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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 6 [Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Lib. Horn . fo. 227. J. S. *Richard de Beaco, 1st Ed. King John 's Grant concerning the Sheriffs. Walter Brune , and Rosia his Wife, founded the Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate , commonly called St. Mary Spittle

    Book 5, Chapter 8 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Liveries.]

    Pope , Draper, for two Gown Cloths, eight Yards of two Colours eux ombo deux de Rouge (or Red) Medley Brune and Porre (or Purple) Colour, Price, the Yard, 2s. These Gowns were for Piers Rider and John Buckles ,

    Book 1, Chapter 29 Honourable Acts of Citizens.

    Acts of Citizens in general to come to particular Citizens, and their worthy Deeds. In the Year 1197 , Walter Brune , a Citizen of London , and Rosia his Wife, founded the Hospital of our Lady, called Domus Dei,

    Book 2, Chapter 6 Bishopsgate Ward. St. Mary Spittal.

    ye the late dissolved Priory and Hospital of our blessed Lady, commonly called, Saint Mary Spittle , founded by Walter Brune , and Rofia his Wife, for Canons regular Walter, Archdeacon of London , laid the first Stone in the

    Book 1, Chapter 4 Gates and Posterns.

    Beardwards-lane on the East, & c. Next, I read in a Charter, Dated in the Year 1235 , that Walter Brune , Citizen of London , and Rosia his Wife, having Founded the Priory or new Hospital of our blessed

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Rowner

    with the Brune arms. Beneath the arch are the arms of Brune with helm and mantling, and on the base four shields with the arms of Brune , Brune impaling Tichborne , Brune impaling Knowles , and Brune impaling Bamfilde,

    Durleigh Manors and other estates

    nephew Charles Pleydell Brune . The latter was followed by his nephew the Revd. Charles Prideaux ( 1760- 1833 ), who took the additional name of Brune in 1799 . 67 The Revd. Charles Prideaux - Brune was followed in

    Parishes Barton Stacey

    passed in 1512 to Thomas Brune , the grandson of the last William Ringbourne, who alienated it in 1538 to John Salmon , retaining for himself and his heirs £5 rent yearly. 55 Sir John Brune died seised of this

    Parishes Fordingbridge

    de la Falaise. 18 From this date Fordingbridge has followed the descent of Rowner (q.v.). 19 In 1280 William le Brune claimed a market, pillory, tumbril and assize of bread and ale in Fordingbridge . 20 His right to the

    Chidham Chidham P arish Church

    be Thomas Pay , great-grandson of Henry Bickley 's daughter Honor, but Thomas Bickley bequeathed this manor to Brewen, or Brune , Bickley (grandson of Henry) and Cicely (Ryman) his wife and Richard his son. 14 Richard apparently died before

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Hen. 8. A Table of the Frenche Martyrs.

    sentēce,added moreouer that he shouldehaue his tonge cut out before, &so to be burned. Ex Ioan. Crisp.Steuē Brune, Martyr.GasparAugeri9the By-shopsRenter.SteuenBrune ahusband-man.At Ruti-ers.Steuen Brune was persecu-ted of Augerius, who after hysconfeßion geuē of hys faith, wasiudged to be burned. Which pu-nishment

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of the French Martyrs.

    shouldhaue his toung cutout before, and so to beburned. Ex Ioā. Crisp. Steuen Brune Martyr. GasparAugeriusthe bishopsRenter. Domicel-lus, a Fran-ciscane andInquisi-tour. SteuenBrune, ahusband-man.At Rutiers.An. 1540. Steuē Brune waspersecuted of Auge-rius, who after hyscōfession geuēen of hisfayth, was iudged tobe burned.

    K. Hen. 8. A TAble of the French Martyrs.

    anAt Paris.that sentence, addedOfficer.moreouer þt he shouldeAn. 1540.haue hys tongue cutout before: and so to beburned. Ex Ioan Crisp.Stephen Brune Martyr.Stephen Brune waspersecuted of Augeri-us, who after his con-fession geuen of hysfayth, was iudged tobe burned. Which pu-Gaspernishment, he tooke

    A Table of the names of the Martyrs.

    spectacle ma-948884191815986437801895186219121945178861767618751599113911827911603178819361230 147216201239947581003123018201936 1941.1622161015991614946178719321192957903845641810120313139571932999118951454999 99389940.61.62874933846575767 9264.7364576493634054 7993404040409844.884559.84323232 351802 ker.Symon Mareschall and Ioanehis wyfe.Syrimus.Simon Myller.Simphorianus.Simphorissa and her seuen chyl-dren.Sophia with her three chyldren.Stephanus Byshop of Rome.Stephanus Mangienus.Stephanus Peloquinus.Ste. Brune a husbandman.Stephen Burlet.Stephen Cotton.Stephen de la Ford Marchaunt Stephen Granet Carpenter.Stephen Gratwike.Stephen Harwood.Stephen Knight.Stephen Polliot.Stephen the first ryngleader ofthe Martyrs.Stephen

    A Table of the names of the Martyrs.

    shomaker1042Richard Yoman.2243Sephanus Mangenus.1033Thomas Thirtell.2159William Taylor.781Peter Denochyius a Clarke. Robert Barnes.1364Stephanus Peloquinus. Thomas White.2014William Tilsley.943. 917 1041Robert Cousin.943 1037Thomas Whittell.2018William Tyndall.1224Peter Flisteden.1018Robert Debnam of Estber- Stephen Brune a husband Thomas Whoode.2095William Tyms.2074Peter Gabart a Solliciter of gholt.1172man.1030Thomas Wattes.1769William White.784. 785processes.1052Robert Drakes.2074Stephen Burlet.1030Tiberius.85William Waterer.2154Peter Gaudet, sometime kni- Robert Diues.2240Stephen Cotton.2240Tiburtius.85.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    I FOREIGN INTELLIG.8NCB. FRANCE. P.&SUs, SET. 17-A work, entitlei " eAistrey of the HImX- dred Dllis," translatet' from the Etiglish5 was-s'ei!ed yesterday at the- request of the'puhlic Mitistryi and depeuitid4 the proper ofAce. The Charnber-of kstincljon, and tbe Court Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    tiuke af triCeglias to adiyvence agains-, dc Gemf, IWaitiet; coinnarder of tFhe cax-nlt-, and the brrea&ee of- Generals Irherbm, Brune, ant ttzio'tt psr~ceeffedlamit ta enemy's posl'K GO the 2ttU of Octo~ber tic> eP~eedt welt defeated at all ploints- Ti Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    W. Wt. Eagle and Vt. Barnard, Glos'cesaer-terrace, NOW-70,11J. Whiltechlapel, eoap-nansfhactnrers. Attornies, Messrs. atn- clstcom and Comyn, Bhish-lane, Cannonl-streer. J. H. Brune and 3 . Jordan, Bury-court, St. Mary-Axc. fe'r chants. Attorney, Mr. Eieke, Pininer's-hall, Broad-str-it R. BelItle;, WVhitft"rse-va rd, Drury.lsne, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Prefect, the 'Marshal was arrested. Marshal Brune, after quitting Toulon, travelled With passports roum NJ. de Rlivi'ie: lie was recornised by the people at Avignon : immendiately a popular movemlient burst forth : M. Brune got out of his coach Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    HAVE DESTROYCED mE, but I forgive them. I die in peace with all mankind." Shortly after, she rent for Mariette Brune, to whom she declared her perfect for- giveness of her sister's (Demnont's) cruel falsehoods. All who had an opportunity Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    7 January 1691, 7 January 1692

    Spry may enter into Recognizance for the Appellants, as defired. The Houfe Was this Day moved, " That Cornelius " Brune (being 250 Miles from London) may have " Time longer for anfwering to the Petition of Charles " Herbert Subscribers-only content

    7 January 1691, 7 January 1692

    Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament affembled, That the faid Cornelius Le Brune hath hereby Time given him for anfwering thereunto, until Thurfday the Fourteenth Day of this Irtftant Ja¬ nuary, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon* D Subscribers-only content

    14 January 1691, 14 January 1692

    3° Le Brune •verfus Herbert. Journals vf the Houfe of Lords. A 1691. 3 The Houfe moved, " That Cornelius he Brune may " have further Time for anfwering to the Petition of •' Charles Herbert and Bartholomew Evans S' Subscribers-only content

    22 January 1691, 22 January 1692

    Thomas Tooke may have a Third Perfon to enter into Security for him. Upon reading the Petition of Cornelias Le Brune, Herbert and others, Refpondents to the Petition of Charles £" Herbert and Bartholomew Evans, Appellants; praying,&al. " That a Subscribers-only content

    27 February 1784, 27 February 1784

    alfo that the Judges, having perufed the Bill, do fign the fame. Upon reading the Petition of G/fcarZ^r Mor/oz/' PZ?y- Brune et al. aYZZ Prazzz? Efquire, iPz/zz/>Zzr<?y Pr/aYazz# the Elder, and Petition J^zzy his Wife, on Behalf of themfelves and Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    COLYN, Thomas (d.c.1420), of Helland, Cornw.

    priory estates. Three years later he appeared at the assizes at Launceston as guardian of his kinsman Robert Colyn alias Brune, putting the latter’s claim to be the true heir of Sir William Brune†.[footnote] Colyn had been serving as a

    BURGHERSH, Sir John (1343-91), of Ewelme, Oxon.

    BURGHERSH, Sir John (1343-91), of Ewelme, Oxon. Constituency Dates Somerset 1379 Somerset Sept. 1388 Ofifces Held Tax collector, Som. Nov. 1377; assessor Aug. 1379. Ofifces Held Sheriff, Som. and Dorset 5 Nov. 1379-18 Oct. 1380, 11 Nov. 1384-20 Oct.


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