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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 26 Bethlem Hospital.

    Hospitall Call d . Bedlam The inside consists chiefly of Two Galleries, over the other, each 193 Yards long, 13 Foot high, and 16 Foot broad; not including the Cells for the Patients, which are 12 Foot deep. The said

    Book 1, Chapter 22 Gresham-College.

    or Christchurch , lately Grey Fryars in London , the Hospital of St. Bartilmews near Smithfield , the Spittel and Bedlam near Bishopsgatestreet, the Hospital for the Poor in Southwark , and the Counter kept in the Poultry 50l. in

    Book 3, Chapter 4 Coleman street Ward. [Present State.]

    Moorfields ; but none of the Houses on the East and North side. On the South side is Bedlem or Bedlam , for the Lunaticks. Which is in this Ward; as likewise, the new Row of good Houses, not yet

    Book 1, Chapter 26 Colleges and Hospitals.

    Reformation; and they are these that follow; Christs Church, St. Bartholomew , Bridewel , St. Thomas , Bethlehem , or Bedlam , the Workhouse in Bishopsgatestreet, Charterhouse, or Suttons Hospital , St. Katharines , the Savoy ; Trinity College or

    Book 1, Chapter 26 Christs Church. St. Bartholomews, &c.

    and his charitable End therein. The King did in the same Year, grant the City the Hospital of Bethlehem or Bedlam . He also then founded two Churches out of those two Religious Houses, the one to be called Christs

  • * British History Online *

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    SMITH, John

    (?=118, q.v.). Known London address between Limehouse and Blackwell Date 1635 Censorial hearings 5 March 1636 Entry Archbald Hawes of Bedlam said that S, of between Limehouse and Blackwell, had killed a child of 4 years with medicine, for which

    House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 27 May 1641, 27 May 1641-27 May 1641

    Tomorrow Morning. Prisoner to be sent to Bedlam. Ordered , That John Randall Clerk, shall be released out of the Gaol in Buckinghamshire , where now he is; and be forthwith sent to Bedlam ; it being affirmed, by divers

    House of Lords Journal Volume 9, 30 October 1647, 30 October 1647-30 October 1647

    Counsel on both Sides, Monday come Fortnight. Governors of Bedlam, and Taylor and Collins. Upon the Petition of the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of London , Governors of Bedlam , concerning a Writ of Error depending in this

    House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 09 July 1641, 09 July 1641-09 July 1641

    Words spoken against the Honour of this House, was, by a former Order, appointed to be removed from thence to Bedlam ; It is now Ordered , That the said Mr. Randall shall be discharged, and set at Liberty, presently,

    1582 London Subsidy Roll, Bishopsgate Ward

    ] 4 Jacob Duprue (40s.) 4 Je ane his wife (4d.) 4 Leonard Johnson (4d.) [a ] 4 218 . BEDLAM [Strangers ] Hawnce van Howden (20s.) 2 Marie his wife, John his servaunte (8d.) 8 John Specocke, Catline his

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The borough of Southwark Charities

    , in 1788 . The society was incorporated in 1806 . The chapel has been already noticed. Bethlehem Hospital ( Bedlam ), after existing for 400 years close to the present Liverpool Street station, then for 140 years in Moorfields

    Madeley Growth of settlement

    in the west. South-east of the Green lanes led downhill to Bedlam Hall , a brick Jacobean building, and the Lloyds, a large timber-framed house dated 1621. 86 Bedlam was the name of the riverside jumble of cottages built near

    Impington Economic history

    employing fewer men. 46 Chivers and Sons Ltd. were farming in Impington by 1910 when they were renting the 375-a. Bedlam farm. John Chivers also owned Cawcutts farm (74 a.). 47 After the Chivers family bought Impington Hall with Home

    Madeley Communications Madeley 1849

    A tunnel built in Ironbridge in 1800 , probably another of Reynolds's, carried a tramway from Lincoln Hill limeworks to Bedlam furnaces. 1 Until the 1850s exports from the coalfield were routed south through Madeley parish to the Severn .

    Madeley Economic history Coalbrookdale

    remained mostly with the Darbys. From the 1750s the company integrated its operations, acquiring mines and blast furnaces, including the Bedlam furnaces in Madeley Wood and mines and mineral rights belonging to Madeley manor. In Coalbrookdale three generations of Abraham

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    COKE, Hon. Edward (1719-53).

    own, give him up ... She married him extremely against her will, and he is at least an out-pensioner of Bedlam: his mother’s family have many of them been mad.[footnote]She accused him of cruelty, brought an unsuccessful action for divorce

    SACKVILLE, Lord John Philip (1713-65).

    duty on the day of embarkation. After being confined in a private asylum kept by the head of the Bethlehem (Bedlam) hospital for lunatics,[footnote] he was sent into exile near Lausanne, where Shelburne met him in 1760,living upon a very

    GRANT, Alexander (c.1674-1719), of Grant, Elgin.

    he was dismissed from his military governorship, his regiment also being disbanded.[footnote] Later that year he was reported as being ‘under the care of the physician of Bedlam and in iron cuffs’, railing against Cadogan.[footnote] He died 19 Aug. 1719.

    CAMPBELL, George William, Mq. of Lorne (1768-1839), of Inveraray Castle, Argyll.

    CAMPBELL, George William, Mq. of Lorne (1768-1839), of Inveraray Castle, Argyll. Constituency Dates St Germans 1790 311796 Ofifces Held Councillor [S] to Prince of Wales 1812-20; keeper of the great seal [S] 1827-8, 1830-9; ld. steward of Household 1833-4,

    TEMPLE NUGENT BRYDGES CHANDOS GRENVILLE, Richard Plantagenet, Earl Temple (1797-1861).

    caused outrage in his family by trying to elope, probably with the woman whom Creevey saw on a visit to Bedlam in 1824, when he wrote that she had been driven mad by the Grenvilles’ forcible recovery of the promissory

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mae y rhai canlynol:-Devil's Den, Cider Hill, Crow Hill, Cow Hrill Chicken Hill, Clapboard Hill, Horse Hill, Wood-chuck Hill, Cat, Bedlam, Obtuse, Quail Trap, Whip Stock, Bangali, Poverty Street, Pinch Street, a Pig Tail. Daeth y chweched Iaril Kingston i'w Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ysgrifenydd cartrefol yn feddianol ar ddimn: ond y noswaith a'r blaen mi a'i clywn yuf dyweyd fod gwallgofdy St. Lukes (Bedlam Hogartb, onide?) i gael ei wneyd yn fwy bywiog trwy dymu i lawr y mur rhyngddo a'r fynwent gerllaw. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    eu dull am fis eto! Y mae yn ddigon i fagu gwallgofrwydd. Hacrir mewn rhyw gylch- oedd mai y Latest Bedlam Fashion a welir o hyn allan yn y papyrau dullyddol yma Boed felly y bo, yr wyf fi yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    W 0 3D X JL ID.& 10. GAN NODIEDYDD. A ydyw Mr. Gee am droa yn Eglwyswr? Chlywais . i ddim ei fod, ond gweled y Dymysagaeth yn ymgar- edigo Ag et a weaethum, a thybio y gallai fod Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    fedral weled gwa- haniaeth rhyngddynt." "Y mae dyn fyddo yirym- ,resyma fel Cynddylan yn fwy eymwys I fad yn y Bedlam nag ymhlith dynion-ein rheowm heb un arac ynddo." " Eynod tahwnt i ddirnadaeth w nsa byddai el gyfeillion yn Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    Was not it after your giving a regular Salary to the Clergyman of the Parish to attend on Sundays that Bedlam adopted that System also? The Suggestion arose from an Enquiry by Lord Robert Seymour, who came to my House Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    have said, that in Bedlam the Chaplain is attended by only a particular Class of Patients; what did you mean by that Expression He is attended by such Patients as are selected by the Physicians at Bedlam as fit to Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    gist ; Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries are the only Certifiers by Law. How long has there been a Chaplain at Bedlam I think it is Eleven Years. Was there not great Objection, on the Part of some of the Governors, Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    not know that there has been the Establishment of a Chaplain at Bedlam within these few Years I did not know that there was such an Establishment at Bedlam ; I understood that there was one at the Lancaster Asylum. Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 18 December 1828

    Oxford before it was tenanted, just as it was completed; I saw the Droit- wich Asylum again; I have inspected Bedlam, Saint Luke's, the Institution at Guy's Hospital for Lunatics, and I have examined Mr. Warburton's Houses. From these Inspections Subscribers-only content

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Henry Wolf, Sexual Offences, 22/05/1735

    have Anger for staying. In Bishop's Gate Church Yard, he bought me a Nosegay, and a Penny Custard. Coming to Bedlam he perfectly pull'd and haul'd me into see the Mad-folks. There he took me into the House of Office,


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