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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Cistercians nuns Kirklees Priory

    advowson of the church of Mirfield 3 to provide a chaplain for ever for the soul of Sir John de Burgh at Kirklees . Boniface IX ( 1400-4 ) allowed the nuns of Kirklees to appropriate Mirfield Church and to

    Townships Burrow with Burrow

    William de Burgh in 1318 claimed dower in Burrow against the following: Roger son of William de Burgh and Denise his wife, William son of John de Burgh (1 oxgang of lan d), Juliana widow of John de Burgh (2

    Parishes Banstead

    by Mr. Charles Garton . 79a At the time of the Domesday Survey the manor of BURGH or GREAT BURGH (Berge, xi cent.; Bergh, Burgh , Barewe, Berewe, xiii cent.; West Bergh , Great Bergh , xiv. cent.; Borowe, Westborowe,

    Houses of Cistercian nuns The priory of Nuncotham

    £12 13 s . 4 d . at least. 17 In 1303 the prior held half a knight's fee in Burgh and Girsby and part of a fee in Swallow ; 18 in 1346 a fraction also in Habrough and

    Townships Gressingham

    a Burgh , for about 1270 William de Burgh ( Burrow ) was lord of Gressingham . 15 It appears that in 1228 the Icing granted Over Wyresdale and the land of Gressingham to the great Hubert de Burgh and

  • * British History Online *

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    Charter X, On rights of townsmen charged with felony (1421)

    discreet of the same Burgh, who shall take their oath before Us, well and faithfully to govern Our aforesaid Burgh. And that the same twelve Burgesses shall in future be named Aldermen of Our aforesaid Burgh. And that at the


    of the book has been completed for some time, and contains the Charters of the Burgh and other illustrative documents from the institution of the Burgh till 1648. The Editor hopes to be able to complete the Preface to that

    Charter V, On the right of the townsmen to municipal self-government (1340)

    and Morgant, must dwell in the towns of Burgh an d not Upland; and that they shall in everywise make sale of their wares in marts, market places, and in towns of Burgh, and not elsewhere. And also that merchants


    "Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh" contains all that is known to exist of what may be termed the Burghal Legislation of the Scottish capital previous to May 1528. The present volume comprises the sequel of that

    List of abbreviations

    Guild," "Burgh Court, 1529-1531." John Foular's Protocol. Protocol Books of John Foular, Notary-Public of the Burgh, extending from 9th March 1500 to 3d October 1534; 4 volumes. V. Strathauchin's Protocol. Protocol Books of Vincent Strathauchin, Notary-Public of the Burgh, extending

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 25 [Assize of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Bread.]

    and never reversid sithen. Memorandum, It is ordayned bi Statute, that alle maner of Bakers dwelling out of Cities and Burgh Townes, as Bakers dwelling in Villagis, and upon Lorde, their Peny Lof, what Corne soever it be, be it

    Preface 3 The Preface.

    Counties, beginning Alphabetically: shewing, who had been Lords of each Burgh from the Conquest, Number of Electors, Dedication of Churches and Chapels, Description of Buildings, & c. in each respective Burgh : and came as far as the Letter G.

    Book 3, Chapter 12 [Serjeants Inn.] Faringdon Ward without. [The new Temple.]

    such as feared the spoil thereof in other Places. Matthew Paris noteth, that in the Year 1232 . Hubert de Burgh , Earl of Kent , being Prisoner in the Tower of London , the King was informed that he

    Book 1, Chapter 16 TOWER of London. Accidents.

    Year 1222 , the Citizens of London , having made a Tumult against the Abbot of Westminster ; Hubert of Burgh , Chief Justice of England , came to the Tower of London , and called before him the Maior

    Book 5, Chapter 12 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Tallow Chandlers.]

    IV . cap 8. Item, whereas the Governours, that is, the Maiors, Bailiffs, and other like Governours of every City, Burgh , and Town of Substance within this Realm, & c. By vertue of which Law the Lord Maior's learned

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    i anmhosibi i ddeall Un gair. Y mae yr Ardalydd wedi. hanu o hen deulu o Normaniaid, trwy Hlarlowen de Burgh, yr hwn a briododd Arlotta, (?,) main Gwilym y Con-. ewerwr. Aeth un o honynt i'r 1werddon yn y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    SYMUDIAD PWYSIG YN ERBYN ATHERAW. IAETH ANFFAELEDIGRWYDD YN PARIS. 4t I I ., 1 i It 1 . . Mae gohebydd y Daily News yn Paris, am nos Lun diweddaf yn ysgrifenu yr adroddiad canlynol am symudiad pwysig sydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    - - - ---;~A~,a w Tr~ni , BFOD-3oR~o~YN 1D'B:N-BURGH- Fel y waeyyn bysbys i'r rhai sydd yn darllen y -gy papyran Seisnig fod EgIwys Rydd Scotiand yn cynai cei ei ohyfarfodydd -biynly~dWi yn Eldiabnrgh yr wythuas Cy( hori, a'r Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ffoblaba? Wj- Omani. Prinion yw y newyddion o faes y rhyfel yr wythnos hon eto-prawf wrth gwrs nad oes. dim digwyddiadau cy:frous i'w-cofnodi-ond y s mae mWy a oleuni nag a fu er's amser ar sef- e yllfa y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y gorch- . fygwr ; and cymerwyd medeiant o Gwent wadi IIyVY gan Harr IIL., a chyflwynodd hili: Hngh de Burgh, yr u hwn a adeiiadoddly rhan fwyaf o Gsstell r:,-1 .iant. r Yn ffln wedi byn, syrthiodd Hugh de Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BURGH, Hugh (d.1430), of Wattlesborough, Salop and Dinas Mawddwy, Merion.

    the possession of Fulk Mawddwy’s widow, and did not fall to Burgh until her death in 1429 (less than a year before his own demise), but it was Burgh who as ‘lord of Mawddwy’ confirmed his father-in-law’s charter to the

    BURGH, John (1673-1740), of Troy House, Mitchel Troy, Mon.

    born into the Burgh family of Dromkeen, co. Limerick, of Anglo-Norman descent. His grandfather, Richard Bourke, had converted from Catholicism and, on taking orders in the Anglican church, changed his name to Burgh. His father Ulysses Burgh, also an Anglican

    BURGH, John I, of Barlandew in Blisland, Cornw.

    lord of the manor and borough, alleged that Burgh and others had offended him by various trespasses. Their exact nature is not known. More details, however, are recorded about an incident involving Burgh and his son John which occurred several

    BURGH, John II (d.1434), of Wallington, Surr.

    - perhaps the son - of the John Burgh of Sandore in Sussex who, in 1369, became keeper of the archbishop of Canterbury’s parks in Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex. This John Burgh was a feoffee-to-uses of the archiepiscopal manor of

    BURGH, Simon (d.c.1395), of Wimpole, Cambs.

    fee. The case had no serious consequences for Burgh, for by the time Parliament assembled he had found favour at Court. A week earlier Archbishop Islip had died, and on 27 Apr. Burgh had accompanied the late archbishop’s chancellor, Master

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    witness Details: male; 31; husbandman Location: Burgh(Burgh) : undefined Cannot identify Place(s): Ellerton Priory (YorkshireEastRiding) Ellerton Priory (Ellyton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: William Portington [Portingtonne] Role: witness Details: male; 32; husbandman Location: Burgh(Burgh) : undefined Cannot identify Place(s):


    Place(s): Chorley (Chorley) : chapelry Participant: Alexander Rigby [Rigby] Role: witness Details: male; 53; esquire Location: Standish (Lancashire) Place(s): Burgh(Burgh) : undefined Participant: Laurence Brear [Brears; Breers; Breres] Role: witness Details: male; 63 Employment: tanner Location: Croston (Lancashire) Place(s):


    Ellerton Priory (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Ellerton Priory (Ellytonne) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: John Coleson [Colsonne] Role: witness Details: male Location: Burgh(Burgh) : undefined Cannot identify Participant: Richard Sotheran [Sotherome] Role: witness Details: male; 52; husbandman Location: Brantingham (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Ellerker


    (Elloughton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: Lawrence Leington [Leington] Role: witness Details: male; 30 Employment: labourer Location: Elloughton (YorkshireEastRiding) Place(s): Brough (Burgh) : undefined Elloughton (Elloughton) : ecclesiastical parish Participant: Robert Simpson [Simson; Symson] Role: witness Details: male; 40 Employment: tailor


    Employment: farmer Location: Cumberland Place(s): West End of Burgh (Brough Westend) : undefined Cumberland Participant: Thomas Hodgson [Hodgson] Role: witness Details: male; 24 Employment: farmer Location: Cumberland Place(s): East End of Burgh (Est End Brough) : undefined Cumberland Participant: Joseph

  • * Who Were The Nuns *

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    Winifred Mary Chadwick

    Details Winifred Mary Chadwick in religion Maria Magdalen Born in Burgh Died 1795 16 Nov in London father John Chadwick mother Eleonore Wearing


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