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    Extracts from the Records, 1581, Jul-Sept

    the toune in this tyme of drowth, and names to the visiting thairof the saidis Henry Nesbet, Alexander Vddert, Robert Bog, William Littill and James Ros. Aisler staynes, cariage thairof. Ordanis the aisler staynes pertening to the guid towne and

    Extracts from the Records, 1581, Apr-June

    wallis, precept, thesaurer . The provost, baillies, and counsale ordanis William Napier, baillie, Jhone Robertsoun, thesaurer, William Littill, and Robert Bog to pas and visy the faltis and decayet places of the towne wall in speciall at the Kowga itt

    Extracts from the records, 1575

    act thairto. 4 March 1574 5. Bog, wrang . Jonet Fary, spous to James Andersoun, is fund in the wrang for the wrangus breking of the staple of ane hyngand lok pertenyng to Dauid Bog, being vpoun the multour kist

    Elizabeth, January 1575, 01 January 1575-31 January 1575

    him and the Queen of Scots. He received letters in July and August for the Queen of Scots by Alexander Bog and Robinson. 1 p. In Burghley's hand. Indorsed: "16 Janr. 1571. Matter to examine H. Cockyn uppon. Drawen by Subscribers-only content

    Extracts from the Records, 1581, Jan-Mar

    saittis, and vther siclyke as he can best devyse with the avyse and counsale of Henry Nesbet, William Littill, Robert Bog, and Androw Sclater, quhais jugement and counsale thai ordane him to tak in the said wark. Comptis of Hew

    Supplementary extracts, 1582

    falt. 27 July 1582. Bishop of Glasgw. The foresaidis prouest, baillies and counsall, and certane deykins of crafts, directis Robert Bog and Edward Galbrayth to pas on the townis expenssis to St Jhonestoun, to the Kings Maiestie, to schaw the

    House of Lords Journal Volume 62, 18 June 1830, 18 June 1830-18 June 1830

    from ("Proprietor") to ("Bog") in Line 31, and insert ("or Proprietors of Two Thirds of the Extent of any") and in Line 31 after (" Ireland ") insert ("accompanied by a Map or Plan of such Bog and of the

    Supplementary extracts, 1581

    tymmer and by the sam and mak pryce thairof to the townes behuif; and syclyke referris vnto thame and Robert Bog of the counsale to tak ordour for vpbringing and placeing of the aisler staynes cum fra St Colmes Inche

    Extracts from the Records, 1582, Jul-Sept

    for this present yeir, and als to elect Jhonne Adamsoun, maister Michaell Chisholm, Andro Sclater, Jhonne Arnott, Jhonne Jhonestoun, Robert Bog, or ony four [of ] thame to be baillies, and Adame Fullertoun to be dene of gild; with the

    Extracts from the Records, 1582, Oct-Dec

    following, to wit: for the first rank, Andro Sclater, James Ros, Jhone Arnot; for the second rank, Johne Addesoun, Robert Bog, Johne Mayne; for the third, maister Michael Chisholm Johne Achesoune, Patrick Cochrane; for the fourt rank, Williame Fairlie, Mark

    Edward VI, April 1551, 05 April 1551-30 April 1551

    of the name of John Bog, brother to Nichol Bog, of the Lohene [Lothian ] , servant to Lord Bothwell, visited him on his way from Rome to England through Germany. Was informed by this Bog that a certain Scottish

    Elizabeth, September 1559, 6-10, 06 September 1559-10 September 1559

    brother married Lord Seton's widow. Robert Bog, one of the said Lord's servants, arrived from Scotland the 6th inst., and one Protestant, the courier, is likewise arrived on the 7th, out of England. Bog has brought advertisements from the Queen

    Border Papers volume 1, September 1583, 01 September 1583-30 September 1583

    is to saye the Keyme, the Reidhewghe, the Blacke Myddynes, the Hill howse, the Water head, the Starr head, the Bog head, the High feelde, and there raysed fyer and brunte the most pairte of them, and maisterfullie refte, stale Subscribers-only content

    Extracts from the Records, 1490-94

    King's horne . The quhilk day the persouns vnderwritten, that ar to say, James Hayne and his brother William of Bog, Jhone of Schele buklar makare, Jhone Taitt skynner, ( blank ), art and pairt of the crewale slauchter of

    Elizabeth, November 1564, 01 November 1564-30 November 1564

    116. Mary to Elizabeth. [Nov. 9. ] Requesting safe conduct for a year for her subjects Thomas Douglas and Robert Bog with 3 horses, to trade between France and Scotland in horses or other goods. Palace of Holyrood House, 22 Subscribers-only content

    Elizabeth, April 1569, 01 April 1569-30 April 1569

    who is gone to you with "some silver." 2 pp. Addressed (to the Bishop). Indorsed (by the Bishop): "Recept fra Bog, 13 May 1569, at Grenviche, with a cypher," and (by another hand): "To the b. of Ross . . Subscribers-only content

    Extracts from the Records, 1583, Oct-Dec

    awld provest; for the baillies William Littill, Henry Nesbet, James Nicoll, Thomas Aikinheid, Michaell Gilbert, Jhonn Robertsoun, Alexander Vddert, Robert Bog, Patrik Cochraine, Jhonn Mayn e, William Mawle, Jhonn Fischear; for the dene of gild James Adamsoun, maister Michaell Chisholm

    Extracts from the Records, 1584, Jan-Mar

    be him in the commoun effairis, and at command of the bailyeis, to witt, vpoun new yeir day to Jhonn Bog, porter of the abbay, twa crownis of the sone, pryce iiij li. xvj s.; to his seruand, xxx s.;

    Appendix, List of officers, 1573-89

    Bailies . Jhonn Harwod, Dean of Guild . Jhonn Robertsoun, Treasurer . Jhonn Adamesoun, Henry Nesbet, Lucas Wilsoun, Jhonestoun, Robert Bog, Edward Galbrayth, William Littill, Robert Ker, younger, Androw Stevinsoun, Jhonn Lowry, Frances Kinloch, Alexander Owsteane, Councillors . Council Records

    Index, B

    Bocking , Robert, 614. Bodenham , Roger, letters from, 490, 607, 677. -, -, 676, 722, 748, 749, 778, 1142. Bog , Robert, 786. Bohemia , 871 (2). Boistock , 367 (3). Bolton , 1192. Bonner , Dr. Edmund, late

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