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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Friaries The Dominican friars of Canterbury

    Arch. Cant , xi, 370 et seq. Cant . City Arch. Wills and D. fols. 23-4. Nicolas, Test. Vet . i, 384. a Test. Cant , ii, 67. Cant . City Arch. Wills and D. fol. 18. a Test. Cant

    Friaries The Austin friars of Canterbury

    623; Test. Cant . ii, 66. Nicolas, Test. Vet . 327. Ibid. 384. Cant . City Arch. Wills and D. fol. 18. a Test. Cant . ii, 66. Ibid. fol. 21. Arch. Cant . ii, 169. a Test. Cant .

    Houses of Austin canons The priory of Combwell

    14. Ibid. 17 Hen. III, m. 11. Arch. Cant . viii. 283-5. Close, 10 Edw. II , m. 10 d . Cal. Bodleian Charters (ed. Turner and Coxe), 125, 128. Ibid. 135. Cant . Archiepis. Reg. Langham , fol. 79

    Addenda Hospitals

    1523. 8 Arch. Cant ., 'Hospitals in Kent ,' by Arthur Hussey , xxix, 260. Ibid. citing S. Fisher , Hist, of Rochester ( 1772 ), 211-13, and Testamenta Cant ., West Kent , 61-4. Testamenta Cant ., East Kent

    Hospitals Hospitals in Romney

    459; Lit. Cant . (Rolls Ser.), iii, 307. a W. D. Macray , op. cit. 7. Cant . Arehiepis. Reg. Islip , fol. 363. a Dugdale, Mon . vii, 640. b Pardon R. 1-14 Hen. IV, m. 17. Cant .

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and monuments. of the church.

    so willing to learn as I ask but one scripture, or scripture failing, as it dothe for my L. of Cant. purpose, I ask but one auncient doctor. This is my case for as touching any act of disobediēce, my

    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

    Who going to harnes them selues, returned the same day agayn. But fynding the hall dore of the palace of Cant. shut against thē, they went to an inward backe dore, leadīg into þe Orchard, ther brake vp a window

    Queene Mary. Disputation of Doct. Cranmer Archbishop of Cant. in Oxforde.

    Doct. Cranmer Archbishop of Cant. in Oxforde. 1554. Aprill.though I dyd meane of the efficacy, & not of þe substance of the body: but I meane of them both,Substance and efficacie both graunted in the Sacrament. as wel of the

    Quene Mary. Disputation of Doct. Cranmer Archbishop of Cant. in Oxforde.

    Doct. Cranmer Archbishop of Cant. in Oxforde. An. 1554. Aprill.Christes body?Ergo, the flesh eateth the body of Christ.Cran. The Sacramēt is one thyng, the matter of the Sacramēt is an other. Outwardly we receiue the Sacrament: inwardly we eate the

    Book 2, page 87 (1563)

    de Broc. et Hugonē de Sancto Claro. et Thomam filium Bernardi, qui possessiones et bona ecclesie Cant. absq; licentia et consensu nostro sibi vsurpauerunt. Excommunicauimus etiam omnes, qui possessiones et bona ecclesiæ Cant. manus contra voluntatem et assensnm nostrum extendēt.IpsumH.iiii.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Amaethyddiaeth ... . ... Cwrs y Byd ... . ... ... ... 5 Nodiadau Seryddol. ... .. . 6 Y Cant Cyntaf ... ... ... ... ... 6, 7 Newyddion Cymreig. ... 7 At ein Gohebwyr ... ... ... ... Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Y CANT CYNTAF. : Anhawdd gan ein cyfeillion ienainc gredu fod yn bosibI iddynt lwy gyraedd y safle uchel ag y mae cymaint o'n cyd-ddynion yn ei fwynhau yn y trefydd mawrion yma. Ofnwn mai yr achos o'r anghredin. iaeth Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    102s. 3Mld cured, 13las., i33s. uli GWER.. y' Town Tallaw, 46s. Os. y Cant;: Baugh Fat, 2s. fc. yrUI pays lfl Russian Candle, Ols. Os. y cant; Melted Stuf, Sn. OSe. el GWLJAN. le Ltcst'IIN, lonewrat-Yr ceddy gwisn antiS yamyhy Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y mortigage.-gael-ei-ad dalu trwy ran.ddal. isdaua misol cyfartal. Y Premium yn hynoe i ogymedr- .ol;; Ll8, aO bum' puntl y 'Cant ar y baani,-Leb hilwyddyn. Y Ymofyner & DAVID WRITE, 4, Brynteg te rracee, Upptr-Bangor." OARTB~DE-VLS'ITE FFASSI1WN N EWYDID, ty Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mlynedd;, v moftgageli gael ei ad-dahlrtrwy, ran-ddal- o_ iada olcyfartaL .yFPrepiu myn liynodo gymedr- ol. DO,- 'bb bum' punt y Cant ar y biUA66'bob blwyddyn.blacbo Ymofyner -a- -aVxD.W n,-4, Brynteg terrace, -Ujr -a --o - a ies ; - kka Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 3, Chapter 3 [St. Lawrence Jury.] Cheape Ward. [Monuments.]

    main, the said Mese, Londs, Tenements, and other the Premisses in Suthwark; then I woll that the sayd Archbp. of Cant . and other his Feffyes, and their Heyres, be thereof Feffyes, to the Use of the sayd Maister and

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Borough of Southwark. Benefactors.

    Relict of John Bingham , Esquire, gave two very fair Silver Flagons of the like value. Ex Registro Curiæ Prærogativæ Cant . extract. Master Sampsons Will. Item, I give and bequeath these Annuities ensuing to be issuing out of certain

    Book 4, Chapter 2 Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments.

    Lady Katharine Constable, deceased, her Sister, in February, 1591 . Theodosia Vavasour Oleum effusum nomen tuum, Ideo Adolescentulæ dilexerunt te. Cant . 1. Fallax est gratia, & vana pulchritudo: mulier timens Deum, ipsa laudabitur. Pro. 11. Hac tuleris quicunque gradum,

    Book 3, Chapter 7 [St. Martins.] Aldersgate Ward. [Charters.]

    Cantii Justiciar. Anglie, Philip de Albemarl. Hug. de Samford. Radulph. fil. Nicolai. Johan. fil Philip. Galfrid. de Spencer. Galfrid de Cant . Wil. Tolecote. Hen. de Capella. & aliis. Dat. per manum venerab. patris R. Cicestren. Epis. Cancellar. n'ri, ap.

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 Lambhith, alias Lambeth.

    old Tomb of Marble, thus written on: Sub pedibus ubi statis jacet Corpus Magistri Hugonis Peyntwin, Legum Doctoris, nuper Archiepp. Cant . Reverendissimorum Patrum, Dom. Johannis Morton Cardinalis, Henrici Dene, & Willielm. Warrham Curiæ Archiep. Audien. Causarum Auditoris. Qui obiit

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CARVELL, William, of Northampton.

    will was proved at Northampton between 1570 and 1577.Northampton Recs. ii. 560; Harl. 1553, f. 88v; DNB; Ath. Cant. i. 232; Al. Cant. i (1), p. 303; CPR, 1550-3, p. 25; CJ, i. 56; HMC Montagu; 11; Northants. and Rutland

    DRAPER, John II, of Rochester, Kent.

    at Rochester in December 1430 to attest the electoral indenture for Kent and its two boroughs for the forthcoming Parliament, and he witnessed a deed in the city in November 1433.Reg. Roffense ed. Thorpe, 569; C219/14/2; Arch. Cant. xxi. 316.

    PATRICK, Richard (d.1566), of Huntingdon.

    proved in 1583.Al. Cant. i(3), p. 318; C219/26/37; E. Griffith, Huntingdon Recs. 96-7; LP Hen. VIII, iv(1), p. 105; (3), p. 2655; CPR, 1558-60, p. 228; 1553 and App. Edw. VI, 392; APC, v. 290; Cooper, Ath. Cant. i. 213;

    SONDES, Richard (1571-1632), of Throwley, Lees Court and Sheldwich, Kent.

    Northants. (Harl. Soc. lxxxvii), 136; Manning and Bray, Surr. i, 558, 563, 567; Add. 33920, f. 36; Arch. Cant. xviii. 295; Al. Cant. i(4), 122; Hasted, Hist Kent. vi. 452; Chamberlain Letters ed. McClure, i. 579; ii. 361; C142/488/60, 493/110.

    BADDELL, William (d.c.1572), of Hythe, Kent.

    she received everything, and was appointed executrix. The will was proved 20 July 1573.Cant. prob. reg. C32, f. 33; Hythe chamberlains’ accts. 1483-1509, ff. 26a, 117a; Cinque Ports white bk. ff. 239a et seq., f. 258b; Arch Cant. xxxi. 106.

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    proctor Details: male Employment: Notary Public Participant: James Stock [Stock] Role: defence proctor Details: male Employment: Notary Public Location: Canterbury (Cant) : ecclesiastical province Location: London : city Place(s): LondonSt Paul's Cathedral, London (Ecclia Cathi Divi Pauli London) : undefined


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