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  • * British History Online *

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    Acts, 1741

    long period.) VII. Sess. ult., May 25, 1741. Congratulatory Address to his Majesty, upon occasion of taking the Forts near Carthagena. May it please your Maj esty, We, your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the ministers and elders of

    State Papers, 1656, January (7 of 9), 01 January 1656-31 January 1656

    before Carthagena, viewed the harbour, and saw four or five ships therein. Two more of our frigats being beaten as low as Palme islands took there two poor plantation boats, and had this information, that there went from Carthagena to

    America and West Indies, Addenda 1596, 01 December 1596-31 December 1596

    Drake." Feb. S Sir Thos. Baskerville, "taking upon him general," set sail homewards, but not able to recover higher than Carthagena put over for Jamaica and lost four ships. Descried twenty of the King of Spain's war ships "waiting our

    State Papers, 1656, January (6 of 9), 01 January 1656-31 January 1656

    destroyed them. To leeward of Carthagena they took two small boats, that do usually carry plantaines and garden fruit to Carthagena; the men of which said, that about a month before there went out of Carthagena two great ships or

    America and West Indies, July 1630, 01 July 1630-31 July 1630

    . 7, 1629, St. Christopher's was taken by 38 Spanish galleons and 700 men and boys from thence carried to Carthagena, where they arrived 18 th Oct. The English were taken to the Havanna on 5 th March 1630, and

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn wybydduis 3- i'r rhai sydd wedi talu sylw i hanes Spaen ervadeg o )d glaniad y Brenin Amadeus yn Carthagena; ei fod a- wedi ei ddewis allan yn nod i fwledi y brad- er lofrudd, ac nad oedd ond Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ; obi-a Eau thmwaal' GWELOPD Mr. Gladstone' fod yn anmhosibl cario gwaith y Llywodraeth ymlaen yn mhellach gyda Gweinyddiaeth oedd wedi rhoddi profion maor ddiamheuol o wendid, ac wedi' cnyrchu cymaint o anfoddogrwydd a diffyg ymddiried yr wythnosau diweddaf, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ., Nid bes dim newyddIon,_neiI~duoI o Spaen, yr - -wythnos hon Mae syiw .y. wlad ar hyn.o bryd yncy~ierb at Carthagena, le jiy mae jgiwerm- w.r -Co'ehio -g' y 'pepderfni - g eyd' eu 'byindrech olaf,-oddiin - pwys - Mae Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    iddynt. fod, yr hyn ni dybiwn' :fddai yn. -ddarngdiad Rled gywir. Nid yw y Llyw draeth wedi gweyd dim yn Carthagena 6ddieithr casglu mii wyri'r cyffiniau, ac ofnwn y profa yn orchwyl caled iddynt ! ddarostwng yr iamddiffyhfa gadarn hono.e Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ei p. buasai raid i ni fyned i ryfelf r -Gwerinwyr Cochion yn Spaen. Yn' amser cyhoeddiad y Gymunoliaeth yn Carthagena, odd rhai o'r llongau, rhyfel SpaenigI a'r7'gwrthiayfelwyr. 'Cyhoeddodd y Llywodraeth yn Madrid fod y cyfryw longau i'w cymeryd'ar yr*',un Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 31 Worthy Maiors. Sir Richard Martin.

    his first Voyage, when he went about the World, 2000l. He ventured also with Sir Francis , since that, to Carthagena , and be- fore that, with Fenton , and William Hawkins , Divers other Sums sent in a Memorial

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    17 April 1699, 17 April 1699

    heard the Four Englifi Prifoners fay, That thofe French Vef- fels were Five Men of War under Ponti, come from Carthagena, who, they faid, were weakly manned, and had but little Wood and Water on board." " And Cumberbatch informed Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1707, 17 December 1707

    that it was thought. were defigned for New Spain, to accompany the Gal¬ leons ; how, that One came from Carthagena fays, there was no News of them ; fb it was fufpe£ted they were gone to take Poffeffion of Subscribers-only content

    7 March 1728, 7 March 1729

    " tain St. Lo, September 16, 1727." '? Copy of Vice Admiral Hofier's Letter to the Go- " vernor of Carthagena, and the General of the Gal- ** leons, 11 January, 1726-7." ,,„ r T r T-ca/p-cn. " Copy of Subscribers-only content

    7 March 1728, 7 March 1729

    346 journals of tk fcfoufe of Lords. J, u Copy of a Letter from his Grace the Düke of " Copy of Inftru&ions from the Lordb Commiflloners " Newcafile to Vice Admiral Hop/on, November 18, " of the Admiralty Subscribers-only content

    26 March 1729, 26 March 1729

    Care, as I have hitherto done, to Vol. XXIII. " 15th July, 1727. Letter from Vice Admiral Hofier^ " off Carthagena, to Mr. Burchett." Then the Lord Vifcount Torrington prefented to the Accounts of Houfe, purfuant to their Lordftiips Order Subscribers-only content

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Ordinary's Account, 09/10/1732

    liking that, he went to Sea, and serv'd a Captain for many Voyages, and was in his Majesty's Fleet at Carthagena and Portobello , some Years ago, under the Command of the late Admiral Hosier: He was likewi se at

    Ordinary's Account, 13/01/1742

    lived as a Servant in several good Plaes, and married a Sailor , who was killed, as she says, before Carthagena , in the Elizabeth Man of War; notwithstanding her being married, she was a common Street-Walker , and practised


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