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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Letchworth

    Godfrey or Cowper, who held the manor of Burleigh (q.v.) and died in 1565 . He held the 'tithe called Brokes Chappell or Burleyes Chappell' of the queen as of her manor of East Greenwich in socage, 108 and left

    Parishes Upleatham

    . Among place-names which occur in Upleatham in 1206 are 'Wulgarestan,' 'Carebrigge,' 'Felebrigge at Benhil,' 'Grucros,' 'Grenwal,' 'Catteflat,' 'Felebrigge at Brokes ' and 'Rabec.' 7 Of these the last may perhaps be represented in Raisbeck Wood ; Cat Flats, north,

    Greenford Manors

    of Chesham (Bucks.) in trust for his daughter, who had married William Broke . 15 The property remained in the Brokes ' hands until 1531, when Joan Fyllyns, or Reynolds, daughter of William Broke of Chesham , sold 190 acres

    Parishes Stevenage

    the manor of Boxbury 93 in Walkern , with which it was henceforward associated. Brooks The manor of BROOKS ( Brokes , Brokys) took its name from the family of Brok, who held land in Stevenage in the 13th century.

    Parishes Finmere

    demesnes in 1251 , 63 and appears to have acquired the whole manor by 1255 . 64 On Laurence de Broke's death in 1274 Finmere passed to his son Hugh, 65 who was holding the manor in 1285 . 66

  • * British History Online *

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    Extracts from the Records, 1564, July-December

    stanis liand at the fut of the Kirk Yaird close quhair the auld cole merket stude of before." ] Villa, Brokes . The baillies and counsale ordanis officeris to pull vp the lynt sawin be William Brokas in the hospitale

    East Indies, July 1630, 02 July 1630-30 July 1630

    July 30. 46 . Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Brokes charged to the account of Richard Fursland deceased, remitted. Request of Mr. Drew for remission of his brokes, answered that similar brokes amounted to 6,000 l. or 7,000 l. ,

    Index, I, 01 January 1533-31 December 1533

    Hyspruck), 109. Inververray , letters dated, 1275-6. Ipswich , letter dated at, 695. Places in or near : lands called Brokes in, 2 99 ii. Cardinals' College, 228 i. Our Lady of, 228 i. the priory of St. Peter, 228

    East Indies, June 1614, 01 June 1614-30 June 1614

    third and fifth voyages. Mr. Treasurer to call for the 250 l . for landing the Lord Ambassador in Persia. Brokes to be remitted. 25 tons of Spanish iron to be bought at 1 51. per ton. Securities for the

    Extracts from the accounts, 1573-85

    almous becaus thai gat na fee, xls. Item, gevin at the maister of workis command, to Mathow Millar and Johne Brokes for leding of threscoir cartis of stanes to the calsaye fra the tuelt of Nouember to the xvj thairof,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    businesm partel-For Sale, by order Aler'. OWLe. valsiable Freeho'lI Property: bargain. Priee£5. 40 may lrmails.-Alartint ani P'isillips, Slisre cud rroperty~ Brokes 6, Cherry Street. Birmuinghamn. e273 c5PARICROOK iGranthaml RoalI.-Peir wrell-built Villas to be ~ Sol, gret bar~sOss er,0 will entertaint Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    DoParish Solgicitrs andley;Mr. Dols WAnderso, Oakland Boterac, Csmpo Stea l Hsndworthe r to h uctioneeadr, ihtret, T mots.No captol CoreasNterIcnmater, Brokes, and Roters, -Imoocvtrn a UhanrsevdSl, Litn atks tho New'esglu and Staraggers Peets, Fiade, 5.yE.uicadCOentriua PONDAY anET 11shne D0th dny Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    new.- j..y- W. Knowles, 6. Lancaster Street. cS708 93 )-EOWSHi Horizontal Engine, with or without upright boiler.- K Qinowles, 'fool Brokes, 6, Lanecotoer.Street, Biron, c8lD9 tWm WHIV P-MAKER'S Braiding Macbins (iron) for Sae; good con- Mr. Ydition. Cheap.-Apply, 26, Nelson Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ~ALTEBALTION OP DATE OF SALE. Dismantling of the Park Lage Furnaces, Tipton, close to Dudley ~AL Port Station,.-To Iroornrotters, Monufachurers, Brokes ont Others.-Important Sale of scoat 1,000 TONS of BLAST FUR- NACE PLANT. ENGINIIS, Ten larger STEAM BOILIERS, NO, TANKS Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. RACING NOTES. The Stoclcton meeting was concluded to-day, but thesp Is ol little In the racling calling for comment. At Warwick a presumed SC good thing in Country Bloy came to grief to the consternatiolt of the Subscribers-only content


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