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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 6 The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

    gilt Borders , weighing 36 Pounds. 12 Plates Silver, with gilt Borders , weighing 44 Pounds, 11 Ounces. More, 2 Chargers, Silver, with gilt Borders ; 2 Charchers; 10 Sawcers; an Ewer, parcel gilt; 4 Chargers, 2 with gilt Borders

    Book 1, Chapter 1 The Antiquity of LONDON.

    . The chief Government of the Britons, and Administration of War, was then by common Advice committed to Cassibelin, whose Borders were divided from the Cities on the Sea-Coast by a River called Thames , about Fourscore Miles from the

    Book 1, Chapter 2 Antiquity of the Wall.

    Defence. And the Enemy perceiving that the Roman Legion was returned home, forthwith arrived out of their Boats, invaded the Borders , overcame the Country, (and as it were) bare down all that was before them. Whereupon Ambassadors were speedily

    Book 2, Chapter 8 Cornhil Ward. Royal Exchange.

    Place of Bethlem: And for other good People DRAPERS of CORNHULL, and other good Men and Women, which will be Borders and Systers, and maintein the same Fraternite for the term of their Lives, and al the Points that follow,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Classical and Commercial Academy, Towyn, N. Wales. CONDUCMED BY MR. EDWIN JONES, C.M., AND THE REV. 0. EDWARDS, (of University College, London). A FEW vacanies for Borders.-Prospectus and A Terms may be had on application to Mr. EDWIN JoNEs, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    NORMAL COLLEGE, SWANSEA. HEAD MASTER, W. WILLIAMS. TURING the last three years Eleven of the Pupils I) have passed the London Matriculation Examin- ation, and Five various other Professional Preliminary Examinations. At the Oxford Local Examination held in May, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    University of London.) THIRnD MASTER I L PROSSER, ESQ., C.M.) M.,B.UP, FOURTH MASTER: W. Li HAWKINS, ESQ,, A-A T~tERS :-For Borders, from 40 to 45 gaeas perfannlum. tDay Scholars tt 8 to 8 The Schoool re opens on Monday, Septemaber Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    be making very rapid progress'. -o efforts are sparecdto seenrq the succes of puil, -and to infus'e .injto'tesehool a h0atis Borders will ~mnet'*fW' home com adcare, T:ieie will be 4 or 5b vacti.cies'for BosaderautxtJuily, and early ipicationp-w;ll greatlyobigo.). . s Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -al voct onet, and for th ~varloua Eoblio. Hxoinations,,.Xih a~l mnethodsa o'Inatrnctio-i arE rnodern,,ad such.. are ijiSoby tbe hlghsedtoiucitid at 3a~otortlfes. -'-*' ' "; 'n t°e -- be hlad on application. D es school rspee 28thInst~e Borders reurn@ the 251h5 Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 5. The councell of Constance. Iohn Hus.

    Znoma Husses enemye, going to Constance, dyed by the way.But his companion maister Stanislaus Znoma, was not yet passed the Borders of Boheme, when he was striken with an impostum wherof he died. Steuen Palletz, Michaell de Causis chiefe enemyes


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