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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Austin canons The priory of Conishead

    568, 569, 571-4, 584, 586; Nicolson and Burn , op. cit. ii, 16. Cal. of Pat . 1340-3 , p. 195. Pat. 12 Edw. II , pt. 1, m. 22. Ibid.; Nicolson and Burn , op. cit. i, 227. Lancs

    Townships Thornton

    Burn in Thornton in socage, paying 10 s . rent, as before; Duchy of Lanc. Knights' Fees, bdle. 2, no. 20. See the account of Mowbreck in Kirkham . William Westby in 1557 held three messuages, & c., in

    Colleges Greystoke

    a collegiate church was fr equently described as a chantry. Orig. R. 32 Edw. III . m. 25. Nicolson and Burn , Hist. of Cumb . ii. 362. Inq. p.m. 33 Edw. III . ser. i. No. 43. That the

    Colleges Kirkoswald

    The editors of Dugdale's Monasticon , vi. 1450, were misled by Tanner ( Notitia , p. 78) and Nicolson and Burn ( Hist. of Cumb . ii. 426) in supposing that Kirkoswald was a college of twelve secular priests founded

    Winchester The hospital of St Cross

    their octagonal flue shafts and embattled capping, form the main feature of this elevation. A water-course known as the Lock Burn is carried round the rear of the buildings, and over this the garderobe projections are carried on small twocentred

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    v. Burn . Title Dogs p.686. 486. One great mischief attending this abusive excessive consumption of words, like that of strong Liquors, is, that when once begun, the difficulty is so great of leaving it off- The very enormity of


    case, than that of not being to be found. coming within the latter predicament. It is known that D r Burn ' s work is ( & wou it is would not be easy to find conceive a better one


    composure, & would proceed with all possible expedition to make prescribe them by the former sanguinary Laws v. Hanway in Burn on the Poor Laws 226. , while a project tho ' never so well devised for the cure of


    any want of Law suits. It is worth while to observe the cases which are cited by D r . Burn as being what seemed to him to be " of the like kind, " and which he looked upon


    the thoughts of such indulgences, in question would will read an account like this with perfect composure; v. Hanway in Burn on the Poor Laws 226. & would proceed with all expedition to make proscribe them by the person sanguinary

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    eiatedd ac edryehais o:gwmpasfel un. newydd 01ddio Po'i &wsgpovydnid.onedn y oeiml fy,,hu .wedi,,cael. dm adne~wyddiad.. Dywedais 'wirth M~r.-1 Corwe~ll, . 'Burn, yn. Jiollol4 .ddideimlad. yi,;.a:*r."> ,Ateboda ~intan,.:'Do, fe fivoch,; ac ife fuma inau'yn F .bur ago~s: " Yna ty: nai$ Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Harvey, yn ngharchar yn Merthyr, am drywann dyn arall o'r enw Bnrn aedd yn lletya yn y ei dy. Gorweddai Burn ar y cyntaf mewn cyfiwr s peryglus. Ymddangosai fod a wnelaf y ddiad feddwol % A'r ffrwgwd a'arweiniodd i Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -- XU GAN DIOGENES. RM XMLIII. Burn yn gwrandaw ar Iarll Grey ryw noson yr wythnos ddiweddaf yn dweyd gair ar y Trefedigaeth- au. Un rhyfedd lawn ydyw yr larll-" the crotchetty one " fel y gelwir ef yn gyffredin. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Davies, Llundain; V .JIgi, Pontsaeson ; 3. ,Bowen, B~hydf'endigAid; - a-T.-d. wards, Gwrmystwyth.-T. - -. , Siat BElPR'O.-Cynhaliwyd Cyfarfod. Misol Burn. stt's Hill, pyy rhan Saesaeg o'r sir, Medi 64da'r-fed. . lylydd,'y Parch: T. ML. Davies 1eylak d.Vl Gshwyd enwan Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    .LU T 131 E HAFODTY SLATE QUARRY OMPPANY, LIMITED.' To be Incorporated under the Companies' Act of 1862 & 1867. Whereby the Liability of Shareholders is Limited to the Amount of their Shares. CAPITAL M10,000, in Shares of £1 Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Machel MSS., extensively used by Nicholson and Burn in their History of Westmorland and Cumberland , the Early Records of the Barony of Appleby have been dealt with, very exhaustively, by the late Rev. Frederick W. Ragg, For which see

    Extracts from the records, 1609

    . . . to be warnit to be readie to ryd the morne at sevin houris. 25 February 1609. Act, Burn borrowit siluer . The provest, bailleis, and counsell, being chargit befoir this tyme for payment making to the Clerk

    XIX, Instrument regarding liberty for building a mill on Gardyngad Hill (1446-7)

    and erecting of the mill thereof on the south side of Gardyngad, upon the burn which is called Malyndoner, on the north side of the said burn, within the commonty of the said burgh belonging to the said burgesses and


    held at his death, of the queen by knight's service [the moiety of ] the manor of Whinfell; Nicolson and Burn, i, 115. 1569 After the death of Walter Strickland the Court of Wards granted to Alice his relict inter

    Extracts from the Records, 1583, Jul-Sept

    furriers, Thomas Diksoun; cordiners, Thomas Bruce; goldsmiths, Thomas Annand; skinners, Jhonn Bannatyne; websters, Thomas Wrycht; fleshers, James Vr; wrights, Richert Burn; masons, Mungo Tailyiefer; walkers, William Cowts; baxters, James Wod; bonnet makers, William Somer. ] New counsell . ["The foresaidis

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the churche

    Actes and Monumentes of the churcherunning title across gutter.but that ye be here clothed in the Queenes colours. I hope ye be but a sommers byrd, in that ye be dressed in whyte and grene. &c.A note of maister

    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

    aunswere you any thynge in his autoritie you shall demaunde of me, except I would be forsworne, whiche God forbidde.S. Burn. Hast thou been sworne sixe times? what office hast thou borne?Brad. Forsoth I was thryse sworne in Cambridge, when

    Book 6, page 1256 (1563)

    when he was abroade by preaching. In his letters he curseth all that teache anye false doctrine (for so he calleth that whiche is not according to that he taught) and moste hartely exhorteth them to whome he writeth

    Queene Mary. Tyms, Drakes, Spurge, Cauell, Ambrose Martyrs. Theyr Examination.

    vnto them certayne Articles, the summe and maner wherof were the same which before obiected to Whittell, Greene, Tudson, Went, Burn, Elizab. Foster, Lashford, looke pag. 1589. Drakes and W. Tyms with the rest agayne examined.And the 26. day of

    Queene Mary. Examination of M. Iohn Bradford before Winchester and other Commißioners.

    Queene Mary. Examination of M. Iohn Bradford before Winchester and other Commißioners.1555. Iuly.and vaynglorious, and wylt not receyue mercy offred to thee, know for truth that the Queene is mynded to make a ** That is the worst you

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BRISCO (BRISTOO, BRISTOW), Simon, of Carlisle, Cumb.

    was not among those Members of Mary’s first Parliament who ‘stood for the true religion’, that is, for Protestantism.Nicolson and Burn, Westmld. and Cumb, ii. 202-3; E. Sandford, Antiqs. and Fams. in Cumb. (Cumb. and Westmld. Antiq. and Arch. Soc.

    DACRE, Henry (c.1577-1623), of Lanercost, Cumb.

    his maternal grandfather. On 25 Sept. 1600 he signed Lord Scrope’s petition against the Carletons (see CARLETON, Thomas). He died 7 Oct. 1623.Wards 7/24, no. 68; Nicolson and Burn, Cumb. and Westmld. ii. 502-3; C142/399/148; Border Pprs. i. 35, 106.

    AGLIONBY, Thomas (d.c.1584), of Hornsey, Mdx.

    Middlesex’ on 20 Aug. 1581. The will, proved in January 1584, appointed his wife executrix, and his ‘dear and special friends’ Hugh Cholmondeley and Glasier overseers.Nicolson and Burn, Hist. Cumb. and Westmld. ii. 327; Hutchinson, Cumb. 195; PCC 25 Butts.

    LANCASTER, Lancelot (d.1570), of Sockbridge, Westmld.

    1 Aug. 1570 and was succeeded by his eldest son Edward, then aged 33.Vis. Westmld. 1615, p. 43; Nicolson and Burn, Westmld. and Cumb. i. 400, 402; Wards 7/13/13; CPR, 1550-3, p. 423; 1558-60, pp. 141, 270; 1563-6, pp. 35,

    MUSGRAVE, Christopher (b.c.1553), of Hartley Castle, Westmld.

    and in 1589 another brother, Thomas, became deputy to Sir Simon at Bewcastle.Vis. Westmld. 1615 ed. Bridger, 8-9; Nicolson and Burn, Hist. Cumb. and Westmld. i. 596; Yorks. Fines, Tudor period (Yorks. Arch. Soc. rec. ser.), ii. 25, 61, 103;

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    34 Location: Brayton (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Burn(Burn) : undefined Brayton (Brayton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: WilliamBacon [Bakan] Role: witness Details: male Participant: ThomasWebster [Webstan; Webster] Role: witness Details: male; 28 Location: Brayton (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Burn (Birn) : undefined Brayton (Brayton)


    [Wentworthe] Role: defendant Details: male; gentleman Participant: Alexander Savage [Savage] Role: witness Details: male; 69; yeoman Location: Brayton (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Burn (Burne) : undefined Brayton (Brayton) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Birkin (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Temple Hirst (Temple Hurst, Temple Hyrst, Templehurste)


    Role: plaintiff Details: male Location: Burn(Burn) : undefined Cannot identify Place(s): Kirkburn (YorkshireEastRiding) Eastburn (Estburn) : undefined York (Ebor') : diocese Participant: Agnes daughter of WilliamCousen [Cosyn] Role: defendant Details: female Location: Burn(Burn) : undefined Cannot identify Place(s):


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