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    Book 3, page 161 (1563)

    hath the lyke saying: as for the letters of other Bishops, whyche haue ben wrytten or be wrytten (after the Cannon, beyng confirmed) they may lawfully be reprehended and reproued bothe by the worde of them that bee more skilful

    K. Edward. 1. Reply of the French prelates to the articles.

    which the Emperour cannot take away no more then anye other liberty of the church. By the cannon lawe also thysProbation by the Cannon law.same priuilege is confirmed. extra. de iud. c. timor. Nouil. & moreouer semeth to be confirmed

    Actes and Monuments of Marters.

    king. But after the death of the spiritual man, it shall retourne againe to his successor. The second is the Cannon lawe xvi. q. Where it is thus decreed, that it shall be lawfull for the sonnes, neuewes, and the

    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    theyr ententyon men may see openlye, by the sciences that they put them to. For they set them to the Cannon, Ciuil, or to the temporal lawe, not as to be ministers of Iustyce, to defende the pore in ryghte.

    Book 3, page 157 (1563)

    the grounde, and throwne awaye farre from the buriall of any church, accordinge vnto the Cannon lawes and decrees, whiche determination, and sentence definitiue, being red and pronounced, The byshoppe of Hostia.the Lorde president, and the forsaide presidents of the

    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

    nor Misereatur, nor office with Gloria patri, nor Graile, nor Sequence, nor cōmunion with post cōmunion, nor Qui pridie the Cannon, nor the Agnus, nor Gloria in excelsis, nor Ite missa est, nor þe Collect of the day, nor Cope,

    K. Henry. 8. Iohn Clerke, Iohn Castellane, with diuers other Martyrs

    information thereof: this our purpose and intent beyng also communicate vnto diuers Maisters and Doctours both of the Ciuile and Cannon lawes here present, which haue subscribed and signed hereunto, wherby it appeareth that thou Iohn Castellane hast oftentymes and

    Actes and Monumentes of the Church.

    fathers) all churches of late time, and all ecclesiasticall causes haue bene, The church of England gouerned by the popes Cannon lawes wythout sufficient ground of antiquitye.and yet are in this realme of Englād to this day, gouerned, directed, and

    K. Henry.3. The Popes letters for a boy to be beneficed.

    named Fridericke, being yet yoūg & vnder yeares: whom the sayd Innocent the Pope would needes preferre to be a Cannon or prebendare in the Church of Lyncolne, in this tyme of Robert Byshop of the sayde Church. And vpō

    Quene Mary. The life and story of D. Thomas Cranmer Archb. of Canterbury, Martyr.

    vnderstand that the Pope hath no authoritie to dispense with the word of God.The Kinges matter remoued from the Popes Cannon law, to the triall of the scriptures.that the Bishop of Rome had no such authoritie, as whereby hee might

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