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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Abbess Roding Parish government and poor relief

    for ' Berwick hamlet'; perhaps originally each represented a separate township or vill and subsequently the manors of Abbess Roding and Berwick Berners respectively. Morant ( c . 1768) stated that the constable of the hamlet of Berwick Berners attended

    Parishes Berwick St Leonard

    Parishes Berwick St Leonard BERWICK ST. LEONARD Berwick St. Leonard 1 is a small parish 22 km. west of Salisbury . 2 In 1934 the transfer to Hindon of 230 a. in its south-west corner reduced it from 1,144 a.

    Townships Borwick

    later John Berwick died in 1438 , 6 and in 1446 John son and heir of John Berwick made a feoffment of his manor of Borwick , the remainder being to Alfred son of William Berwick . 7 Berwick .

    Abbess Roding Manors

    the house. The early history of the manor of BERWICK BERNERS is not entirely clear and is made even more difficult to trace by the existence of the manor of Berwick in High Easter and that of Berners Roding ,

    White Colne Economic history

    being cleared in 1086 when the only recorded tenants were 7 bordarii . 50 On Miblanc's 1-hide estate which became Berwick manor, there were two ploughs on the demesne and one on the tenants' land in 1086 . 51 The

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    TEMPLE, Anthony, of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumb.

    of Berwick, mayor 1562, 1565, 1571. Biography Beyond the facts given above, nothing is known of Temple. As one of the Berwick burgesses in 1563 he could have taken part in the committee meetings on the bill about Berwick, 25

    SELBY, Odinel (by 1500-55), of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Tweedmouth, Northumb.

    men of this name were prominent in the affairs of Berwick, and John Selby, a ‘faithful and trusty friend’ of Odinel Selby, was porter of the town. The Selbys of Berwick may also have been related to their namesakes the

    BERWICK, Thomas, of Berwick by Attingham, and Shrewsbury, Salop.

    BERWICK, Thomas, of Berwick by Attingham, and Shrewsbury, Salop. Constituency Dates Shrewsbury 1399 Ofifces Held Tax collector, Salop Nov. 1377; assessor May 1379. Biography As of Berwick by Attingham (some four miles from Shrewsbury), Thomas was admitted as a burgess

    MORTON, William, of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumb.

    committees concerning salted fish and the town of Berwick, to which the Members for Berwick were appointed on 11 Mar. and 14 Mar. 1589.Surtees Soc. xxxviii. 70, 71; J. Scott, Hist. Berwick, 286-7, 456-61, 479; Bronnen tot de Geschiedenis van

    PARKINSON, Thomas, of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumb.

    Constituency Dates Berwick-upon-Tweed 1584 Berwick-upon-Tweed 1586 Berwick-upon-Tweed 1597 Ofifces Held Alderman, Berwick, mayor 1583-4, 1589, 1594-7, 1600, 1604, 1614, 1618. Biography Although Parkinson was a leading citizen of Berwick, the name does not appear in connexion with the town until

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a fu y yn ordderch-wraig i Iago II., cyn iddo etifeddu y X P- goron.I Hi oedd ruam. y Due Berwick, yr hwvn a h enillodd iddo ei hut le uicheF fel Maeslywydd yn n, d ngwasanaeth Lewis, X1Y., y. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn Rhyddfrydwr yn Nhy y Cyffredin dros Norwich o 1857 hyd 1859, dros Wick o 1860 hyd 1865 a thros Berwick o 1868 byd 1874. Keppel ydyw enw ei deulu, Dutchnmen o'u dechrenad. Gwnaethant eu hymddangosiad cyntaf yn Mrydain yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    - .11- ? ?:- - -.1-11 -1-1 --- --- I - I -,, I ? ? Ni ?]y tE ? I. RHESTR O' AELODAU, A ETHOLWYT Yn y rhestr ddilynol. ceilr en wac Oaa-a Li ethoiwyd yn y,.,,;gwahanol ,siroeIda. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ddieeddwyd ablegid llwgrwoarw3yeth. Y pleidleisau oedd- ynt-Levett, 578; Swinbourne, 544; mwyaf- rif i'r blaenaf, 44. Dydd LUQn cymerodd eth- oliad Berwick, lie y dyrchafesid vr aelad i Dy yr Arglwyddi -le. Y pleidleisian oedd- ynt, Milne Home (Ceidwadwr) 584, M' Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn fwy sior o'i nod yn y diwedd. 7 Cymerodd damwain le ar Y fordd haiarn yn 7 agos i Berwick ddydd Mawrth a allasai boi yn dra alaethus. Rhedodd y Scotch Eibpreuu oddiar y llinell mewn e 4tfing oedd Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 2 The Monastery of St. PETER.

    Eleanor , Daughter to Ferdinand the Third, King of Castile and Lyons . * He warred with the Scots, won Berwick , & c. He dyed Anno 1308 , and hath this Epitaph on his Tomb. Mors est mœsta nimis,

    Book 1, Chapter 23 College of Heralds. Commissions.

    The Ordinary were the Six before mentioned. The Extraordinary were these: Faulcon, (afterwards made an Herald) Antelope, Cadran, Guisnes, Hammes, Berwick , Comfort, Roseblanch, Callis, Ricebank, Wallingford , Mountorguile, Nottingham , Barnes , Boloign. But these Extraordinary Pursuivants in the

    Book 6, Chapter 1 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Cary, Baron of Hunsdon , Governour of Berwick , and Cousin German to Queen Elizabeth , dyed 1596 , aged 71. Thomas Cary , second Son to Robert Lord Cary of Leppington , Earl of Monmouth. He was Privy-Counsellor to

    Book 1, Chapter 23 College of Heralds. Heraldo-Memoriale.

    of Arms to the Captain of Hayton Castle , (which was one of the strongest Places between Berwick and Edinburgh ) to deliver him the said Castle; which he refused, affirming, He was assured of ready Succours. Whilst the said

    Book 1, Chapter 27 Charter House; or

    all this Bounty of his Hospital, behold! what Legacies he hath given to charitable Uses. To the poor People in Berwick , 100 Markes. To the Poor of Stoke-Newington , 10l. To the poor Fishermen of the Town of Ostend

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Thursday 27th September 1849

    who received us very kindly. It began getting dark, very shortly after leaving Edinburgh, we passed Dunbar , & reached Berwick at 8. Numbers of people were here, & Alice was brought into our saloon. At a little before 9,

    Friday 11th October 1850

    we arrived at yesterday evening. The morning was fine & cold, but the day become very stormy & showery. At Berwick , Col: Grey joined us, & I felt quite a little pang, at being really out of dear Scotland

    Thursday 14th September 1854

    with us. We went by the Gt Northern, stopping at Peterborough , Newark , York, (where we lunched) Newcastle , Berwick , &c - & reaching Holyrood at ¼ to 7. The evening was fine, after a very showery day.

    Tuesday 31st August 1852

    at ½ p. 1, reached Newcastle , where we got out & lunched. By ½ p. 3 we were at Berwick , which at high water looked beautiful. The sea was very smooth & clear, & the sight of mountains,

    Thursday 15th September 1842

    close to Fedra, a fine bold rock, standing out in the sea, between Leith & the land & saw North Berwick Low, towering above the land. Next, we passed Tanbutton Castle , a fine old ruin on the coast. We


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