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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Smethwick Charities for the poor

    Henry Mitchell , in the first instance by J. E. Mitchell and subsequently by a descendant chosen by Mitchells & Butlers Ltd. By 1930 six more alms-houses had been built for the charity at the expense of five members of

    Parishes Edlesborough

    succeeded by his son Robert, 190 who sold Butlers in 1659 to John Kidgell . 191 The latter died before December 1690 , leaving a son John Kidgell , 192 who conveyed Butlers in 1696 to Peter Ward . 193

    Parishes Yelling

    Butlers or Ashfields to his eldest son, Nicholas. Nicholas Luke died seised of Ashfields Manor in 1613 , leaving a son and heir Sir Oliver Luke , 61 who before his death 62 had with his wife Maud conveyed

    Parishes Clifton Reynes

    These two estates, the undertenants of which in 1086 were Niel and Roger de Olney respectively, correspond to the later Butlers and Wakes Manors, which extended into the adjacent parish of Newton Blossomville . WAKES MANOR , which owed its

    Fen Drayton Economic history

    1590s he was lending £100 or more to local landowners, expecting to foreclose on their properties. 88 His acquisitions included Butlers farm, supposedly over 250 a. when purchased in 1578 , but reckoned as only 160 a. in 1633 ,

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 26 Colleges and Hospitals. Bridewel.

    each of them 15l. Yearly, 75l. To two Stewards, each of them 6l. 13s. 4d. 13l. 6s. 8d. To two Butlers , each of them 6l. 12l. To two Cooks, each of them 8l. 16l. To Four Porters, each of

    Book 5, Chapter 8 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Liveries.]

    Clerks, to wit, a Secondary, a Clerk of the Papers, and four other Clerks; besides the Under-Sheriffs Clerks, their Stewards, Butlers , Porters, and other in Houshold many. Of the MAIORS and SHERIFFS LIVERIES. N OW to say something of

    Book 3, Chapter 6 Cripplegate Ward. [Present State.]

    running into Moor lane; and lieth open, in some part, to Angel Alley ; the partition Pale being broken down. Butlers Alley, long, and narrow, but indifferent good; also falls into Moor lane, where it is broadest. And about the

    Book 3, Chapter 6 [Present State.] Cripplegate Ward.

    Alley , and so into Little Moorfields . Seven Star Court , very mean. Sugar loaf Alley, small and ordinary. Butlers Alley, leadeth into Moorfields , already treated of. Car Yard , a pretty large place for Stabling. Cock Alley

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Strest; BHovenden and Sons, 5, Grcast Mrlbo'ough Street, W., end 99 and 95,(Ity Fhoewd; Sutton and Co., 10, Bow Churchyard; Butlers ad Crispe, 4, Cheapside' Naw, Son, and Thomrson, 7 to 1, Alfirregats Street; Lynch and Co., i7lA and 171B, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    2. Llwyn- I- ogod y tir. 3. Cwn hela. 4. Parsoniaid. 1- 5. Pheasants. 6. Game keepers. 7. [ a Butlers a cooks y plasdy. 8. Y tenantiaid. u 9. Llewod, eirth, llewpardiaid a bwystfilod d rheibus eraill. 10. Aelodau Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    fron timeimTkemrnorial. A Claim was annxexd iobrdivers otilers of the ciliztens of Lon- doo, to serve in the office of Butlers, arnd to tave the usual fees. His Lordship ciained, besides, to sit at the tahle rqext the lar," cover Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Asthmatic affections it assists and gives freedom to the Breath. Sold inl bottles, at is. kd. and Is. Pd. by Butlers, Chemists 4, Cheapoide, St. Paul's, and 220, Regent-street, near the Argyle Rooms, London; Waterloo- place, Edinburgh; Sarksllo-street, Dublin; and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Prepared by G. Morris, Chemist to the Royal 'rsilta Kensington. Sold in boxes, at ls. lid. and 2s. 9d. by Butlers, Chemists, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's, and 2120, Regent-street, near the Argyle Rooms, London; AWIatedlo- place, Edinburgh; Sackville-street, Dublin; and Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BUTLER, William, of Nottingham.

    and Butler alleged that Blanch had assaulted Alice in the churchyard on Sunday and, having covered her head with his cloak, ‘so did with her that she could not see’. The Butlers received damages of £5.[footnote] William died before 1404.[footnote]

    BUTLER (BOTELER), Thomas I (1513/14-79), of Bewsey and Warrington, Lancs.

    1544-52/53 commr. eccles, causes, diocese of Chester 1562, musters, Lancs. 1573, 1578; j.p. Lancs. by 1568; sheriff 1569-70. Biography The Butlers, barons of Warrington, were among the oldest and most powerful of Lancashire families. Thomas Butler’s father, the 16th Baron,

    AUDLEY, John I (d.1588), of Berechurch, Essex.

    No wife or children are mentioned in the will. Audley’s ‘cousin’, or more accurately nephew, Thomas, was bequeathed lands ‘called Butlers in Peldon and Aberton, Essex’, from which legacies were to be paid to six other nephews and nieces. Audley’s

    BUTLER, Arnold (by 1521-64), of Johnston, Pemb.

    Ofifces Held Under sheriff, Pemb. 1542-3, sheriff 1557-8; sewer, the chamber by 1546; j.p. Pemb. and Haverfordwest 1555-d. Biography The Butlers of Pembrokeshire, with their two main branches at Coedcanlass and Johnston, came from the Norman family of Dunraven in

    TRACY, William (d.1440), of Toddington, Glos.

    none of their properties was held in chief of the Crown-Toddington being held of the Sudeleys and their descendants the Butlers of Sudeley castle, and Doynton of the earls of Stafford.[footnote]The career of William Tracy the MP, in so far

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the dioces of Lincolne.

    K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the dioces of Lincolne.Anno. 1521.Ex Regist. Io. Longland. Lincol.Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.RobertCarderof Iuer,Weyuer,detectedRich. Vulford, of Ryselyp.Hackar.Thomas Kyng.IoanneCocks.The wifeof Rob. Wy-wod, hus-bandman.For desiring of Durdant hermaister, that he being a Knowenmā, would teach her some know-ledge

    K. Henry 8. Persecution in the Dioces of Lincolne.

    K. Henry 8. Persecution in the Dioces of Lincolne.Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.For receiuing an Eng-Thomaslish booke geuen hym by8tilman.Carder his father, whoIenkin But-after his abiuration donler.before bishop Smith, felsicke and died.Rich Vulford of Riselip.Hackar. Thomas King.For desiring of Dur-Ione Cocks.dant

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    12 February 1699, 12 February 1700

    to which they defire the Concurrence of this Houfe. Hodie ga vice lecta efl BUla, intituled, " An Aft to Butlers Bills enable Henry Butler Efquire to make Leafes of Part of his Eftate in Lancaßire, for difcharging of Incura- Subscribers-only content

    4 May 1714, 4 May 1714

    inftantis Maii, hora undecirna Auroras, Dominis fie decernentibus. Then, a Petition of Sarah Loggin, Wife of Francis Log¬ gin, of Butlers Marflon, in the County of Warwick, Gen¬ tleman, was prefented to the Houfe, and read; {hew¬ ing,. " That Subscribers-only content

    14 March 1771, 14 March 1771

    of Lincoln-" to which they defire the Concurrence of this Höufe. A Meflage was brought from the Houfe of Coin- Butlers tnons, by the Eari of Gather lough and others : fü^ With ä Bill, intituled, " An Aft for Subscribers-only content

    17 February 1796, 17 February 1796

    referred to Mr. Juftice Butler, and Mr. Juftice Heath : " That the Petitioner, upon Application at Mr. Juftice " Butlers Chambers, has been informed, that he is at lc prefeiit in the Country, and will not return till after Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1824, 25 June 1824

    or Bokenham, in Norfolk, the " ancient Seat of the Albini Family, holden by the Ser- " vice of being Butlers to the Kings of England, and " from which this Branch of the Albini Ftmily had " usually the Subscribers-only content

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    An historical apology for the Irish Catholics, 1807

    Their example was followed by nearly all the " English families of considerable property, by the Burkes, Birminghams, Dexons, Geraldines, Butlers , Condrons, & c. who, in the stile of Irish royalty, assumed a fictitious sirname in place of the Subscribers-only content

    Rule in Ireland, from St. Patrick to Cromwell., 1887

    (Chief of the Lancastrian Butlers , whose battle-cry of " Butleraboo, " had, in earlier times, so often encountered the hostile cry of " Cromaboo, " for the Yorkist Geraldines) was assembled at Carrick - Fergus , ostensibly ready to Subscribers-only content

    The case of Ireland stated, 1881

    , and sometimes of the Pale , by setting the Earl of Kildare on interlopers, and sometimes by setting the Butlers on the Earl of Kildare . The latter was summoned to London in a.d. 1534 , and imprisoned in Subscribers-only content

    The case of Ireland stated, 1881

    fresh distribution of the greater part of Leinster and Munster , and parts of Ulster among his soldier adventurers. The Butlers ' or Ormondes ' estates, forfeited once before, were again forfeited on this occasion, restored by Charles II ., Subscribers-only content

    The fireside story of Ireland, 1881

    : they rapidly lost their Norman habits to become Irish chieftains. The De Berghs became Burkes, the Le Boutiliers became Butlers , and of the Fitzgeralds nothing remained Norman but the name. A complaint arose that these feudal families were Subscribers-only content


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