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  • * British History Online * *

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    Extracts from the Records, 1557

    to voit and ressone thairanent. 17 March 1556-7. Protestatio, Carmichael. In presens of the baillies Maister Johne Prestoun and Allane Dikkesoun and ane pairt of the counsale sittand in jugement, James Carmichael dene of gild protestit insafer as he wes

    Cecil Papers, July 1575, 01 July 1575-31 July 1575

    Laird of Carmichael. Martin Croster, Scottishman, was the first that brake the peace by shooting an arrow at Wm Fenwick of Wallington, and at that moment two of the Fenwicks and one Robt Shaftoe were slain. Thereupon Carmichael, being with

    Elizabeth, August 1575, 01 August 1575-31 August 1575

    of the Warden or Carmichael, who, hearing this sudden accident, did mutually agree to pacify the people. The Lord Warden did all he could to stay those about him, who were well quieted, but albeit Carmichael sought to appease his

    Border Papers volume 1, July 1588, 01 July 1588-31 July 1588

    great cause. Other things I refer to M r Ashbye's letters, who finds such good offices in the Laird of Carmichael, that I wish he might receive from you some sign of the good acceptance thereof. Berwick. Signed: Robert Bowes. Subscribers-only content

    Cecil Papers, April 1586, 01 April 1586-30 April 1586

    particular with the States of Holland. We are here, in the old manner, expecting war daily since the return of Carmichael, the arriving of his Majesty. You will not believe what a disappointment and jealousy this sudden decourting of Sir

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Limpsfield

    Mr. Cox . 18 It was in 1891 the residence of Mr. A'Court-Repington, and is now the seat of Mr. Carmichael Bruce. It is a fine late 18th-century house with a projecting east wing added later. A house in this

    Index A-J

    Arundel , Thomas; Baldwin ; Laud, William Capel Lane Capelgate Capenhurst Capital Bank Carausius Cardiff (Glam.) Carlisle (Cumb.) Carmichael : see Brock Carmichael , Messrs. Carr , John ( alias Corydon) William Carrickfergus (co. Antrim ) Cartwright , Thomas, bishop

    Smethwick Other estates Lightwoods House

    by John Reynolds and to have been built in 1790 by Edward Cairns , a partner in Cairns , Frears, Carmichael , Halliday & Co., a Birmingham firm of merchants in the America trade. If the new hall was occupied

    Paddington Tyburnia

    where he died. 87 William Makepeace Thackeray's first London home was with his mother and step-father, Maj. and Mrs. H. Carmichael -Smyth, at no. 18 Albion Street in 1836 and 1837. 88 Edwin Chadwick , the sanitary reformer, was at

    Parishes Eling

    Cecil Roy Saunders , who succeeded his father Andrew in 1876 , died in 1907 , and his brother, Archibald Carmichael Saunders, is now lord of the manor of Marchwood . In 1489 Sir Richard Darell died seised of a

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y Loch Ard gan Cdban Gibb, yr hwn a suddodd oyda'i long, Yr nuig ddan a achuabwyd oeddynt Miss Eveline Carmichael, boneddiges l9eg Imlwyddoed, aswyddog perthynol i'r llestro'r e0w Thomas Pealce. Meddai y llong Iwyth ar y pryd o 3276 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    7 :obiabt. Cymerodd etholiad Atteroliffe le ddydd Iau, AIM a throdd allan yn fuddugoliaeth bwysig i'r blaid Ryddfrydol. Yr Anrhyd. B. Coleridge mab y diweddar Arglwydd Coleridge, oedd yr c hen aelod, ac yr oedd ei fwyafrif ar yr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the expedition.-I bave (IIe honour to be, &C. HI. L. CARMtICttAEL, tThen follnows the correspondence referred to between .Majsr Generai Carmichael and the French Comimandant, whici) it length terminated in a Capitulation, by which the garrisau are to be sent Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Corkiverln; Colrirel Patersin ; Lieutenanit-C Cobel Moilii:; 'Major Jrones Captain De lathl;, aujorui Fauntei, Gubbitt, a;;d Kenuny Capiaiirs Mitchell and Carmichael; Lieul. Lou-tinre;- Criit. Blaletrard; Lieutetwat Erans; andCaptainM'Duiagal.The Colunel then coaicludis :-I Cuislnai M';Dosrgall, Aide-dr-Camp to the lorte Geneera; Eodss Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    class of English literature or belles cires; and to these will be added a class of mental philosophy. M r. Carmichael, a enu- alen of very high qualifications, has undertaken to make preparations for this last, and most important class, Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CARMICHAEL, Sir James, 4th Bt. (c.1690-1727), of Bonnington, Lanark.

    1704, Edinburgh 1705, Lanark 1713. Biography Although undoubtedly the great-grandson of the 1st Lord Carmichael, this Member has a somewhat confusing genealogy. His grandfather, Sir James Carmichael of Bonnington (or Bonnytown), became a baronet in or about 1676. The mode

    CARMICHAEL, Hon. James (c.1705-54), of Carmichael, Lanark.

    CARMICHAEL, Hon. James (c.1705-54), of Carmichael, Lanark. Constituency Dates Linlithgow Burghs 1734 1741 Linlithgow Burghs 16 Mar. 1748 1754 Biography James Carmichael was returned unopposed on his family’s interest for Linlithgow Burghs in 1734, voting with the Administration in all

    HOUSTOUN (HOUSTON), John (d. 1722), of Houstoun, Renfrew, and Glasgow, Lanark.

    the administration.[footnote]The 1713 election in Linlithgowshire was very much a party affair, with Houstoun challenged by a Whig, Sir James Carmichael, 3rd Bt. While the Hamilton interest remained at Houstoun’s disposal, it would appear that his erstwhile ‘friend’, Argyll, now

    ANSTRUTHER, Robert (1757-1831), of Baltully, Fife.

    for Henry Dundas’s nephew a year later. He was expected to support administration. In 1818, when his nephew Sir John Carmichael Anstruther left a posthumous heir, he became manager of the burghs for the family and negotiated the return of

    LOFTUS, William (1752-1831), of Stiffkey, Norf.

    18 May 1801, and solicited provision for his family. On 24 June 1802 he advocated a reward for Dr James Carmichael Smyth for the discovery of nitric fumigation to subdue fever epidemics.Loftus declined a compromise with St. Vincent, Addington’s first

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    3 March 1736, 3 March 1737

    Ap-forHepbume. " peal depending in this Houfe; he refidin? in Scot- " land:" It is Ordered, That the faid James Carmichael Efquire may enter into a Recognizance for the Appel¬ lant, as defired. Upon reading the Petition of Peter Legh Subscribers-only content

    20 November 1745, 20 November 1745

    '45- e Kfnjj Pent: 19 Geo. it Journals of the fcloufe of Lords. TP\ I E Mercurii, 20° Novembris. T"\ IE Jovis, 21''•Novembris. Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales prafentes fuerunt: tk Bill d. Epus. Exon. Epus. Oxon. Epus. Wigorn. Subscribers-only content

    16 July 1746, 16 July 1746

    referred, on Tuefday next. Carmichael's Bill: Hodie 3* vice lefta efi Billa, intituled, " An Aft " to enable Daniel Carmichael of Mauldflie, or the fuc- " ceeding Heirs of Entail, to fell Lands in the Counties " of Lanerk Subscribers-only content

    26 March 1753, 26 March 1753

    Anfwer of Robert Dick, to the Appeal of Wil- an.d as*inft Ham Grant Efquire, His Majefty's Advocate, and JamesDlC ' Carmichael, was brought in : Alio, the Anfwer of Francis Woodley Efquire, to the Bernard Appeal of Roger Bernard Efquire, Subscribers-only content

    3 August 1789, 3 August 1789

    " Houfe, in their Lordfhips great Wifdorn, ihall-feem " juft ; and that Thomas Earl of Hyndford, Captain " Andrew Carmichael his Brother, Sir John Anjlruther " of Anfiriither Baronet, and Philip Anflruthsr Efquire, " eldeft Son of the faid Subscribers-only content


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