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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals Cannock , St Mary

    brethren. In that year they were granted the right to bring into cultivation up to 15 acres of heath in Broomhill (in Cannock ) and 'Fernifurlong' and to hold them until the king came of age. 1 The hospital in

    Colleges Wye

    to him the advowson and rectory of Newington by Hythe with the grange of Brenzett and lands in Newington and Broomhill , lately belonging to the abbess of Guines in Artois, with licence for him to grant the same to

    Chigwell Schools

    and the house was not afterwards used as a school. 11 Between 1850 and 1859 there was a school near Broomhill run by Mary Moss . 12 In 1851 she had 15 boarders of both sexes between 3 and 10

    Houses of Austin canons Priory of Little Leighs

    sub-prior. Ibid. 109. Ibid. On 18 July . He had been prior of Tiptree , and was afterwards prior of Broomhill in Norfolk . Ibid. Tunstall , 58-63. Ibid. On 26 September . Five canons took part in the election.

    Parishes Lopen

    early 19th century. 15 The Foss surv ives as a narrow metalled road stretching from Long Lane in Stratton through Broomhill and Snap or Strap Ant, and becoming known in the 18th century as Lamb Bridge Lane before leaving the

  • * British History Online *

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    Extracts from the records, 1669

    . In consideratioune of the complent given in be divers burgesses of this burgh, who laboris a pairt of the Broomhill lands, against Archibald Stirling for exacting aff them poll monye, they being all burgesses and inhabitantis of this burgh,

    Index, H, I, 01 January 1597-31 December 1597

    Haverfordwest , letter dated at, 466. Havering , 361. Court at, letter dated from, 370. Haverington , Little Geordie, of Broomhill, 227. Havola , Don Alfonso d', 71. Hawarde , Sir William, 477. Hawes , William, 347. Hawkesworth , an

    House of Commons Journal Volume 85, 10 March 1830, 10 March 1830-10 March 1830

    the Glasgow and Garnkirk Railway, and for improving, maintaining and rendering Turnpike the Road leading from the said Railway near Broomhill , by Keppoch Bridge, to the Town Head of Glasgow , was read a second time; and committed to

    Index, B, 01 January 1533-31 December 1533

    letter from, 957. Bromesfeld , 94. Bromfeld , Essex. See Broomfield. Bromfeld , John, pp. 246, 249. Bromhill . See Broomhill. Bromley , tenants of, g. 578 (46). Bromwyche or Bromewiche , John, 298 xiii. : g. 929 (19). -,

    Cecil Papers, May 1597, 16-31, 16 May 1597-31 May 1597

    Tom Storye of Howend. Sym Taylor's Vivian. Rowie Forster of Carsop Foot. John Graham of Westlinton. Little Geordie Haverington of Broomhill. David's Quintin Nixson. Richie of Cancrowpe Rutledge. Anthon's Edward Armstrong of Wilzeton. The Bells in Gillsland. Geordie Bell of

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    late of Calcutta, to Miss Jane, second daughter of W. W. Bradly, Esq. of Sandwich. On the 28th ult. at Broomhill, Robert Adam Drndas, Esq. M.P. toLady Mary Bruce, eldest daughter of the Earl of Elgin. On the 6th inst. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    AVON. By the Author of ' Enmli'a Wyndham,' I Ravenscliffe,' &c. 11. U'NCLE WALTER. By Mrs TROLLOPE. 3 volS. III. BROOMHILL; or the COUNTY BEAUTIES. 3,vols. [Just ready. Colburn and Co. Publishers, 13 Great Marlborough street. VOLS. III AND IV Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    pathetic life- assages.o-Globe. 11. UNCLE WALTER. By Mrs TROLLOPr. 3 vols. *Equa to Mrs Trollope's most suececsful efforts."-Joln Bull. III. BROOMHILL; or, the COUNTY BEAUTIES. 3 vole. INTERESTING LITERARY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, P]DLISHED BY COL3'URN AND CO, 13 Great Marlborough street, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    are displayed under a great variety of aspects, and delineated by a master-hand."-John Bull. Also, now ready, in 3 vols. BROOMHILL; or, the COUNTY BEAUTIES. Just ready, in 3 vols. The LIEUTENANT'S STORY. By Lady CAI HERINE LONG, Author of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    rivets the attention of the reader by an irresistible fsscination.'- Dispatch. Also, now ready, in 3 vole. BROOMHILL; or, the COUNTY BEAUTIES. " Broomhill deserves a place among the better clams of novels of the world of fishion, adorning an Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    GOLDYVE, Matthew, of Rye and Winchelsea, Suss.

    the regular Brodhull held at New Romney.[footnote]Goldyve died before December 1395, when his daughter, Agnes, made a conveyance of all the lands she had inherited from him at Broomhill, some of which were held as a tenant of Robertsbridge abbey.[footnote]

    BETTE, Thomas, of Winchelsea, Suss.

    former receiver, to compel him to render account. Bette's wife, Petronilla, had a reversionary interest in certain lands at Lydd, Broomhill and Icklesham, which Agnes, wife of John Salerne I* of Iden was holding for her lifetime; however, in 1403

    THIRLWALL, William.

    latter's wife, Idonea, three messuages and some 330 acres of land near the border of Kent and Sussex at Tenterden, Broomhill, Playden, Rye and elsewhere, for which they agreed to pay an annual rent of �8. Which of these places

    SHELLEY, John, of Rye, Suss. and Sandwich, Kent.

    for £8 a year, Idonea’s life interest in three messuages and some 330 acres in Tenterden and Appledore (Kent) and Broomhill, Playden, Rye and Ewhurst (Sussex).[footnote]In 1417-18 Shelley was sent to London to petition for the remission of the five

    HAMILTON, Sir James, 2nd Bt. (1682-1750), of Rosehall, Lanark.

    the son of a prosperous Edinburgh merchant and a cousin of the 2nd Lord Belhaven, inter-marriage between the Udston and Broomhill branches of the Hamilton family in Lanarkshire being responsible for the latter connexion. Archibald Hamilton, the Member’s father, was

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    9 February 1778, 9 February 1778

    the Univerfity of Glafgow, George Earl of Aber- ** deen, Robena Alflon, Relict of Alexander Birnie of " Broomhill, James Birnie of Broomhill, Efquire, and Vol, XXXV. Which was read by the Clerk as follows; (videlicet), " No. i. Extract Subscribers-only content

    30 March 1801, 30 March 1801

    the faid College, and for providing a Fund for the building the fame." * A Petition of George Duckworth, of Broomhill. in the of Eccles, in the County Palatine of Lancafier, Gentleman, praying Leave to bring in a Bill to Subscribers-only content

    28 November 1814, 28 November 1814

    faid Bill be read the Third Time To-morrow. Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of Andrew Hen¬ derfon, Tenant in Broomhill, complaining of Three In¬ terlocutors of the Lord Ordinary in Scotland, of the i ft of July and 26th Subscribers-only content

    9 February 1815, 9 February 1815

    Efquire and Mary " Ann Oufley Widow are Refpondents j" 9 Upon reading the Petition of Andrew Henderfon, Tenant in Broomhill, Appellant in a Caufe depending in this Houfe, to which The Right Honourable William Earl of Mansfield is Refpondent; Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons, Volume LXXV, A.D. 1820 - Volume XCII, A.D. 1837

    439. 444. r. a. 008.—-—For amending Acts for making the Glasgow and Garnkirk Railway, and for improving the Road near Broomhill, by Keppoch Bridge, to the Town Head of Glas- GEN. INDEX. LXXV.-XCII. (1820-1837.) s, and Proceedings thereon—conJmMed. Garnkirk to Subscribers-only content


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