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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Woodmancote Nonconformity

    size; the reason was presumably partly the distance of the church from the main settlements. Part of a house at Blackstone was registered for the worship of dissenters in 1829 , and another house there, for Independents, in 1839 .


    but in 1984 it was only a track. A branch road led north from Blackstone towards High Cross in Albourne . 12 Blackstone bridge, between Blackstone and High Cross , 13 was mentioned from 1288. 14 A road from Woodmancote

    Woodmancote Economic history

    the common, and other closes, one of 3½ a., were so described in 1670 and later. 21 Blackstone common, apparently lying south of Blackstone hamlet, was mentioned in 1605 and 1661. 22 There was common land of Wickensands manor on

    Woodmancote Local government

    beadle or beadles. Besides land transactions, the court dealt with the repair of houses and fences. 70 A headborough of Blackstone tithing was mentioned in the 1370s , 71 and a headborough and an aletaster in 1560 . 72 Two

    Woodmancote Manors and other estates

    . 45 Lawrence Smith owned land at Blackstone in 1910 . 46 In 1938 Capt. A. G. Miller of Blackstone was one of the chief landowners of the parish. 47 A house at Blackstone which was empty and almost ruined

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dros yLizard Head E i'r eigion neu ryw beth cyffelyb, oblegid ni fyddai gan yr awdurdodau gwladol, os gwir ddywed Blackstone, E hawl i yiaflyd yn y troseddwyr i'w cosbi. Y mae T gohebydd arall yn yr un papyr, yr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    I :f 6,alotn iftntm. - Y mae y byd-enwog Barnum yn arnlygu ei fwriad i I groesi y Werydd mewn awyren, yr hon .sydd i gostio g -tua haner can mil o ddoleri. 3Dywedy.Galignani fod y Tad Hyacinthe wedi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn 1832. Ymfudadd Mr. Ihomas Awsb- ralia yn 1850, ac aeth i Queensland yn 1861. Dechreuodd agor gwaith glo yn Blackstone; ac o'r diwedd; llwyddodd. Y mae ganddo balas yn Blacklstone, a'i euw yw Brynhyfryd. Bwriedir cynal cyfarfodyd(d piwNysig yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    de Veritate. Princi- 6, . ciples of the Christian religion explained (Dr. Wake). Odes & Satires of Horace Oxford Texts). Blackstone on the Laws England. Book iv. Edwards' Latin De- lectus. Life of James Ii. 8 vols. for Is. 48.-Hyfforddwr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Veritate. Princi-' Wy cipies of the Christian religion explained lob Dr. Wake). Odes & Satires of Horace 3et Oxford Texts). Blackstone on the Laws yr England. Book iv. Edwards' Latin De. Pall lectus Life of James II. 8 vols. for Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Wills, 9 Edward IV (1469-70)

    Wills 9 Edward IV (1469-70) ANNO 9 EDWARD IV. Monday next after the Feast of S. Chad, Bishop [2 March ] . Style (John), vintner. To be buried in the parish church of S. Gregory near S. Paul's, to

    Declared Accounts 1707, Transport Service, 01 January 1707-31 December 1707

    Anne galley (Andrew Hawke, master) 72 0 5 The Britannia (Peter Renew, owner) 1,409 8 7 Discharge. s. d. The Blackstone (Thomas Robinson, master) 1,350 11 7 The Dove (Christopher Redshaw, master) 723 4 1 The Friends Goodwill (John Smith,

    The Diary of Thomas Burton, 11 February 1658-9, 11 February 1659-11 February 1659

    pounds, and for the third offence, shall suffer one whole year's imprisonment without bail or mainprize." Ibid . p. 97. Blackstone jus tly censures this cruel legislative interference, especially with the sacred privacies of domestic life. Yet he has sanctioned

    Editor's preface

    of the crime laid to his charge, "although," says Blackstone, "he had been previously convicted by his country, or perhaps by his own confession." The timidity and reserve, with which Blackstone makes the latter suggestion, at least imply a disposition

    Index, B

    letters to, 1760, 1780. -, -, - from, 1874. Blacater , Captain William, 375. Blackshawe , the township of, 1721. Blackstone , Mr., 792. Blair Athole , 1028, 1037, 1082, 1004. Blanc , letter from Pierre le, 192. Blatier ,

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    9 February 1818, 9 February 1818

    wood Writer to the Signet, Joseph Stainton of " Biggarshiells, Andrew Wilson residing at Dean- " side, William Napier of Blackstone, James Bogle " of Craigbett, Merchant in Glasgow, John Cunning- " ham of Humbie, Advocate, Robert Cathcart of " Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    Prceterea autem concede ut in propriis ipshis prcediis quisque tarn in agris tjuam in sylvis excitet agitetque feras; and in Blackstone, ii. p. 415, Sit quilibet homo dignus venatione sua in syicd et in agris situ propriis et in dominio Subscribers-only content

    10 February 1831, 10 February 1831

    is Respondent, may stand revived in l" APf " the Petitioner's Name, in the Place and Stead of James " Blackstone his late Father, One of the Appellants in " the said Cause ; and that the Petitioner may have Subscribers-only content

    Appendices, 22 April 1831

    the Evils which they had occasioned did not arise out of their original Constitution, but coincided with the Opinion of Blackstone, that in Proportion as the wise Regulations that were established in the long and glorious Reign of Queen Elizabeth Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 16 October 1832

    Division of them. Selden, whom Blackstone quotes, says that that Fourfold Division was only in the Diocese of Borne. He says there was a Tripartite Division in France and Spain; and both he and Blackstone mention that a Tripartite Division Subscribers-only content


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