at the time of his death in 1426. Perhaps Cole

    COLE, Richard (d.1599), of Bristol, Glos.

    COLE, Richard (d.1599), of Bristol, Glos. Constituency Dates Bristol 1584 Bristol 1593 Ofifces Held Alderman, Bristol, sheriff 1569-70, mayor 1585-6. Biography Cole was a mercer, related by marriage to the Bristol families Smyth and Carr. His father-in-law, who died in

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Jo: Heyward, 0/0/1635

    Detail CCEd Record ID: 29355 Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Heyward Forename Jo: Title Qualification EVENT TYPE Date 0/0/1635 Office/Status Rector Location Cole// OTHER INFORMATION Source CUL, EDR B/2/47a (Liber Cleri) Ordinary / Jurisdiction White, Francis/Ely 1631- 1638 Comment


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