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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr achosion canlynol:- Bad Legs Cancers Cllandular Skin Diseases Bad Breasts Contractiad' Swellings Sciity and St i ff Lumbago Ulcers Burns oiuts Piles Wounds Chilblains Elephantiasis Rqnmstism YaiA Chappedhanids Fistulas Scald Heads Corn 'Soft) Gount Sore Throats Ar wertl yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Cancers G l a n d u l a r Skin Diseases Badflreasts Contracted Swellings Scurvy and Stiff Lumbago *icers Burns oints Piles Wounds Chilblains Elephantiasis - Rqnmatism Yaws Chappedhands Fistulas Scald Heads Corn (Soft) Gout Sore Throats Ar werth Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ehosion, canlynol.-:; . Bad Legs Caricers Gl an rdulla r Sldn :Diseases BadBrsts' Contracted Swellings Sourvy aisd Stiti Lumbago: ulcers Burns 0 idnts- Piles: Wounds Chilblains , . Elewhantiaaia Eliinatisin Yt~aLs Chapedfhanad5 <Fie8tu.,: Sscald reads .' Ar werth yn'S~fydliad y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a'r Pdenau yn yr achoaotn canlynot:- Bdes Cancers Glandular Sldn Diseases Bd=rsaets Contracted, Swe= r Scurvy and Stiff Lumbago Ulcers Burns aints PRle - Wm Yaw Chilblains Elephantiais luais Yws Cbappjdhands. Fistulas Scald Reads Corn 'soft) Gout Bore Throats Ar Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    A il7IO b83 iTaNT. x. ____mngry0 WelAypreferred. Apply: to r UNDElB CERODDOR;OLbIi D 5T WYR 0 f;Fl EREYRLI; ;f C YNHELIR CYaANFA RLD L yr ln- deb ;uchod ynN iL Moa, C TrOl, Dydd Liun, ylafo Fai, 187-.. t-C, Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Navestock Parish government and poor relief

    year of age. At that time there were 30 persons in the workhouse, of whom 7 were named Noaks, 5 Burns , and 3 Eldred. In 1834 Samuel Randal was appointed to succeed Lash. It was agreed that he should

    Hornchurch Religious history

    on: E. Barrett , The Lamp still Burns , 9, 10, 33-4; Wesleyan Chapel Cttee. Reps . ( 1926-32 ); inf. from Rev. G. Maland. Paragraph based on: Barrett, The Lamp still Burns , 10, 37-8; inf. from Mr. J.


    and was afterwards the home of Thomas Paget of Ibstock . 13 At the end of the 19th century James Burns Hartopp inherited the estate through his wife and came to live at the hall; 14 after his death the

    Birch Economic history

    , 101-2. K. G. Farries , Essex Windmills , iii. 39-42; N.M.R., file 2074. E.R.O., D/CT 34; D/DR E18; D/DR O15. Ibid. C/DP 11/3/1; E.C.S . 20 July 1984 . Inf. from Mr. 1. Burns , Playle Engineering Co. Ltd.

    Bethnal Green Building and Social Conditions from 1915 to 1945

    demolished the old house, retained the Cottage, and between 1922 and 1924 built four-storeyed brick blocks named after poets ( Burns , Milton , Moore , Morris, Shelley , Swinburne, and Whitman), containing 137 flats. 92 The second estate, called

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    25 January 1771, 25 January 1771

    pellant, as deiired. land. L. Milton. L. Beaulieu. L. Camden. peal. cognizance on Dunkin&apos;s Appeal. Burns to en- The Houfe being moved, &quot; That James Burns of &quot; King Street, Covent Garden, may be permitted to en- &lt;* ter into Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1805, 25 June 1805

    45 Geo.III. Journals of the Houfe of Lords. 345 Q. &quot; Was it in the Night ?&quot; A. « Yes.&quot; Q. &quot; Who accompanied her V* A. &quot; I did fometimes.&quot; Q. &quot; Did fhe ufe to go into Subscribers-only content

    7 December 1813, 7 December 1813

    defired, Upon reading the Petition and Appeal -of Kirkman Finkyetal. Finlay Efquire, Lord Provofl of the City of Gla/gow, aga&quot;&gt;ft Burns and the Magiftrates and Councillors of Glafgow, for et al* And The Lord Walfingham reported from the Com- themfelves Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1813, 17 December 1813

    Upon reading the Petition of Kirkman Finlay d Burns Efquire, Lord Provoft of the City of Glafgow, and others, Appellants in a Caufe depending in this Houfe, to which The Reverend John Burns and others are Refpondents; fetting forth, « Subscribers-only content

    6 June 1814, 6 June 1814

    that &quot; David and John Burns, and David Burns, Farmer at &quot; Kindaven, may be required to anfwer the faid Ap- « peal:&quot; It is Ordered, That the faid David and John Burns, and David Burns, Farmer at Kindaven, may Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    that accelerated his downfall, when, in comparison with other princes, he possessed so many accomplishments and amiable traits of character. Burns, the most advanced of Scotch Liberals, in speaking of the Stuart kings, did not hesitate to say, "that to Subscribers-only content

    East Indies, April 1630, 05 April 1630-25 April 1630

    the Star. (Cape of Good Hope.) 31 . G eo. Willoughby, Math. Duke, John Hunter, Willm. Matthewe, Tho. Grove, Jno. Burns, and Phil. Barden to the East India Company. Their last was of 10th of Jan. off Tenerife, by Thompson,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 63, 28 June 1831, 28 June 1831-28 June 1831

    Causes; Simson and another against Jones and another; Messieurs Leys, Masson and Company against James Ochoncar Lord Forbes and others; Burns against Stewart; Hunter against Roughead and others; Cathcart against Sir John Andrew Cathcart Baronet and another; Clyne against Sclater

    Journal, July 1767, Volume 74, 01 July 1767-31 July 1767

    John Stewart Simon Fraser 1. James Abercrombie 1. John Campbell 1. John MacDonnell 1. George Spence 1. John Mill George Burns Hutchinson Mure 1. Robert Cathcart David Higgins Resolved, that it be recommended, that the lots on Mr. Holland's survey,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 63, 20 July 1831, 20 July 1831-20 July 1831

    The Earl of Shaftesbury sat Speaker by virtue of a former Commission. Burns & Grier v Stewart. After hearing Counsel, in Part, in the Cause wherein John Burns and Robert Grier are Appellants, and Duncan Stewart is Respondent: It is


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