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  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CAMPBELL, George (1759-1821), of Foxhall, Ealing, Mdx.

    Biography Campbell was returned on the interest of his brother Lord Cawdor, who since 1804 had been leader of the Blue (Whig) party in the borough of Carmarthen. Cawdor was also eager to obtain naval promotion for him through Thomas

    CAMPBELL, Henry Frederick (1769-1856).

    to suppress the Irish rebellion, 19 June 1798. When Cawdor, who was supporting the ‘Talents’, returned him again in 1806, Campbell was overseas, having recently ‘sailed with one of the expeditions’. Cawdor wrote that he had some basic ‘object’ of

    JONES, John (1777-1842), of Ystrad Lodge, Carm.

    of Lord Cawdor but in 1810 presided over a meeting at Carmarthen sympathetic to the cause of Sir Francis Burdett and was circularized by the Friends of Constitutional Reform a year later. When it became clear that Cawdor was not

    BRODIE, Alexander (d.1770), of Lethen, Nairnshire.

    chief, Alexander Brodie of Brodie, offered to bring him into Parliament for Nairnshire. But when his cousin, John Campbell of Cawdor, stood for Nairnshire, he joined John and Duncan Forbes in supporting Campbell:Lethen’s behaviour to me [Brodie of Brodie wrote]

    ALLEN, John Hensleigh (1769-1843), of Cresselly, Pemb.

    Campbell’s acceptance? Moreover if Lord Cawdor had made 500 more votes at Wiston, Picton never would have stood or any other man when it was known there was a majority against him, but why Lord Cawdor stopped short then or

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn IAqhdeilo ' Ar ei ymadawiad oi dref enedigol, Liandeijo, rhoddwyd ciniaw cyhoeddus i Mr. D. Thomas yn y " Cawdor Afins Iotel," lair 6aderhiday'r a h- lysur ^ ydoedd :David. Protheroe,4Ysw., M.D; .J.P. Glaniodd ac; ymsefydlodd Mr. a Mrs. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Y maent o'r diwedd wedi penodi ar on dynion,'seo£ Mr. John Jones, yr aelod presenol, ac Arglwydd Emlyn, mab hvnatArglwydd Cawdor, i sefyll dros y sir, aC YE yehwanegol i hyn yna y maent yn bwriadu sefyli. am y *sedd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Enwyd y Parchn. William Powell a W. EIvans, M.A., i barotoi cais dros y Cyfarfod Misol i'w .gyfiwyno i Iarll Cawdor yn gofyn am dir i adeiladn tcapel ar ei etifeddiaeth yn Waltv n. 19. Anogwyd yr hol1 egiwysi sydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    llog ar veddill dyled capel Saundersfoot. 12. Hysbyswyd fod tir wedi ei gael mnewn man cyfleus a dymunol oddiwrth larll Cawdor i adeiladu ysgoldy newydd yn Walton. Pen- derfynwyd cyflv6wno diolchgarwch gwresocaf y cyfarfod am dano i'r Iarll ac iw Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    i fod yn uitusiaidiieddwch, ac yr oedd y ddlau o Sir Forganwg. Y tebyg yw, fod yr arglwydd. raglaw, Iarll Cawdor, yr hwn sydd yn Dori mor rhagfarnllyd, wedi codi pob Tori ieuanc yn Ngwlad Myrddin i'r fainc, a'i fod Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    28 September 1796, 28 September 1796

    Mulgrave. Ds. Mendip. Ds. Bradford. Ds. Selfey. Ds. Daivnay. Ds. Brodrick. Ds. Bridport. Ds. Rous. Ds. Calthorte. Ds. Rolle. Ds. Cawdor, PRAYERS. The Lords following took the Oaths, and made and Lords take fubfcribed the Declaration ; and alfo took Subscribers-only content

    5 October 1796, 5 October 1796

    of Doug¬ las. Ds. Auckland. Ds. Upper Offory. Ds. Mulgrave. Ds. Bradford. Ds. Selfey. Ds. Curzon. Ds. Macartney. Ds. Brodrick. Ds. Bridport. Ds. Rous. Ds. Calthorpe. Ds. Gwydir. ¦ ." Ds. Harewood. Ds. Rolle. Ds. Cawdor. PRAYERS. D His > Subscribers-only content

    6 October 1796, 6 October 1796

    Geo. III. Journals of the Houfe of Lords. Committee for the Journals. L. Calthorpe. L. Gwydir. L. Harewood. L. £0//,?. L. Cawdor* E. Aylesford. E. Macclesfield E. Effingham. E. Portfmouth. E. 5ruo^ ö° wick, E. Fitzwilliam. E. Powis. E. Subscribers-only content

    27 October 1796, 27 October 1796

    PRAYERS. Ds. Napier. Ds. Hay. Ds. Walfingham. Ds. Verulam. Ds. Douglas of Doug¬ las. Ds. Upper Ofory. Ds. Bridport. Ds. Cawdor. Campbell again ft Johnfton. The Anfwer of William Johnfion, Merchant in Glaf- gow, to the Appeal of Archibald Campbell, Subscribers-only content

    9 March 1797, 9 March 1797

    L. Walfingham. L. Grantley. L. Rawdon. L. Boringdon. L. Berwick. L. Auckland. L. Lyttleton. L. Stewart of Gar- lies. L. Cawdor, This Day, Thomas Noel Lord Berwick, and William Henry Lord Lyttleton, took the Oaths, and made and fubfcribed the Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The Honor of Grafton and Wakefield Lodge Estate

    sum realised by the second sale appears also to have been lent on mortgage, to either Lord Anglesey or Lord Cawdor . 21 Some of the remaining stock was used to buy additional property in both Northamptonshire and Suffolk ,

    Townships Curborough and Elmshurst CURBOROUGH AND ELMHURST 1987

    widow Elizabeth and their son Charles let the hall for five years to Isabella, widow of John Campbell , Baron Cawdor . 67 Charles Smith was living at Elmhurst in 1848 . 68 In 1856 he sold the es tate

    Index A - K

    Bromwich , see Bromwich, Castle Castle Church , 190 Cave , Sir Ric., 93 Cavendish , Lord Geo ., 246 Cawdor , Lady, see Howard Ceolred , king of Mercia, 6 Chad , St., bp. of Lichfield , formerly bp.

    Index A-J

    Princess Mary of Camden chair of Ancient History : see Oxford , University Campbell , Colen ; John Frederick Earl Cawdor Campegio , Cardinal Campion , Edward; Joseph; Mary canals : see Grand Junction Canal ; Grand Union Canal Cancefield

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    Disestablishment in Scotland: list of the "1475" who signed the address to Mr. Gladstone ... and list of Presbyterian ministers who did not sign the address., 1886

    A., Dumfries (F.) M ' Neil, Patrick , Auchencairn (F.) M ' Neill, D.,L.F.P.S.G., Holm (F.) MacNeill, John G., M.A., Cawdor (F.) MacNeill, John Ross , Tongue (F.) M ' Nish, Peter, Wishaw (E.U.) Macphail, J. C, Edinburgh (F.) M Subscribers-only content

    Landlordism in Wales, 1887

    with the AA^elsh agricultural mind, he had oftentimes to fall back upon secondary and prejudiced agencies for his evidence. Lord Cawdor ' s agent, the Tory clerks of Welsh Tory justices- THE RETAINERS OF WELSH LANDLORDISM, .and the Poor Law Subscribers-only content

    Landlordism in Wales, 1887

    comprehend the possibility of a revolt of tenant-conscience against the authority which they had usurped. In 1837 the then Lord Cawdor interfered to such a degree in a county political contest, that attention was drawn to his conduct-as a breach Subscribers-only content

    Landlordism in Wales, 1887

    England . You must get the accommodation you want from others " concluded Lord Cawdor , " and not from-Yours, & c, Cawdor . " Lord Cawdor was, doubtless, in private life, an estimable, and, possibly, .a kindly-hearted nobleman; but Subscribers-only content

    Landlordism in Wales, 1887

    where the people knelt. In every county in Wales , Landlordism is irreconcile able to Noncon¬ formity. Lords Tredegar and Cawdor were not, as I have sought to explain, isolate in their inveteracy. Already, CHAPELS IN WALES HAVE BEEN CONFISCATED Subscribers-only content


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