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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Sunbury Local government The Urban District of Sunbury .

    By 1930 the building was too small and a temporary one was erected in the grounds. The house known as Benwell , which now contains the council offices, was purchased in 1932 . Church Villa was bought by the council

    Islington Education

    to former William Forster bldg., Benwell Rd., c . 1963. By 1967 upper sch. at Benwell Rd., lower sch. at Annette Rd . Amalg. as part of Highbury Fields c . 1981 ; bldgs. in Benwell and Annette rds. used

    Parishes Eton

    and a piece of land called College Land let at £2 5 s . a year. This trust, together with Benwell 's and Pote's charities next mentioned, is administered under the provisions of a scheme of the Charity Commissioners of

    Islington Churches

    , none in 1926 . Attendance 1903: 174 a.m.; 231 p.m. Joined to Emmanuel 1945. 10 Iron ch., possibly in Benwell Rd., 11 used 1856-66 . 12 Bldg. in early Dec. style by T. K. Green 1864-6 . Closed for

    Index A-J

    Jos., Davison , Eliz., Davy : Joshua, Nic., and see Davey Daw , Geof., Day : John, Wm., de Courcy- Benwell , H. F. , de Grey , see Grey, Thos. Phil.; Weddell Dead Lane , Deakin, A. W. ;

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SHAFTO, Robert (?1690-1729), of Whitworth, nr. Durham.

    Dec. 1729 Biography Robert Shafto was great-grandson of Mark Shafto, a younger son of the Northumberland family of Benwell, who bought Whitworth about 1650. Returned as a Tory at a by-election for Durham in 1712, soon after he came of

    ELLERBY, William, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumb.

    la Val, the younger son and eventual heir in his issue of Sir William de la Val (d.1390) of Seghill, Benwell and Biddles in Northumberland. In due course, these valuable properties came into the hands of our Member's stepson, William

    COLDALE (COWDALE), John (by 1495-1534 or later), of Carlisle, Cumb.

    place before 6 July 1551 is known from his widow Elizabeth’s settlement on that date of all her lands in Benwell, Brenkley and Capheaton, Northumberland, on her son Richard, but it may have occurred several years earlier; thus there is

    ORD, William (1781-1855), of Whitfield Hall, Northumb. and 17 Berkeley Square, Mdx.

    of the fortuitous marriages and investments of his great-great-grandfather, the Newcastle attorney John Ord (d. 1703), and his descendants, included Benwell colliery, property in Newcastle and the Newminster Abbey interest in the borough of Morpeth, where in 1802 he had

    BERTRAM, John (d.1450), of Bothal, Northumb.

    in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and much later, in 1415, they sued out a fine establishing Isabel’s title to half the manor of Benwell with extensive appurtenances in Capheaton, which they settled on trustees. Meanwhile, in May 1410, the couple obtained from Bishop

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Location: St John (Northumberland) Place(s): Benwell(Benwell) : chapelry Participant: HumphreyGill [Gill] Role: appellant Details: male Participant: HenryGill [Gill] Role: appellant Details: male Participant: AnneGill [Gill] Role: appellate Details: female; Widow and relict of Henry Gill, deceased, late of Benwell


    10/3/1673 People & Places Participant: Henry Gill [Gill] Role: testator Details: male; deceased Employment: smith Location: Newcastle (Northumberland) Place(s): Benwell(Benwell) : township Northumberland Location: Newcastle (Northumberland) Place(s): Newcastle Upon Tyne, St John (St Johns of Newcastle upon Tyne) :


    - 23/1/1673 People & Places Participant: Henry Gill [Gill] Role: testator Details: male; deceased Location: St John (Northumberland) Place(s): Benwell(Benwell) : undefined St John (Northumberland) St John (St Johns in NewcastleSt John (Sancti Johnis in Novo Castro Super Tinam)


    Tyne (Novum Castrum super Tyna) : undefined Participant: PeterWalworth [de Walworth] Role: witness Details: male Location: Newcastle (Northumberland) Place(s): Benwell(Benwell) : chapelry Participant: WilliamMiddleton [de Mydelton] Role: witness Details: male Employment: hide merchant Location: Northumberland Place(s): Teesdale (Tesdale) :

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    I i, LA M CO:URT OF K I NG's BENC HI,. - Vodeay, Vec.4. WAT3SV. 1Ei?,RSXilt. This was an actinh txrought by the plaiotif,,,be is a livery stable-kieeper, ocoin-et the defendant. who is a man of large forticc, for Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    grocer. Solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Howard, Miincing-lanie. B. and M. Harrison, Sheffield, paper-manufacturers. Solicitor, Mr. Taylor, John-street, Bedford-row. G. Robson, Benwell, Northumberland, common-brewer. Solicitors, Messrs.. Bell and Broderick, Bow Church-yard. Saturday, October 16. BANKRUPTS. C. Pearson, Grosvenor-place, Southwark, grocer. Solicitor, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ......... 2 1 0 2 1 30 2 Earsdon, Feb. 9 .21 4 1 1 23 74 S Elswick and Benwell. Feb. 9 .4 1 0 3 2 11 1 Friar's Gorse. Feb. 9 .0 1 0 0 1 .0 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    0 Thomtaso Cope, Esg. . 33 .1 D Paswles, Eaq. - ii0ovMr Astee - 1I H.P oyRg[Stewvard]31 10 0 CMr Benwell - 2 2 I-I lclainccTsRg 530o0 Mr R 1B. Clarke - 2 2 CAi. G. Robar~ts, Esg. CC. Case, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    G. Boyd, from the Royal North Down Miliia; G. R. Morgan, Gent., vice Graham; J. E. F. Aylmer, Gent., vice Benwell; the Commission of Ens. R. Statham to bear date 10th March, 1855, in lieu of Ilth of that month Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    22 February 1762, 22 February 1762

    Tef- tairient of Ralph Jennifon late of Great Walworth in the County Palatine of Durham Efquire, deceafed, Robert Shafto of Benwell in the County of Northumberland Efquire, in Behalf of himfelf and of Robert Shafto, Jennifon Shafto, and Camilla Shafto, Subscribers-only content

    18 July 1797, 18 July 1797

    r * 7 r> 1 ¦ r r> Counteis of the Petition and Appeal of Andrew Rohnfin Bowes, strathmorei of Benwell, in the County of Northumberland, Efquire ; complaining of Two Decrees of the Court of Chancery,- of the 8thofMar^and Subscribers-only content

    19 June 1811, 19 June 1811

    of Meffieurs Smith and Currie; Leader, Atlee and Langdale; Smith, Harrhigton and Smith; Philip Metcalfe and W. Beiiwell; Weymouth and Benwell; John Hodgson and Co.; and Thomas Valentine Cook and Co. Corn Diftillers in and near London ; Iß And Subscribers-only content

    Plate, 10 December 1829

    delivered in and read, and is as follows : River Tyne Collieries and Prices, 1827 and 1828. COLLIERIES. Backworth - Benwell - Burradon and Killingvvortb Collingvvood - - - Coxlodge - Elswick - Favvdon Felling Heaton - - Hebburn - Subscribers-only content

    Plate, 10 December 1829

    Unsold Newcastle. Bigg's Main Wednesday, 3d February 1808. 56/9 Ships at Market Sold Unsold - 2i Newcastle. Adair's Bigg's Main Benwell Main Benton Bryan Croft's East Tanfield Eighton Felling Hawksworth Heatou Main Hebburn Main Kenton Main Murton Park Main Percy Subscribers-only content


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