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  • * British History Online * *

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    Notes And Errata

    writer probably meant Adolphus, who was deposed in 1298. 979, 11. 6, 13, for "Priest" read "Prust." 1062, p. 418, 1. 2 from bottom, and p. 41 9, 1. 9, for "Bishop's" read "Bishops" 1158 (29). For "Brecon" read "Bretons."

    Queen Elizabeth - Volume 23, July 1562, 01 July 1562-31 July 1562

    of Richard Beare, taken by the Bretons out of the ship Anne, of London. July 30. 66. Inventory of the goods of Tho. Wilson, taken out of the Elizabeth, of London, by the Bretons. July 31. 67. Articles of recantation, Subscribers-only content

    Venice, October 1581, 01 October 1581-31 October 1581

    found the island strongly garrisoned by French and English, and thought it as well not to try his fortune. Some Bretons and English, notably Captain Drake, have recently damaged and plundered his Majesty's subjects on the high seas. They say

    Venice, January 1595, 01 January 1595-31 January 1595

    he can, and rightly, to dissuade his Majesty from such a step, on the ground that it would disgust the Bretons and render his Majesty unpopular . The Queen, annoyed at this, has given orders that her troops are to

    Elizabeth, June 1563, 21-30, 21 June 1563-30 June 1563

    Bretons and Normans, and brought them into Newhaven. 2. He has made three voyages from Newhaven to Dieppe, having sixty men aboard at his own charge. 3. Mr. Appelyard has also taken and brought into Newhaven four ships of

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hornchurch Manors

    became attached to Bretons . 31 Daniels was held along with Bretons by 1446 , but Porter's fee was still separate in the later 15th century. 32 William de Northtoft of Finchingfield , who was holding Bretons in 1355 ,

    Alien houses Priory of Linton

    France , as for instance in 1324 -5. 10 In 1337, at the opening of the Hundred Years War, the Bretons were regarded as allies and Linton was therefore not interfered with. 11 Early in 1344 , however, a writ

    Havering-atte-Bower Economic history and local government

    (date 1299); Feet of F. Essex , iii. 254 ( 1409 ); and at Bretons : E.R.O., D/DU 102/46 m. 4 ( 1427 ). As at Bretons : Cal. Close , 1500-9 , 82-3 (in 1503 ); Gubbins: S.C. 2/173/2,

    Romford Local government LONDON BOROUGH OF HAVERING 1965

    1861 , was never satisfactory. 34 In its later years the board was more effective. The purchase in 1869 of Bretons farm, Hornchurch , for a new sew age works, showed foresight in allowing room for expansion. Another decision which

    Hornchurch Economic history and local government

    more than once. In 1591 floods caused a breach in Dagenham creek, through a wall belonging to William Ayloffe of Bretons . 73 That was the origin of Havering gulf. 74 In 1594 the commissioners of sewers ordered Dagenham creek

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mvtbrratt, e td ydyrr ye ystyried ein hlraeoin ye gyfrifol ani di aynoiadau yr ygsrifenryr. a LLYDAW. 1, Syr,-Yr vrwf yn dymuno cyfdwyno i sylw eich dar- a llenwyr y llythyr canl nol oddiwrth foneddwr rhrgor- ol a fu Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MISCELLANEOUS. TH.E HARVESTr.-In the neighbourhood of London Wednesday was a drizzling, disagreeable, foggy day, and November appeared to have paid us a visit-twVo iiitPlis before its time. It has cleared away, however. and vve are happy to add that Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    (VNTRACaT FOn DANTZIC OAK, THICK STUFF AND PLANK. DSPARTuENT OF TtE SrosT EuEPER GNENSAL OF TuE NAVY, SOMERSET PLACE, 3d JusE,. 1841. 1HE Coommissioners for executing the Office of Lord T High Admirel of the United Kingdom of Great.Britsin Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    not more visionary or arbitrary. He giavely proposes that Frenchmen are to cease to be Frenchmen to become once more Bretons, NuTormans, or what met; and to choose a new capital! D De La Dictatare de Paris sunr la Prance. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    made a favourite who not unjustly earned the torture and the public execution which hesuffered finally at the handsof the Bretons; and he allowed his little daughter Anne to be perplexed sorely among rival suitors. Poor little girl! The Dueby Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    22 March 1726, 22 March 1727

    Comes Lincoln. Ds. Delawarr. Ds. Broake. Epus. Bangor. Ds. Guilford. Ftodie 33 vice lecla efi Billa, intituled, u An Aft Bretons Bill i " for veiling Part of the Eitate of Mbyte Breton " Efquire in Truftees, to be fold, Subscribers-only content

    19 March 1828, 19 March 1828

    122 19°-20° Martii. ^.1828. Wadhurst Road Bill. Cheltenham Road Bill. Hove Chapel Bill. Kingsbridge Roads Bill. Russ's Peti¬ tion referred to Judges. Alington's et al. Petition referred to Judges. Hodie 2a vice lecta est Bilk, intituled, " An Act Subscribers-only content

    22 April 1828, 22 April 1828

    vacant Day for Causes after those already appointed, unless the Vol. LX. Upon reading the Petition of John Frederick Breton Bretons Esquire, and Peter Breton Esquire ; praying their Lord- Petition to ships, " That, under the Circumstances of this Subscribers-only content

    14 November 1705, 14 November 1705

    Fleet. Lord" Charlemont's Regi¬ ment - - - - - - Brigadier Gorge's - - Colonel Caidfieldh - - Colonel Bretons - - - Colonel Soames's - - - .Sir Cha. Hot ham's - - £. s. d. General Officers Subscribers-only content

    3 February 1707, 3 February 1708

    - 834 Colonel Allen's ----- 834 Colonel Toby Caulfield's - - - 834 Marquis of Montandre's, late Dungannon's 834 Colonel Bretons - 834 V Sir Cha. Hotbam'% - - - - 834. 20,562 Memorandum ; To recruit thefe Regiments, there Subscribers-only content

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