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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Alien houses The priory of Horstead

    , Caen , which had been founded by his mother, Queen Maud . The gift of Horstead was confirmed by Henry I and again by Henry II . In 1291 the taxation roll shows that the abbess of Caen held

    Alien houses The priory of Welle or Well Hall in Gayton

    bestowed the manor of Welle and the advowson of the church of St. Nicholas on the abbey of St. Stephen, Caen . The abbey established here a small priory or cell of Benedictine monks. The grant of the manor and

    Alien houses The priory of Frampton

    the manor of Frampton in Dorset was held by the church of St. Stephen, the Norman abbey of Caen founded by William the Conqueror 'for the weal of himself, his wife, his children, and his relatives,' 1 and that 2

    St Albans abbey The monastic buildings

    few years since has fixed its other dimension. The first cloister on this site, 155 that built by Paul of Caen , seems to have continued in use till part of its north walk was destroyed by the fall of

    Chichester cathedral The eastern arm

    the triforium. The triforium arcade in the east wall is of two bays: the responds of three square orders of Caen stone have shafts of Purbeck marble: they have moulded bases and foliated capitals of varying forms. The central shaft

  • * British History Online *

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    Cecil Papers, January 1591, 01 January 1591-31 January 1591

    can to themward grow no inconveniences thereby, but rather a benefit; tor they, carrying from hence commodities unto Dieppe and Caen, shall by the said permission very likely have the better vent for the same : which also would be

    CAMPION, Dr Thomas

    Trouble 22 Dec 1610, 11 Jan 1611. Collbiz 12 April 1611 - wanted exam, then vanished. Licentiate of Paris, MD Caen. Aka CAMPIAN (Annals). ?=CHAMPION (Oxon cards), MB 1643, ?MD 1644, HonFRCP 1644? Censorial hearings m S Thomas 1610 Entry

    WYARD, Peter

    practice 1636-1650 Other notes MD Anjou 1636. ELRCP 23/4/1640. Raach p.251. College membership Medical education (university) France other than Montpellier (Nantes, Caen, Anjou) Date of MD not known Date became Extra-Licentiate 23/04/1640 Other notes MD Anjou acc to Munk. Details?

    CONWAY, William

    To be examined 1599. ELRCP before 1606. Admonished 1606. ?MD Caen 1612. There are 2 of this name in Venn. College membership Medical education (university) France other than Montpellier (Nantes, Caen, Anjou) Date of MD 1612 Degree incorporated into Oxford

    Cecil Papers, October 1606, 01 October 1606-31 October 1606

    him and to grant him his liberty. Undated . p. (P. 37.) Stone from Caen. 1606, October 10 to 1609, January 8. Robert Bell's account for Caen stone transported from France for the works at Salisbury House, Hatfield and the

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SPRENGHOSE, Edward (d.1417).

    the chronicles record that an Edmund Sprenghose, having been knighted by the King on the eve of the assault on Caen that August, was in the forefront of the scaling party, only, missing his footing, to fall into a breach

    LOWTHER, James (1753-1837), of Aikton, Cumb.

    having spoken in the House.Lowther seems to have been more intimately connected with Sir James than other members of the family, and remained his faithful henchman while others sought independence elsewhere or were dropped.� He died in 1837 at Caen.

    CLINK, John (d.1433), of Westminster.

    11 July 1405-c. 1416, of Liskeard, Cornw. 6 Nov. 1408-28 Apr. 1431. Ofifces Held Water bailiff, Dartmouth 12 Oct. 1405-d., Caen 12 Jan. 1418-c. 1422. Ofifces Held Havener of the ports of Plymouth and Cornw. by Mich. 1412-c. Dec. 1415.

    DUPORT, Henry (c.1546-1640), of Shepshed, Leics.

    Held Recorder, Derby by 1603. Biography The Duport family came from Caen, Normandy, to settle in Leicestershire in the reign of Henry IV. Duport’s father, Thomas, also a lawyer, bought a third of the extensive manor of Shepshed from Sir

    HARYNGTON, Sir James (d.1417), of Fishwick, Lancs.

    did not survive to lead this impressive retinue, being fatally wounded in an assault launched just before the fall of Caen in early September.[footnote]The task of executing Sir James’s will fell to his widow, Ellen, his two brothers, Sir William

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    iawn gy~da maeithrin a: niagu yr- egviyddor |f ddirwpstolyplant a' oes sydd'yl codi. -Darf i Obeitbui Iliosog a galluog y Caen dahu ymweliad a ni yn y Graig, a ailwn- dystio na chaweom y lath, wledd.lenyddol-road. Yr.oaddycanu a'tadrodd,., I yn'ghyda'.r Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Neuydd ei gyhdiIr8;s6c. fishilian hardd, a 28. 6c. meum ppyr,. mY 'Y NHAD wedi .ei barotoi < i'i Pryntedigion .yn tE, sgvniadyvCyfry~gEX an>y. PARCHI. D. Jones Teartl Sloean xiv.. ..-I & Son. --------dy 4YR PEX S, NGO ,,o Jedi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bibelJ, er's dau neu dri diwrnod cyn i ni ei 0ohli, oedd fel yn arwyddo fod rhyw drychineb o'i l Caen. Druan o horio! os YW hyn oll yn wir. Hys. c bysir ni yn y telegram, i lew ruthro Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y Saim laf* Aaerchiad a'r " Yr athraw yn ei ddosbsrth ye eyfrano ei wers," gan y Parch W. Lewis. Caen I Morish a 'aIlanilar.' Holi ysgol Ebenezer oddiar y 3edd: benod o'r 'Hyfforddwr' gan y Parch. P. J. Walters. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y gweinidogion a'r diaconiaid bob Dr. Yyal ddau, ac ni welwyd claddedigaeth mor uiosog a He od pharchus yn ninas Caen er's Ilawer o flynyddoedd. hei na Cynhaliwyd gwasaiaetsh yn nghapel John street 'ax efr Iy ffordd i'r cmet-ry. Dechreuwyd Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 3 Gates, and Posterns.

    a fair and strong Arched Gate, partly builded of hard Stone of Kent , and partly of Stone brought from Caen in Normandy , since the Conquest, and Foundation of the High Tower , and served for Passengers on Foot

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    12 March 1789, 12 March 1789

    Witnefs &quot; afterwards on the 15th Auguß 1785, faw Mrs. Sheri- &quot; dan and Mr. Newman at a Place called Caen, about &quot; Twelve Miles from Moulines, in France, and the next &quot; Day (videlicet} the i6th oiAugufi, Mrs. Sheridan Subscribers-only content

    17 July 1807, 17 July 1807

    State, &quot; That Louis &quot; Francois Nicolas &quot; is Frebout, Son of Francois Frebout by Ann his Wife, born at Caen in Normandy, in France, had produced to him fatisfactory Proof that he had conformed in all Refpects to the Subscribers-only content

    11 June 1816, 11 June 1816

    by the Magiftrates under the Alien Act, and forced on &quot; Board a French Veflel lying at Grave/end, bound to Caen *&apos; in France, in the Month of Augufi i812, and the Peti- &quot; tioner was forced into France againft Subscribers-only content

    21 March 1822, 21 March 1822

    Bill and the &quot; Order of this House?&quot; &quot; I did.&quot; &quot; Where did you serve her ?&quot; &quot; At Caen in Normandy.&quot; &quot; You served her personally ?&quot; &quot; I did.&quot; (f It was a Copy of this Bill, Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 10 December 1829

    aliqualit ptinentib3 seu spectantib3 p homagiu nob & heredib3 nfis faciend: ac reddendo unu gladiu vaginatu apud castrum nfm de Caen ad festu Sci Georgii singulis annis imppm Proviso semp qd idem consanguineus nf holes ad arma & sagittarios ad Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Place CaenCaen, France Now known as: Caen, Basse-Normandie, France Contemporary view: CAEN, a large, well-built, and populous town of France, department of Calvados, located at the influx of the small river Odon into the larger stream of the Orne.


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