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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Bawdrip Nonconformity

    the parish in 1760 . 40 A meeting house at Bradney was licensed in 1803 , 41 probably for Methodists who held two services there each week in 1838 . Bradney chapel was built in 1842 42 but by 1898

    Bawdrip Local government

    a single tithing, 52 for fiscal purposes later sometimes called Bawdrip with Bradney or Bawdrip with Crandon. 53 In the 1670s a tithingman of Crandon attended the court of Crandon with Puriton . 54 Court rolls for Bawdrip manor survive

    Bawdrip Church

    private dwellings. The first recorded rector, William of Bawdrip , had been succeeded by 1280 by Anthony of Bradney , lord of Bradney . 2 Thomas Keke , rector 1400-20 , was granted a year's study leave in 1402 3

    Bawdrip Economic history

    11 ploughteams on the four estates of Bawdrip , Bradney , Crandon, and Crook in 1086 . 15 Bawdrip , the largest, had a small demesne arable farm for 1 ploughteam and the tenants, numbering 21, had 5 teams for

    Bawdrip Education

    in 1988 there were about 35 children on the register. 53 In the 1860s there was a dame school at Bradney . 54 St. Andrew's boarding school for boys was kept at Knowle Hall during the 1950s and 1960s. 55

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    PROGER, William John, of Wernddu, Mon.

    senior branch of the Herberts. In the Elizabethan period they were still of standing in the county, but, according to Bradney, the Progers of Wernddu were the ‘least important and the least distinguished’ branch of this family. It may have

    HERBERT, Charles (d.1605), of Hadnock, Mon.

    HERBERT, Charles (d.1605), of Hadnock, Mon. Constituency Dates Monmouth Boroughs 1571 Ofifces Held ?J.p. Mon. from c.1583. Biography This Member has not been certainly identified. Herbert’s father, who was duchy of Lancaster receiver in Monmouthshire, may have used his

    HERBERT, George (d.1580), of Newport, Mon.

    HERBERT, George (d.1580), of Newport, Mon. Constituency Dates Monmouthshire 1563 Ofifces Held J.p. Glam. 1561, q. 1564. Biography Herbert inherited lands near Tintern from his father in 1551, but he lived mainly at Newport, where he was a merchant,

    HERBERT, Henry (c.1548-98), of Wonastow, Mon.

    the second, Christiana (eventually sole heiress), married into the family of Milborne, which continued the recusant traditions of Wonastow.DWB, 916; Bradney, Mon. i. 38-9; Clark, Limbus, 290-1; C142/220/87, 253/67; Flenley, Cal. Reg. Council, Marches of Wales, 137; PCC 10 Leicester,

    HERBERT, Matthew I (by 1537-1603), of Coldbrook, Mon.

    HERBERT, Matthew I (by 1537-1603), of Coldbrook, Mon. Constituency Dates Monmouth Boroughs 1558 Monmouthshire 1563 Ofifces Held Receiver, duchy of Lancaster, Monmouth by 1580-d.; j.p. Mon. 1575-83, q. 1584-d.; sheriff 1583-4, 1594-5; dep. lt. Oct. 1595. Biography The Herberts

  • * British History Online * *

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    Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694, Middlesex, St Giles in the Fields, Cock and Pye fields, Green Dragon Yard

    , Joseph 6.40 32.00 0.60 50.00 Walker , Thomas 4.00 20.00 0.00 0.00 Lawrence , John 13.00 65.00 0.30 25.00 Bradney , Nicholas 4.00 20.00 0.60 50.00 Loyd , - (Widow) 4.00 20.00 0.00 0.00 Blundall , John 3.20 16.00

    Biographical Appendix, 1786-90 Committee

    of England 1782-1809, London Dock Co., Royal Exchange; treas., Dissenting Deputies 1793-1805. Bond, John: Dissenting Deputy. Bradney, John: Dissenting Deputy; probably drug merchant, Bradney, Taddy and Franklin, 26 Lawrence Lane. Calamy, Edmund (c. 1743-1816): related to Rev. Edmund Calamy, Dissenting

    Index of persons and Places, B

    , Jervis, Receiver General of assessments, co. Leicester, 259, 323. Bradin alias Bradney, John, highwayman, convicted, 139. Bradley , Richard, servant to the late Queen, salary, 373. Bradney. See Bradin. Bradninch , co. Devon, reversion of a copyhold called Trinity

    General Index, B, 01 March 1654-31 December 1654

    Fras. Bradford , co. York Bradford , John Bradley , Dan., deposition of Nich., letter of minister Bradmead , Phil. Bradney Rectory , co. Lincoln Bradpole , co. Dorset Bradshaw , John, serjeant-at-law document signed by letter to Paul, certificate Subscribers-only content

    Henry VIII, April 1512, 01 April 1512-30 April 1512

    Th. Dokwray prior of St. John's Jerusalem, Will. lord Willoughby, Sir John Fyneus, Rob. Brudenell, the Abbots of Croyland, Thorney, Bradney, Revesby, and Swyneshede, the prior of Spaldyng, Sir John Huse, Sir Rob. Sheffeld, Sir Will. Tirwhitt, Sir Th. Newporte

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    died at Bradney, in Shropshire, on the 28th ult., aged eighty. He entered the navy in 1799, and was mid- shipman of the Defence, 73, at the battle of Copenhagen, April 2,1801. MR A. W. HAPNETTr, a gentleman long connected Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hative place. IWILLENHIALL ScHOO BOA.RD,-At their meeting on Tuesda , the Boaird, out of seventeen tenders, accepted that oI Messrs.' Bradney and Po., "Wolverhanspton, for £3,63.', for the ereation of the central 9"choobiD Tilc&r' Croft. Stafford Street. Willoalhall. d y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    inst. as a lodger by Mrs Hannah Groves, of Bridgetown, to whom he represented that he was employed by MIesrs. Bradney and Co., con- tractors, Wolverhampton, who were about to erect twelve new houses in the neighbourhood of Bridgetown. On Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    occupier (now retiring) has worked it succesefully for forty years. Splendid opening for shoeing-forge. Stonk at valuation. Rent low.-Apply, tirst, Bradney, Mill Street,- Wes.t Bromewich. --15 -l. - TRIFE. Milk, and Sweets Business: rasopportunity for personI - -with capital.-Opposite Brewery, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    George Trnser, Cosumeh lor T. Greatorex Wm. pciley, Coussillor Mf. 'lars, James Taylor, Courcillor J. Bird C. F. Bardett W. Bradney Bt. Hatet J. Short B. Hatrkes S. ilirsch S. F. Phillips H. Catley G(. T. Rollason J. Bihd J. Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 1 Geo. IV - 3 Gul. IV, Vols. LIII - LXIV

    a. 97 b. 137 a. 419 a. Bradford Moor, 49 a. Bradley, 68 b. 91 a. Bradmore, 72 b. —— Bradney, 56 b. Bradninch, 415 a. Bradnop, 61 a. Bradwell, 432 b. —— Brad worthy, 58 b. Braehead, 164 b. Subscribers-only content

    Copy of His Majesty's Advocate, Attorney, and Solicitor Generals Report. August 16, 1757., 15 February 1760

    Efq; — Barnes — Barton — Blake — Baronneau — Blackwell, G. S. Bates — Backer, Efq; - Baillie — Bradney, Spinfter Baftard, Efq; EdwardBuckkyBatfon, G. S. — — John Bailey — — —-. James BarweH, Efq; — —. Jofeph Subscribers-only content

    10 February 1772, 10 February 1772

    ington, Ajlicott, Pedzndl, Walton, Street, Butleigh, Comp- toii DiihJoh, Wefion Zoy/aiid, Midlezoy, Othery, High, Ham, DiMivare, Bower, He fey, Bavdrip, Bradney, Ne-, therham, AUer, Chedzoy, Littleton, Hurcott, Somerlon^ Pitney Wearn, Wootton, Charlton Mackerel, Charlton Adam, and 'Long Sutton, in the Subscribers-only content

    2 April 1772, 2 April 1772

    it: —That he has taken the Levels inftrumentally, and finds it capable of being drained ; that the Fall from Bradney Bridge, the lowcft Part of the Moor, to a Place called Nine Streams, will be between Fifteen and Sixteen Subscribers-only content

    23 November 1775, 23 November 1775

    and Proprietors of ton Zoyland, Middlezoy, Othery, Higham, Dunware, Lands and Grounds, within .the Common Fields of Bower, Horfey, Bawdrip, Bradney, Netherham, Jller, Long Stow and Upthorte, in the County of Huntingdon, Chedzoy, Littleton, Hurcott, Somerton, Pitney, Wearny was prefented Subscribers-only content

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