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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Charlinch Charities for the poor

    but in the later 20th century it was used to help young people to earn their own living. 23 Anne Bourne (d. c . 1730) gave a rent charge of £2 10 s . to poor widows, paid out of

    House of Austin canons (Arrouasian reform) The abbey of Bourne

    House of Austin canons (Arrouasian reform) The abbey of Bourne HOUSE OF AUSTIN CANONS OF THE ARROUASIAN REFORM 41. THE ABBEY OF BOURNE The abbey of Bourne was founded in 1138 by Baldwin , a younger son of Gilbert de

    Greenstead Charities

    CHARITIES Richard Bourne of Greenstead Hall (d. 1660) left to the poor of the parish 40 s . issuing from Lee Fields . 32 In 1834 the money was used to buy coal for all the poor householders. The rent-charge

    Navestock Parish government and poor relief

    when vicar, always attended regularly and usually signed the minutes as chairman. In 1824 the parish adopted the second Sturges Bourne Act (59 Geo. III c. 12) and set up a select vestry, which held its first meeting on 29

    Chilford hundred Chilford hundred, 1845

    of Cambridgeshire , stretching 12 miles along the valley of the Bourne , between the Suffolk border and the river Cam or Granta. All its constituent parts except West Wickham lie south of Wool Street. That road marks a prehistoric

  • * British History Online * *

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    VALENTINE, Lawrence

    (Gypsy) Period of medical practice 1545-1565 Other notes Examined & punished 1555. Cf Rarsworme & Bourne (??). Censorial hearings 1555-6 Entry 'There were examined and punished ... Lawrence Valentine, a gypsy' Action taken Examined and punished. Verdict guilty Sentence Punished

    Queen Elizabeth - Volume 28, April 1563, 01 April 1563-30 April 1563

    in reply to the preceding declaration of Sir John Bourne, answering in great detail to the heinous crimes imputed to him by Bourne. Prays that the whole matter between him and Bourne may be heard at the Council Board. April Subscribers-only content

    East Indies, November 1602, 01 November 1602-30 November 1602

    necessaries for the voyage, and for calculation of the charges. Nov. 29. Warrant to pay John Drewe, John Land, Thos. Bourne, and John Branskom 11 l. 16 s . 8d ., for their employment in the late intended discovery. [

    House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 10 July 1641, 10 July 1641-10 July 1641

    shall direct his Letter to the Sheriff, and Justices of the County of Lincolne , near the Fen Grounds, between Bourne and Kyme , & c. to preserve the Peace of both Sides; and to repress all Tumults; and to

    Edward VI - Volume 13, May 1551, 01 May 1551-31 May 1551

    and favor Goodman. May 22. Bourne. 20. Sir Anth. Auchar to same. Illness has prevented him from coming to the Court. Advises him to go through with Ballerd as to some purchase. May 24. Bourne. 21. Same to same. Particulars Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Q. Mary. Examinations of B. Farrar Martyr.

    that I obteined of King Henry the eight, for my true seruice, I thanke God therefore.Bourne. My L. (said M. Bourne to my L. Chauncellor) he hath an ill name in Wales, as euer had any.Farrer. That is not so.

    Quene Mary. Thinges done the first yeare of Queene Mary.

    as I can (with the truth) to take away this offence. Doct. Bourne sent to M. Mantell.It pleased the Queenes maiesty to send vnto me Maister Doct. Bourne, vnto whom at the fyrst meeting I acknowledged my fayth in all

    Queene Mary. The death of the Duke of Suffolke. M. Mantells Apollogye.

    truth) to take away thys offence. It pleased the Queenes Maiesty to send vnto me D. Bourne sent to M. Mantell. M. Doct. Bourne , vnto whome at the first meeting I acknowledged my fayth in all points to agree

    Book 6, page 1242 (1563)

    Thys was the fact. The. xiii. day of August, in the firste yeare of the raygne of Quene Mary. Maister Bourne now byshop of Bath, made so beastly a sermon at Paules crosse in London, as partlye is declared before

    Queene Mary. Trouble and examination of Bishop Farrar Martyr.

    the Bishop of Duresme, and the Bish. of Worcester, who sate at the table, and Maister Rochester Maister Southwell, Maister Bourne and other standing at the tables end, the Lord Chauncellor said vnto hym on this sort.Winchester. Now sir, you

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    3 .3fel ysgrifeyddion. . t *' 4."a0 aerddaM.Wloiylmgynghori - d .Mn.; R.' T' Hwel, nEbenezer D"vis, c A. f rr Bourne ,.:c 1 Wediy diolchiadan arferol,:torodd: y yfarfodijfyny. '. Derbynir: rhoddiou at y. symiudiad~y~n ddiolchgar. c g gan y Parch._H Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    glywed y bregetht E gan Mr. Bourne, a fu yn foddion i'w ddycgbwelyd ef e.- ain mlyredd yn ol. Daeth y gyeulleidfa yngbyd, at yr oedd yr eglwys vn orlawn, a phregetbodd Mr. Bourne a ei bregeeb Iwyddianus. Ye Eiwedd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ffobiabau Mpthnawl.. MAE Y strike yn y Deheudir yn dirwyn i fyny yn brysur. Mae y gweithwyr haiarn yn cymeryd y blaea mewn syrthio i fewn a theler- au y meistri,-gweithio am 10 y cant o ostyng- iad hyd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    PA BETH Y MAE DISRAELI YN MYNED I'W WNEYDJ? 1 V' V' 'J L' DYMA gwestiwn y mae yn rhaid cael prophwyd neu ddewin i'w ateb gydag un gradd o sierwydd. Taenid y si yn ddiweddar nad oedd yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -nobion a,12-Inrela. cv qlp y Deallaf fod eglwys y Triniti, Abertawe, weti rhoddi galwad i'r Parch. J E. Davies, K A., Liundain, a hyderir yn fawr y bydd i'r e alwad gael ei derbyn. Y u Da genyf ddeall Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    The Report of the Commissioners appointed to Examine, State and Report, who of the Sufferers in the Charitable Corporation are Objects of Compassion. , 11 June 1731

    and alfo to Pare of 7 Notes of 1001. each, and to five other Notes of 100 1. each, on which he tod borrowed of Mcff. Knight and Bourne 500 1. u 85 o 0 Carried over 63357 10 © Subscribers-only content

    23 December 1692, 23 December 1692

    Tho¬ mas Bourne; and praying the fetting afide and reverting of the faid Decree, Orders, Reports, Proceedings, and Enrolments j It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo¬ ral in Parliament affembled, That the faid Thomas Bourne may have Subscribers-only content

    9 January 1692, 9 January 1693

    moved, " That John St0™r/uf " Hutchins may enter into a Recognizance for Sufan Bourne. " Stone Appellant in this Houfe, to which Thomas " Bourne is Refpondent; and that a Day may be ap- " pointed for hearing of Subscribers-only content

    12 January 1692, 12 January 1693

    Confideration of this Bill be committed to the Lords following : March. Halifax. Comes Hunting- Comes Bridge-wa¬ ter. Stone <verfus Bourne. Comes Oxon* Wells. Comes Shrewsbury. Comes Huntingdon. Comes Bedford. Comes Bridgewater. Comes North'ton. Comes Denbigh. Comes Clare. Comes Bolingbroke* Subscribers-only content

    26 January 1692, 26 January 1693

    Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament affembled, That the faid Petition fhall be difmiffed this Houfe. Gatf difm Stone 'verfus Bourne. Whereas this Day was appointed for hearing Coun¬ fel upon the Petition and Appeal of Sufan Stone, from a Subscribers-only content

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Lodge of Aveland

    0 Lodge Number (1792): 0 Lodge Number (A): 0 Lodge Number (1814): 0 Lodge Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Masonic Temple , Bourne, Lincolnshire , England 1982


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